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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 186: Enthusiasm Bahasa Indonesia


A week quickly pass, then, all the people in the Empire received a message: The Arcane Grand Library has been updated. At first, people did not care much about such an announcement until they checked what was added.

Then, a massive surge of excitement plunged the entire empire. From Earth to all the other planets in the Solar System.

The people most excited about this update were the Tier 3 Wizards. For many years, many of them have broken through the Third Limiter. However, they could not find the path ahead.

Now, they saw ways to become Tier 4 and 5 in just one day. Not to mention this newly created Arcane Rune Magic. Based on the description, many people could foresee that this new system will bring a new age of rapid development to the Empire when it comes to magic or magetech.

The second people who were excited were the mages. From now on, they will no longer be inferior to wizards. Well, according to recent laws, they will all be Arcanists from now.

This upgrade did not only affect the wizards and mages but all aspects of the Empire.

The Wizard Knight and the Martial Wizard of the East were ecstatic with the concept of [Aura Master] and could see the rapid development of their career.

The new enchantments methods created by Edward will greatly benefit Artificers in the Empire. The magic weapons created in the future will be more versatile and powerful. They cannot wait to create many magical wonders with these methods.

Another group of people that were truly excited were ordinary scientists and engineers. Although they have high status in the Empire since scholars are highly respected, it did not change the fact that they were just ordinary people.

A few of them have been genetically enhanced, but not all of them can survive the process since it is quite harsh and the technology is not completely developed.

However, now, they saw the hope of becoming extraordinary. Gate Alchemy is based on the scientific principles that govern the world. So, as long as they go through the process of creating their Gates of Truth, with their knowledge, they will have a great advantage.

The only thing to worry about is whether they have the talent to control energy. However, even if they do not, they will still be able to do basic transmutation after hard work and study.

The geneticist of the Empire was also satisfied after seeing all the Life Code knowledge that Edward gathered by studying the bodies of ordinary people in the Full-Metal Alchemist World and the chimeras.

A few of them even had access to Truth’s Life Code and could ask permission to study such a lifeform.

Of all the people, the ones most excited are the Magetech Engineers. Since they combine technology with magic, they can benefit from both the new magic system and the Gate Alchemy.

As such, after the new upgrade was released, countless people began to use their Arcane Merit to exchange for the knowledge in the library.

(AN: From now on, Arcane Point will be changed to Arcane Merit.)

Many people who were selfish and did not want to exchange their research had no choice but to do so. They knew that if they hesitated, their peers will exchange before them and become more powerful than them.

One thing that caught many people by surprise was what happened after they wanted to buy the information on how to become a Tier 5 Arcanist. They received a notice that this information will on be released 3 months later after a symposium organized by the Emperor.

If they want to attend and acquire a large amount of merit, they have to show their abilities. In the short three months, they have to master both Gate Alchemy and Arcane Rune Magic.

Finally, they have to submit a video of their proficiency in Gate Alchemy along with a paper of a theory. After evaluation, the best amongst them will be chosen.

Many of the older arcanists remembered the first symposium that the Emperor orchestrated. This was before the Empire was established. During that time, many of the powerful wizards today grew rapidly in both strength and status after learning from the Emperor during that symposium.

So, many people became excited and began to prepare. They used their high-level access to use Perception Dilation in Skynet so that they have more time to learn these two fields.

Academy City, Bones Advance School of Magic, in the Principal Office:

Flitwick just ended a call with Edward and he sighed in relief. He was worried that his favorite student would not release the method of becoming Tier 5 as a way to further control over the Empire.

Luckily, he did not have to worry about that. The reason for the delay was to motivate people to work harder, and because the destructive power of Tier 5 was too great and require some form of control or restraint.

The purpose of the symposium is to address this situation and deal with it.

Meanwhile, in a Tower Master not so far from the school, Lily looked at her son and asked: “How is it?”

“After six months of training, I can barely make my spells instant,” replied Harry. Unlike many people that had to wait to gain access to the new update now, his mother provided it to him more than two weeks ago.

Using Perception Dilution, he has been training nonstop.

“Six months? That shows that your talent is extraordinary.”

“I’m confused. Wouldn’t it be better to just allow the magic circle to stay inside the Soul Dimension and used it when needed? All this training seemed unnecessary.”

Lily shook her head. “You are only looking at the benefit while failing to see the downside. Tell me, how long can the magic circle stay in your Soul Dimension?”

“Should be about a month?”

“For you, maybe. But for some people, only a few days. Now, how many circles can stay inside?”

Harry was not stupid. After thinking about these questions, he immediately understood the crux of the problem. Engraving the magic circles inside the Soul Dimension meant that every arcanist will have many instant spells, however, each person will have a different among based on the size of the dimension.

Once these spells are used, if not trained to cast instant spells on their own, they will be powerless. Well, weakened since they can use other types of magic like wandcraft or draconic language.

Not to mention that after being used or after the expiration time, each magic circle requires time to slowly be engraved again.

“Do you understand? From now, another form of division will form between arcanists: ordinary and elite. People who cannot use instant spells on their own will be considered ordinary Arcanists.

“This is the reason that I encourage you to train so hard.”

Harry nodded his head, however, he suddenly heard the sound of two people bickering. He raised his head to see Snape and his father walking while glaring at one another.


Title: Potter Family Dynamic


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