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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 208: More Advanced Magical Creatures Bahasa Indonesia


After having a direction, Edward immediately began to act. He sent his research on the power of Faith and his theory on divine power to Aarti. After reading and analyzing it, she began to analyze the divine power again.

This time, she focused on detecting mana and faith inside of the divine power. Mana–as the main energy source of the Empire–is well researched. However, very little is currently known about faith.

Based on Edward’s short experiments, he concluded that Faith is a very pure form of emotion–just like the ones used to create the Lesser Stones. Once absorbed, it can drastically increase the power of the mind and soul.

However, it can also influence the soul and slowly change the personality and views of the people who absorbed it.

With this information, the three of them began to once again analyze the divine power drawn from Herpo. And it was proven that Edward’s theory was partially correct.

Divine power did contain faith and mana but also many different other things. Currently, they could only recognize two things: soul or spiritual energy, and a small part of [Authority].

As Edward watched the result of the past few days, he said: “Alright, it is obvious that discovering the mystery of this power will take a lot of time and energy. So, let’s continue with other basic experiments.”

Aarti ordered one of her many lab assistants to go get a clone as a sample. Then, a small part of the divine power was injected into the clone’s body. However, less than five seconds afterward, the clone’s body exploded, sending all his organs and bodily fluid scattered all over the white room.

“This thing is so volatile?” she muttered. After ordering the Tower Spirit to use the Cleaning Enchantments and returning the room to its white and pristine state, she reviewed the data gathered in that explosion.

“This time, use a clone that has been genetically enhanced for the third time.”

Previously, the Empire could only successfully accomplish two enhancements, but recently, with the knowledge Edward brought back, technology has rapidly developed and the third enhancement has been developed.

Under Aarti’s order, the next phase of the experiment began. A new clone was brought up and the divine power was introduced into his body. Immediately afterward, he dropped on the floor, crying in pain.

Five minutes later, the clone also exploded like the first one. However, Aarti frowned as she was not satisfied with the data she got. So, she send a few more, and they all ended in the same way.

“Send in a clone with [Aura] inside his body.”

“Tower Master, we only have Tier 1 and Tier 2 Clone Aura Masters,” said one of the assistants.

“Not even one Tier 3?” she asked. She did not ask for higher ones. Currently, there were few Tier 4 Arcanists in the Empire, let alone clones. So, she did ask about them.


Aarti was a little embarrassed; she did not expect to be so poor as a Tower Master. She could not help it, her previous experiment was very expensive and even went over the limit of the Imperial Grant.

She had to use her own pocket money to make up for it.

“You don’t have to worry about resources,” said Edward before contacting Morgana to sent a few Tier 4 and Tier 5 Clone Aura Masters. Currently, he is probably the only person with this kind of resource.

During his time in the Full-Metal Alchemist World, he trained many Tier 5 Clones both for battles and in case he needed it for experiments.

After thanking him, Aarti returned to her experiment. She injected the divine power inside the clones. This time, it did not explode. Instead, the divine power absorbed the aura inside their bodies, then proceeded to absorb their life force.

All the clones turned into old people before dying–including the Tier 5 ones.

“The divine power has consciousness?” said Aarti.

“Or maybe just instinct,” commented Edward. “Let’s test with mana.”

A few clones with mana inside their bodies were then used. This time, the response of the divine power was more aggressive. It began to expel the mana out of the clones’ bodies as if it was claiming its territory.

And the process was not gentle at all.

“So mana and divine power cannot co-exist together?” muttered Edward. He then remembered that he read a novel in his past life called [The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years].

In this novel, the protagonist’s family conducted experiments to allow a body to contain both mana and divine power. If possible, he would like to go to that world and get the information about that experiment.

However, it is yet to be known whether the divine power in his universe is the same as that one.

The experiment continued. This time, a clone with liquid mana was used. The divine power fought for about five minutes before it was expelled out the body.

Finally, when it was the turn of the crystallized mana, the battle lasted for more than an hour. In the end, the body of the clone could not support any longer and fell apart.

The next part of the experiment was still the relationship between divine power and mana, however, this time, instruments were used for the mixture instead of clones.

The result was still the same.

After that, they tested different types of poison and potions on Herpo. During the entire process, the energy-draining enchantments did not stop working.

“So, what is your ultimate plan for him?” asked Rowena.

After a brief pause, he replied: “First, I will dissect him.”

“That’s it?”

“In a live broadcast to all the people of the Empire.”

Rowena’s eyes lit up after hearing this as she understood the implication of doing so. Edward has always wanted to change the spirit of the people of the Empire.

And what better ways than to dissect a God in front of all the people?

This act will not only increase his prestige and control over the Empire but also instilled the idea of pursuing the truth and knowledge into the young and impersonating minds of children, but also many arcanists.

They will witness their ruler treating a “God” as an experimental material; all in the names of knowledge and truth.

Another benefit is when the Empire confronts other Gods in the future. If any of these Gods try to spread faith in the Empire, that would be extremely difficult since the people would have long lost any awe to any Gods.

In their eyes, the so-called God is nothing but a more powerful or advanced magical creature.


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