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A few hours later, Olivier finished the transition into an [Aura Master]. As she felt the powerful energy inside her body, she was momentarily fascinated. Her physical stats has drastically increased in just a short few hours.

She controlled the aura to travel to her legs, then jumped in the air. To her surprise, she managed to reach more than 10 meters. Her highest record before was 4 meters.

After landing, Oliver suddenly caught the sword that Edward tossed to her, then she began to practice. She was so fast that after-image could be seen of her swinging her sword.

During the practice, Oliver remembered the last tough battle she had; it was against the homunculus, Sloth. Back then, she had to use the help of her brother, Izumi Curtis, and her husband to become victorious.

Now, she could cut off his head with one swing of her sword. Once done, Oliver smiled in satisfaction; she felt powerful. However, after turning her head, she saw all the people in the room looking at her calmly.

Immediately, Oliver calmed down. Previously, she could not feel it but now, she sensed the massive amount of aura inside all these people’s bodies. On top of that, she could feel that the aura was slowly increasing without them doing anything.

She understood that this was because the mana inside their cores was automatically combining with their life force.

‘Is that the reason Edward wanted me to become an Arcanist?’

Olivier was partly correct. One of the reasons he wanted her to have mana was to make it easier for her to train in Aura. Another reason was the fact that aura was still a new and underdeveloped field. Edward wanted her to have the ability to deal with different situations, and magic was perfect for that.

At least until Aura is further developed.

Knowing that she was currently the weakest member of this harem, she immediately removed the satisfaction she felt. The road ahead was long and arduous.

Meanwhile, Edward nodded; he was satisfied with Olivier’s talent as an [Aura Master]. He could foresee that she will be a great asset in developing it.

“I will give you a Philosopher’s Stone made of life force, that way, it will be faster for your aura to grow. When you become a Tier 5 Aura Arcanists, you can fuse with two stones: one of mana and the other of life force.”

Oliver’s eyes lit up after hearing this. Over the past few days, she has been reviewing common knowledge and information about the Empire. So, she knew the benefit of fusing with these two cores.

Edward looked at Rowena and said: “Are you busy with any projects?”

“No, I have some time.”

“Then please design a Gravity Room for her and us to train.”

“Gravity Room? You want to use the power of gravity to train the body just like the novels?”

“Yes. Aura is essentially a type of energy that is closely related to the physical body. The stronger the body, the more aura that can be created, and the faster it strengthens the body, thus turning into a loop.

“So, a Gravity Room is a great way to accelerate the training of aura.”

Rowena nodded in agreement. Creating such a thing was actually quite easy for her as Gravity Enchantments already existed. She just needs to modify it a bit and do a few tests.

As for her other research project, with the new Arcane Rune Magic, she could foresee that she will make rapid progress very soon. However, she still needed some time to learn this new form of magic and master it.

So, in the meantime, she could work in the Gravity Room.

“What about you? Working in any project?” asked Edward to Hermione.

“No. After the Mages’ Magic Core was stabilized, I have nothing new.”

“In that case, I have something for you.”

Edward then showed her the previous research that he and Rowena did on Herpo’s Ceremonial Magic, asking Hermione to study it.

“You can work together with Bella.”

Hermione nodded her head before looking at Bellatrix, smiled gently while slightly squinting her eyes:

“Bella, I’ve never seen your research. So, I wonder what your abilities are?”

“Granger, do you have something you want to say? If so, be direct.”

“No, I’m just curious.”

“If you want to know what I’m working on, ask our husband.”

Hermione snorted silently. If Edward was willing to tell her, did she have to ask someone else?

Meanwhile, Edward pretended that he did not hear any of these two’s arguments. He looked at Oliver and asked: “Do you want me to announce your status before or after entering the military?”

“Do it after,” she replied. Oliver has been thinking about this issue for quite some time now, but she finally decided after arriving in this world.

“Good. According to what my aunt said, in a year or two, the Empire will begin its first Intergalactic War. During this time, you can use your strength to gain a decent position and train a group of loyal men.

“Once the war begins, I will send you at the center of it. Gather as much merit as possible to climb the ranks. That way, once you become the Commander of the Imperial Navy and your status is revealed, no one can complain.”

Edward also had other plans for Olivier. If he managed to reach the Akashic Record, he should be able to use it to travel to other worlds. And at that time, he will be able to choose what world to go to instead of being random.

He plans to send Oliver to the Star Trek Universe for her to attend Starfleet Academy and learn how to be a proper commander. If possible, he will send her to different universes to learn how to properly lead space fleets and conduct intergalactic war.

“What about your brother and family? Have they decided what to do?”

“My brother said that he did not want to join the military again; he was tired of all the killing. My sister is very interested in magic, so she wants to go to school. As for my parents, they are still in the adjustment period.”

“That’s fine. They can take their time. As for you, train well so that you can stand out in the army and upcoming war,” replied Edward.

“Has someone been chosen for this war?” asked Rowena.

“We have a few candidates, but nothing has been set in stone yet. We have to make sure that the opponent is strong enough to train our troops, but not too strong so that things do not go out of control.

“After all, this our first galactic war. Although we have conducted many theories and practice in the Virtual World, we have zero real experience.”

Rowena nodded her head before asking him: “What about you? What are you going to do?”

“Me? I’m going to take a small vacation and wait for the Symposium. Who wants to accompany me?”

After saying this, the room became quiet for a moment before Rowena disappeared; she went to build the Gravity Room. Hermione and Bellatrix left to start their new project, Luna went to wrestle with a dragon.

Olivier did not want to waste time, so she went to train. So, only Fleur was left to accompany Edward–who sighed out loud after seeing this.

He knew the reason all of them were acting this way. Although they accepted the fact that he was a womanizer, it does not mean that they will not complain or show their dissatisfaction one way or another.

The only person more acceptable to his way is Fleur–most likely because of her French origin. In the early days, Bellatrix was more understanding, however, recently, she has become a little possessive of him.

With a smile on his face, Edward accompanied Fleur.


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