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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 207: Divine Power Bahasa Indonesia


Academy City, Arcane Tower #17:

Edward and Rowena stood in front of a tall screen that displayed Herpo’s every move inside the pocket dimension.

“Do you think he will agree?” asked Rowena.


“Why do you think so?”

“If it was the old Herpo, he would definitely agree to save his life–at least on the surface,” replied Edward. “However, I can see that his divinity has changed him over the years.

“He has taken too much pride in his status as a God. So, how could a ‘god’ bow down to a mortal?”

Rowena nodded her head without saying anything more; she did not have any sympathy for the fate of Herpo. In her timeline, she was kidnapped by him and almost sacrificed.

Additionally, there is a very high chance that Rowena of this timeline died because of him.

Edward turned around to the reddish woman wearing a lab coat standing behind him.

“Tower Master Aarti, we will begin the preliminary experiment a few days later. I will participate in the early stages but the rest will be handed to you and your team.”

“It is my utmost honor, your majesty,” replied Aarti.

She could not believe that she had the opportunity to experiment with an actual God. As a native American, she has always been very spiritual. And even the magic her people used in the Old Era was mostly based on shamanism.

They could summon the spirit of their ancestors not only to fight for them but to give them blessings, to cure diseases, and even to curse their enemies.

Because of this, the ancestors of many tribes are worshipped as Gods. Now, she would experiment on a real God.

‘The Ancestral Magic of our people have become even more powerful after being translated to the Arcane Rune System. Maybe I can make even more improvement after studying this Death God,’ thought Aarti, unable to contain her excitement.

A few days passed before Edward once again talked to Herpo. He asked the latter if he had thought things through, but he was simply ignored. Shrugging his shoulder, Edward left to began his experiment.

“Your majesty, how do you want to begin?” asked the Tower Master.

“From what we know, Gods are immune to most magic except for High Magic. So, let’s begin by testing his magic immunity. Use Wandcraft spells and Draconic Language Spells on him to see the effect.”

Aarti nodded her head before beginning. The entire pocket dimension was under her command, so, with a touch of a few buttons on the glass-looking computer on her hand, she selected a spell to attack.

She began with the weakest spells like Expelliramus, to Bombarda, to eventual dark magic like Fiendfyre and the Three Killing Curses. And as expected, none of them were effective.

Once they touched him, it was like a stone that immediately sunk deep into a river without causing any ripples. Besides annoying Herpo, nothing happened.

Truth be told, The Death God wanted to block these attacks as he could guess the motive behind these weak spells. The fact that he was treated as an experimental material almost drove him insane.

Regrettably, he did not want to waste the energy inside his body as he did not give up the hope of escaping.

“Interesting,” muttered Edward, then, he connected to Morgana inside his mind and said: “Connect to the Floating City’s Main Energy Reserve and transfer it to this tower.”

“As you command, master.”

A few seconds afterward, the massive Philosopher’s Stone at the core of the Floating City began to transfer a lot of its mana.

“Warning, Warning, Warning,” suddenly said the Tower Spirit. “Detecting large surge in energy being transferred. Please take immediate action.”

Tower Master Aarti was immediately surprised as she checked. When she found the quantity of energy being transferred to her tower, she was genuinely surprised.

According to the data, if this energy were to go out of control, the entire solar system will be instantly eradicated.

“No need to be alarmed,” said Edward. “Use that large quantity of mana to power up the spells and see the effects.”

It is common knowledge that the more mana used in a spell, the more powerful the effect. Even if it is a rudimentary spell such as the Disarming Charm should be able to disarm millions of people with enough energy powering it up.

Aarti quickly regained her bearing. Only the Emperor is authorized to easily mobilize such a large amount of energy on the planet. She should have figured this out sooner.

Without hesitation, she once again began to attack Herpo with WandCraft Spells and Draconic Language Magic. Unfortunately, no matter how much mana she used, it seemed to be useless.

“These Gods do have some reason to be so prideful,” commented Rowena who was watching this experiment. As she looked at Herpo, she squinted for a moment before saying:

“We have to find a way to reproduce such Magic Immunity.”

“Yes, but we have to find the cause first,” replied Edward. “This time, use Arcane Magic.”

Tower Master Aarti immediately followed orders.

This time, she finally got a reaction out of Herpo. A translucent shield appeared to protect him once an Arcane Rune Spell was used; it seems to instinctively protect him from harm.

Edward frowned after seeing this. If things go like this, he will not be able to distinguish the effect of High Magic on divine beings.

“Use the Mana Forbidden Enchantments.”

The enchantment was activated followed by a few more attacks. However, the shield still manifested itself. Logically speaking, the enchantment should have blocked Herpo’s mana and rendered him useless.

But it did not work.

Edward seemed to have thought of something and said: “Use the Energy Absorbing Enchantment.”

A powerful suction suddenly appeared underneath Herpo’s feet trying to suck the energy out of his body. Immediately, he resisted with all his strength. As a God, he had absolute control over his energy.

The struggle lasted for three hours before a small amount was drawn from him.

Immediately, a preliminary analysis was made by the Tower Spirit.

“This is not mana,” said Aarti.

“This should be divine power,” muttered Edward. One of his experiments involved the power of Faith. With the gradual rise of the Arcane God Religion, he discovered the power of Faith.

Based on a preliminary study, this power was very harmful to the mind and soul. However, Edward once theorized that a new form of energy could be created by mixing faith with mana.

He labeled this energy as “divine power”. Unfortunately, he did not find the right way to mix these two together. Plus, this experiment was postponed to a later date.

However, now, he might have a chance to peep at the secret of divine power.

Immediately, he became excited.


Title: More Advanced Magical Creatures


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