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“The second step is to gather as much information possible from his mind,” added Edward. “However, I can foresee this will be more troublesome.”

Based on his recent observation of Herpo, he could tell that the latter was the kind of person who would rather destroy all his memories than let Edward have them.

So, even if he could find a way to read the memories of a God, it might be futile. The best way would be to convince the latter to surrender and hand over the knowledge.

Rowena also figured out this issue, “Your effort may be proven futile.”

“True. In that case, I will erase his consciousness and turn him into a Puppet. Anyway, a Tier 8 Divine Puppet would be a great benefit for the current Empire,” replied Edward ruthlessly.

Then, Edward continued his basic research. He diluted the divine energy gathered and mixed it with a few magical herbs to neutralize its instinct.

(AN: Divine power will be replaced to Divine Energy)

Then, the potion was tested on animals and clones, both magical and non-magical.

Soon, the result came out. This Divine Potion had many benefits: healing diseases, prolonging life, healing the soul, increasing mana, increasing physical stats, and even optimizing bloodline.

Of course, it can also serve as a poison too. The divine energy of Herpo seemed to contain certain characteristics of his Divinity or Authority: The Power of Death.

So, based on this characteristic is used, the potion created can have both positive and negative effects.

“These Gods are truly the darling of this world,” commented Tower Master Aarti as she reviewed the data of the potion. However, she quickly frowned. Based on the data, she discovered some commonality between this God and her Ancestor Summon Magic.

Mainly in the aspect of faith or belief.

As such, she felt that she missed something during the examination of these people who drank the potion. After pondering for a few minutes, she suddenly muttered:

“The Ancestor Imprint. Shouldn’t a God have something similar?”

The Ancestor Summoning Magic of the Native American people is very complex magic that involved bloodline, soul, and belief. Without any of these three things, it is impossible for outsiders to practice–including Edward.

He did a few experiments and took out a sample of the bloodline of a Native American to try to summon something but it failed. After many experiments, he realized that this was a form of magic tied only to a person’s ethnicity.

And in the Empire, there are a few magic like this. Because of the nature of these magics, he cannot use them no matter what.

However, he was not discouraged. Instead, he wanted to study this system to see if he could recreate the Heroic Spirits from the Fate Universe. It’s a shame that he had not succeeded as of now.

Aarti began to search the bloodline and soul of the people who drank the potion. And after a deep investigation of their Soul Dimension, she discovered a weird mark or imprint which was oozing the power of death.

“I was right,” she muttered. One of the reasons that Native American Magic is unique is because all of them have a unique Spiritual Imprint in their soul that connected them to their ancestor.

The Imprint will not affect them and can be passed down to their descendants through the bloodline.

Once Edward learned of this, he immediately thought of a Comic Book character from his previous life: Black Panther. He could summon the spirit of his ancestor to talk to them and ask for their wisdom.

He could gain all the knowledge and experience of his ancestors.

So, he suggested that the Native American people developed in that direction, and they succeeded. Because of this, much of the lost knowledge of the past was discovered by them, and even a few secrets of the past.

This knowledge brought great development to their ethnicity as a whole and the Empire.

It’s a shame that this magic is not perfected yet and many things or secrets have not been discovered yet.

“What do you think of this Imprint?” asked Edward who was feeling a great deal of satisfaction for choosing the right person to lead this project.

“With one glance, I can tell that this imprint is different from ours. However, I do not yet have any more data to speculate more.”

“You should have a theory or some guesses right?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I guess that Herpo could use this mark to slowly turn those people into his believers, their souls would most likely belong to him after their deaths.

“And more importantly, he might be able to use it to escape.”

Edward pondered for a moment, “In that case, place these people in another pocket dimension during the testing. Be on alert at all times and make sure to dispose of them completely once the experiment is over.”

“I will supervise every step with caution.”

After nodding, Edward continued: “Found a way to remove the Imprint. This Divine Potion can be of great use to accelerate the growth of the Empire.”

The so-called Divine Potion was only a basic potion relying only on the divine energy to have so many effects. If the downside is removed, once the Potion Masters get their hands on it, they can create many wonders.

Additionally, the divine energy was diluted to create that potion. Once it is throughout studied, it can be directly used to make potions. This level of potion will even have an effect on Edward’s level and accelerate the speed he reaches higher Tiers.

After Potion Experiment, Edward was prepared to leave and leave the rest of the work with Aarti.

He gave a last glance at Herpo. Right now, the latter could still hold on but it was only a matter of time. The Energy Draining Enchantment could only draw a minuscule amount of divine energy from him.

However, the more Aarti understood this new type of energy, the faster and more efficient the enchantment will become. So, it is only a matter of time before Herpo is drained and becomes helpless.

“Thank you Tower Master Aarti for all your work.”

“It was my pleasure.”

–Scene Break–

Every citizen of the Empire suddenly received an emergency alert. So, they quickly turned on their television, used their smart-watch to log on into Skynet.

Then, they saw a beautiful Japanese woman appearing in front of their screens. With a calm and solemn tone, she said:

“Breaking News. During a voyage in the Black Wood Star System located 65.4 light-years away, a large fleet of our Imperial Navy was attacked and destroyed.

“According to report, there were no survivors as of now.”


The next world will begin in 10 chapters. In terms of writing, the War Arc was a disappointment to me and became rather short.

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