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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 210: Nation Address Bahasa Indonesia


“We have footage that has recently been salvaged through Divination,” said the News Anchor.

Immediately, footage of the attack was shown. The people could see countless Imperial Ships being bombarded into smithereens. Compared to the more suave design of the Empire’s ships, the enemy’s fleet looked more barbaric with many metal points coming from them.

As the enemy’s bombardment began, the citizen could see bodies flying of their fallen comrades fallen into deep space, never to be seen.

A few of the ships managed to erect shields to protect them. However, for some reason, these shields stopped working and the ships were destroyed.

The entire video was visually spectacular. Many of these spaceships were more than a dozen kilometers in size, and yet, they were still annihilated.

As the citizen watched the video, they could feel the pain and despair of soldiers; their hatred and longing for a miracle.

A few seconds after the video, the news anchor once again showed:

“From the information, we have gathered so far this was an attack by a race referred to as Fer. After discovering then, the Imperial Navy sent a diplomatic contact for communication and exchange.

“And the leaders of the Fer race acquiesce to this exchange. However, this was nothing but a ruse. They somehow successfully infiltrated our Fleet’s Control System and disabled our shields and weapon systems.

“Then, in cold blood, they destroyed our fleet even though we contacted them with motives of peace and prosperity.”

The anchor paused for a moment to build tension, then she continued: “This is a sad day for our Empire. So, let us all take a minute of silence for our fallen comrades.”

After that, she lowered her head without saying anything. Following this, the entire solar system became quiet. The noisy city became peaceful.

The rushing cars stopped, the flying ones descended from the sky.

The majority of people stopped for an entire minute, in silent remembering of the people who died serving the Empire.

A minute later, the anchor said:

“My name is Akana Mikasa from Arcane News, and I will be following the latest development of this event.”

Immediately afterward, the entire Empire was turbulent. All the media outlets began to talk about this story. As the official medial of the Empire and the biggest one, Arcane News is usually the one with the best information regarding this topic.

However, other news media also have their way of gathering information. So, the next few days, this was the only thing that could be seen. All type of social media was only talking about this–including many stars.

Powerful Arcanists or Scholars will give their opinions on the current situation and analyze the response of the Emperor and Council.

Many people began to wonder whether the Fer race was so powerful to so easily annihilate an Imperial Fleet of such scale. Soon, the answer was revealed.

The Commander of the Imperial Navy had an interview and said that the Empire was caught off guard as they were not used to Interstellar War, hence the reason for such an easy defeat.

Many people blame him for delegation of duty while many people understood that this was a normal error.

Over time, no official news was heard from the Emperor but people began to advocate for war. The majority of ordinary people wanted the Empire to teach the Fer race a deep and unforgettable lesson.

Few opposed such drastic means, talking about making them pay compensation and sign a non-aggression treaty with the Empire.

However, these people who advocate for peace were in the minority. The Chinese saying: “not my race must have different thoughts” became popular during this time.

Inside his palace, Edward was chatting with his aunt, Amelia.

“I still think it was a waste to use such a large fleet,” said Amelia.

“A small one would not have as much impact, making the people feel the severity of the situation” replied Edward.

“Be that as it may, this was a waste of resources in my opinion.”

“Don’t fret the small stuff. What about the crew of that fleet? Have they been placed appropriately?”

“Yes. We chose most soldiers with no parents and relatives. So, it is fine.”

“What about the evidence?”

“Don’t worry, everything has been taken care of. No one will know that the soldiers in the fleet were replaced by clones.”

Edward nodded his head. The Empire needed an excuse to declare war, and the death of its people is the best excuse to mobilize people’s emotions, and also solicit their patriotic nature.

However, he also did not want to kill his own people in vain; so, he switched the soldiers in the fleet with clones.

After being reassured by his aunt, Edward continued to review the plan for the war. However, he soon frowned:

“Is there a problem?” asked Amelia.

“Yes. Although we can easily win this war because of our vast difference in technology, you should remember that this is more of training than a war of annihilation.

“We can take this opportunity to test many of our Interstellar Warfare Theories.”

Amelia nodded and took note of this fact. Then, the two went over many things that needed to oversee before the war. At the end of the meeting, Amelia hesitated for a moment before asking:

“Is the last act of the war really needed?”

Edward paused after hearing this, sighed out loud:

“I understand how you feel. Personally, I do not want so many lives under my hand. However, as the Empire grows and develops, this is something that we all need to become used to.”

Amelia also sighed before looking at her nephew deep in his eyes, “Be mindful not to become numb to this kind of thing. You can be logical and calculating but never become numb.”

“…I understand.”

–Scene Break–

All the citizens of the Empire waited with bated breath in front of a screen. Today, the Arcane Emperor will finally address the nation regarding the current situation of the world and the future.

Soon, Edward appeared in front of everyone. He was wearing a white robe with golden designs that looked beautiful and mysterious, a black crown on his head. Magical light enveloped his body, making him nobler.

He was holding a short scepter with his two hands laying on the top. He was not sitting on a throne but standing up. His deep blue eyes seemed to be looking at every single individual watching this address.

“My fellow citizen, the past few days have been quite the stressful and fearful time. In our attempt to explore the universe, we have suffered a great calamity.”

Everyone could feel the solemnity of the situation so they listened carefully.

“I would like to tell you that this was an accident or an alienated incident. Unfortunately, this is not the truth. The universe is a dark and scary place, where laws and morality are often trampled on by the strong.

“Out there, technology and magic are developed at any price and without any restraints, without any morality or ethics. Thousands of races fight every day not only for survival but also for domination. Some of these races have existed since the dawn of time, and their existing conflict can be described as eternal.

“On top of all that, the Gods stand above everything in the universe, dictating and weaving the destiny of us, mortals.

“In the past decades, our Arcane Empire has made great progress. We can say with the utmost confidence that in our short existence, we have surpassed many races and civilizations that have existed for countless millennia.

“However, it does change the fact that in the grand scheme of the universe, we are nothing but a sapling that has just been planted. Although our roots have been firmly laid down, during our growth, we will still have to withstand wind and rain to survive, to grow.

“It is unfortunate that our first breeze has arrived so soon. But do not fret, my fellow citizens, as we are ready. Ready to tackle any adversities that come our way.”

He then raised his hand and placed it on his shoulder:

“May the Arcane Truth guide us in these troubled times.”

All the people in the solar system stood up, place their right hand on their shoulder and their left hand on their back, and repeated:

“May the Arcane Truth guide us in these troubled times.”


Title: Low-level Civilization


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