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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 206: Herpo’s Fate Bahasa Indonesia


As soon as Herpo landed on the asteroid, a black sphere came from his body and spread in every direction. And everywhere the sphere appeared, everything died.

The rocks became dull and listless, the minerals in the asteroid turned into ash, and even the small micro-organisms in the area died.

Herpo did not know whether there was anything on the asteroid that could harm him, or just wanted to. So, he killed everything with his [Death Field] to prevent trouble.

Additionally, the field should be able to buy him enough time to check whether there was any problem.

Finally, he saw the origin of the [Death Authority]; it was a black orb deep underground. With a glance, he knew that this [Authority]–although related to Death–was completely different from his; it was probably more powerful.

Instantly, Herpo became excited. Nevertheless, he still decided to be careful and checked thoroughly. Unfortunately for him, he soon felt someone breaking through his field and rushing here unimpeded.

Immediately, he knew that he did not have much time. So, Herpo gritted his teeth and reached out to take the orb.

As soon as his hand touched that orb, he felt dizzy for a split second before finding himself in a darkly lit room with nothing in sight. Herp looked around before sighing out loud.

He raised his hand and a small dark-colored sun appeared on his hand. Without hesitation, he threw it. The dark sun rapidly grew to the size of the actual sun before exploding.

Unfortunately, besides a slight tremor, nothing else happened.

With his knowledge, Herpo could tell that he was in a pocket dimension, and it appeared to be a very structural steady one. With that attack, he should have been able to destroy this place and exit safely.

Herpo frowned. As a God, he did not have to see the world as ordinary people. So, he spread his senses or consciousness in all directions. Then, he was able to see everything in a thousand miles diameter.

There was nothing in his surroundings but he soon found what looked like a wall. Immediately, Herpo took one step before his more than 5 meters tall body immediately appeared in front of the wall.

“This should be the end of this pocket dimension,” he muttered. ‘Although I can teleport inside the dimension, I cannot leave. Maybe if I break the wall, I can exit.”

Immediately after thinking this, another dark sun appeared in his hand and attacked the wall. But it was of no use. Herpo did not stop trying though. He used countless different spells or attacks on the wall.

In the end, he was angered and punched the wall instead.

“Damn it,” he groaned in pain as he looked at the burning flash of his hand. The moment he punched that wall, he saw a grey shield appear and blocked him. The shield even injured his Divine Body.

Finally, Herpo sighed deeply once again before slowly muttering: “In my youth, I was full of boldness and excitement for the future. However, the older I got, the more careful I became.

“It can be said that I reached the point of timid. Yet, I cannot believe that I fail because of carelessness.

“Come out, wizard. I know you’re here.”

“I once read something along the line of the best bait is when the prey knows that it is being baited but still cannot resist the temptation,” said an illusory shadow that suddenly appeared in front of Herpo.

“There is no shame in being defeated to such wise and profound words,” said Edward as he looked at the Death God in front of him. No, as he looked at the former wizard, Herpo the Foul.

The two stared at each other for at least five minutes. In the end, Herpo finally spoke:

“So, you’ve trapped me here. What is your purpose?”

“I have to say, you are the most gifted wizard I have ever encountered. If you do not count anomalies like Merlin and Morgan le Fey, your abilities and achievements have surpassed all wizards, both ancients and modern,” praised Edward.

“It’s a shame that you seem to be an individual with terrible luck.”

“Do not walk around in circles,” grunted Herpo. “State your purpose.”

“What do you think my purpose is?”

“Nothing more than wanting knowledge from me. And becoming loyal to you and serving you.”

“So, what do you think?”

“In your deepest dreams,” replied Herpo. His black robe flutter with the wind, displaying his agitated emotions.

“Even I die, you will not get a single thing from me; I would rather die than let you profit from.

“Hehe,” smirked Edward. “Then, go ahead kill yourself.”

Everything became quiet as he looked at Herpo with a calm smile on his face. After waiting for a few seconds, he reiterated: “Why don’t you do it?”

Herpo hated the smirk on the latter’s face, so he tried his best to control his emotions; things did not go as he planned.

“I can tell you,” continued Edward. “Even your death will benefit. If you die, I can still use your body to study. After all, you’re still a ‘god’, I’m sure that you’re quite valuable.

“And even if you detonate your entire body leaving nothing intact, I can still study the process of a ‘god” dying, so I will still benefit in the end.”

Herpo clenched his hands tightly after hearing this. If he did not know that only a projection was in front of him, he would have torn it apart with his bare hands.

“You still have some time to make a decision,” said Edward. “Cooperate with me and things will be easier for you. In the end, I might even release you in the future.”

“Do you think I will believe your words?”

“You underestimate my confidence and arrogance,” replied Edward calmly. “When I become a Tier 8 Arcanist, you will not be much of a threat to me or the Empire, I will not have to resort to schemes and plots to defeat you. By then, I will have no problem releasing you as you will be nothing more than one of the countless many Tier 8 people under me.”

He gave him a glance before continuing: “You should be aware of the Empire’s Law that allows people to challenge me for the throne. By then, if you can defeat me, you can inherit everything that I have built.”

After saying that, Edward disappeared.


Title: Divine Power


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