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In the end, Herpo decided to wait and see.

After making a decision, he secretly sighed. His long years of imprisonment have made him very patient, at the same time, it also removed his risk-taking ability. So, he stopped looking at Edward and cut off the latter’s connection to this dimension.

Meanwhile, Edward sneered after seeing this. With a wave of his thought, the gate that was in invisible mode behind him disappeared. If Herpo dared to leave the Afterlife and attack him, a major surprise was awaiting him.

After his recent voyage and confrontation with Truth, he no longer feared Herpo as much as he previously did. Although he still respected his opponent’s strength, he still has many ways to deal.

And with this newfound confidence, he did not want to just kill Herpo. No, he had bolder plans for the fate of this Death God. After all, according to the information he knows, Herpo managed to instantly become a Tier 8 God from a Tier 3 Wizard.

Edward is very interested in his method. Over the years, he studied the Ceremony Magic that Herpo used to become a God. However, he did not place that much emphasis on it.

Now, he decided to change that.

‘He should be a very interesting experimental material.’

Edward then headed to his laboratory in the Bermuda Triangle. As soon as he entered, he saw a shadow rush towards him with rapid speed. He raised his hand.


A large thumping small echoed in the room, followed by a small shockwave that blew the chairs and tables in the surrounding away. Edward looked at the fist that he blocked, smiled before saying:

“So, you guys already practiced Aura and reached Tier 4?”

“Yes. Do you see how strong I am?” said Luna. “I can probably wrestle with a dragon. That’s actually a good idea, I will try later,” she mumbled to herself by the end of that sentence.

“Alright, let’s test your shield.”

He raised his hand and a rune appeared. However, this one was not large as usual, but small enough to fit his palm. In an instant, an ax made of lightning appeared on his hand and he swung it down without hesitation.

A transparent shield appeared to protect Luna, however, the force of the attack still made her take a few steps back. She and Edward both nodded in satisfaction.

One of the two abilities that Tier 4 Arcanists will acquire is a Protective Shield that will instantly protect them when in danger. The shield is connected to their mana and does not have to be actively used by them.

After a few tests, Edward knew that only by using Liquid Mana to become Tier 4 would this ability be granted. If someone just increases the amount of mana inside their body to reach Tier 4, there is no such benefit.

Another ability of Tier 4 Arcanists is the passive ability to fly. They do not have to use spells to fly, they can do so just by instinct.

Edward checked and see if there were any hidden injuries on Luna from his attack, and after seeing that she was fine, he was relieved. Then, he said:

“I need you to perform Anti-Divination Spell on Albion and the Water Dragon King.”

Although Edward has already removed the traces of these two dragons, he knew how powerful some diviners can be. So, he wanted to be prepared just in case.

Luna was confused by the sudden request, so Edward explained the situation to her. Knowing the severity of the situation, she immediately started to do so.

Meanwhile, Edward entered another room where all his other wives were–including Olivier who recently woke up from her slumber. He walked to Hermione who was holding a very thin tablet, looking at some data.

“How is she?” he asked.

“Everything so far is fine. Her body and soul have adapted to this world, and so far, we have not found anything strange.”

“Anything else?”

Hermione paused for a moment, then said: “After doing some test, I have discovered that she has a really poor talent for magic.”

“What level?” asked Edward.

“Even lower than Level 1.”

The Empire has divided magic talent into 5 categories, with one being the lowest. According to research, Level 1 talent has no chance to break the First Limiter in their lives.

Essentially, these people will forever remain as Tier 0 Apprentices.

When it came to wizards, the amount of mana that their bodies produce is terribly slow and it is very difficult to control their mana. When it came to mages, they could barely sense mana in the environment, let alone control it.

Of course, with a large number of resources, it should still be possible to forcibly push them to Tier 3, but Tier 4 requires talent and deep understanding of magic and runes, and control of mana. So, it is impossible for them to advance.

After hearing Oliver’s low talent, Edward was not surprised. Back in her homeworld, with the Armstrong family’s wealth and strength, it should be easy for Olivier to become an Alchemist.

And with her desire for strength, she should not reject becoming an alchemist, yet, she did not. This only shows that she had a terrible talent for controlling energy–even with the aid of the Gate of Truth.

Of course, Edward also knew she was talented in other aspects. He looked at the worried Olivier and gave her an assuring smile.

“You do not have to worry about your talent. Severus has been studying a potion to increase talent using Dragon Heart as an ingredient. Once he is successful, I will have him brew one for you with the Water Dragon King.”

“That’s indeed a good way to deal with the situation,” said Hermione.

“Once the potion is created, I can foresee that many dragons will be killed,” commented Bellatrix, and many people agreed with her.

“Not necessarily, ” replied Edward. “Dragons are creatures with powerful regenerative ability. After harvesting their hearts, as long we provide them with enough mana, they can regrow it.

“So, in the future, Dragon Hearts, along with their scales, blood, muscles, and even bones can be renewable resources. We are civilized people, so there is no need to act like barbarians and hunt these creatures to extinction.”

The others rolled their eyes after hearing this. What kind of civilized person used the body of another creature as a renewable material. Ignoring these people, Edward looked at Olivier and asked: “Remember what I taught you?”

“You mean the way to control the life force in my body?”

Edward nodded. He knew that Oliver was bad at controlling external energy, but was a prodigy at controlling internal energy. Plus, her body could absorb life force at an alarming rate.

This is the reason that she was such a strong fighter back in her world, able to fight the homunculus Sloth who was physically enhanced beyond human limits.

So, Edward theorized that she might be a genius in the path of [Aura Master]. Now, he was going to test this out. He placed his finger on her forehead and the information on how to combine mana with life force to create Aura.


Oliver nodded her head. Then, Edward had her recreate her Gate of Truth to aid her in controlling her internal energy. Finally, he had Morgana inject mana inside her body.

After following the method Edward gave her, it did not take long for her to create the first string of mana. After that, she was on a roll.

“I was right,” muttered Edward. The speed that she created Aura was a few times faster than him.


Title: Preparation


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