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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 115: Arcane Empire (I) Bahasa Indonesia

Inside a space station, Harry stood next to Ginny and Ron, who was holding hand with Lavender Brown. He looked at his son and said: “Albus, is everything ready?”

“Yes, father. We can leave now.”

“Why do we have to take the Space Elevator? Wouldn’t it be better to just use the Warp Portal to instantly travel from Mars to Earth?” complained the youngest daughter, who was named Lisa Lily Potter.

“Since it is a family vacation, then we have to enjoy ourselves as much as possible,” replied Ginny.

Meanwhile, Ron was also talking to his only son.

“Do you have everything prepared for school?”

“Yes, father.”

“That’s good.”

After that, the two families entered a private room. They sat down, strapped themselves down. When it was time, the room started to descend like an elevator.

Immediately, all of them looked to the glassed windows, looking at Earth from outer space. The blue planet looked vivid and alive.

“Every time I see this sight, I’m still fascinated,” said Lavender.

“Me too. I never imagined in my lifetime that I would ever get to experience such a magical sight,” replied Ginny. Both Harry and Ron felt similar sentiments, unfortunately, their children were looking at them weirdly.

Harry noticed his children’s gaze, but he just secretly shook his head. These kids were born after the establishment of the Arcane Empire, so they were not aware of the old days. To them, that period is nothing but history.

Three hours later, the elevator arrived on Earth. To be precise, it was in Brazil, which was the location of the elevator. After that, they went straight into a special room.

Inside the room was a massive door frame with a circular platform in front of it. As soon as they entered, they were received by a female attendant.

“Welcome customer to the Warp Portal. Can you please tell me your destination,” said the attendant.

“Bones Advanced School of Magic,” said Harry Potter.

“Oh, the famous Academy City. Unfortunately, without a sufficient level of authority or a permit, you cannot directly teleport there.”

Harry raised his hand to show his watch. A holographic image appeared in front of the attendant.

“Name: Harry Potter.

“Level of Clearance: 3-C.”

‘Such a high level of clearance,’ thought the attendant. ‘And why does the name Potter sound familiar?’ The attendant took out a device to scan Harry’s watch, then she said:

“Sir, according to your level of clearance, you and your family can indeed teleport to your destination.” Then, she looked at Ron–who also showed her his watch.

“Unfortunately, sir, you only have level 2-B clearance and cannot directly teleport there.”

“Check your record,” said Ron. “My son is attending the school, so I should have a permit to enter.”

The attendant hurriedly checked before saying: “My apologies for the error. Now, do you guys want to pay with Arcane Points or Arcane Coins?”

“Arcane Coins,” replied Harry without hesitation. Arcane Point was the new name for Reward Point and is a very valuable resource. Meanwhile, Arcane Coins are merely the new currency of the Empire.

In just a few seconds, the two made an online transaction and paid for the services. Then, all of them stood on the circular platform. A white veil appeared on the door frame, acting as the door.

“I still cannot believe how expensive these things actually are,” said Lavender.

“It’s not like our family cannot afford them,” replied Ron.

“Your Weasley family might be wealthy, but it does not mean that mine is,” added Lavender Brown as she glared at him.

Although Ron wanted to say that you’re now a Weasley, he quickly shut his mouth after seeing the look Harry gave him.

After charging for a few seconds, the white light from the Gate enveloped them, forcing them to close their eyes. Once the group opened it again, they found themselves in a different location.

There was still a large gate behind them, but the surroundings were different. A male attendant waited in front of them and said: “Welcome to Bones Academic City.”

After politely saluting the attendant, the family left the location of the Warp Portal, and they soon found themselves in a busy city. People of different colors and races walked together, dressed in strange clothes.

The majority of them had magic robes found in fantasies with a hood on the back. While other people dressed in clothes that were a combination of Middle-Ages and modern style. And that included the Potters and Weasley.

In the past few decades, the fashion trend of the empire has greatly changed to look more similar to a fantasy world.

The kids looked at everything around them with awe; they looked at the sky-high buildings, the flying cars, and the golem operating the traffic lights, and cleaning up the trash.

“Look, it’s the Magic Towers,” said Albus with excitement as he pointed to a group of Towers that were as tall as any skyscraper. Powerful mana could feel from them even from a few miles away.

“Which one is grandma’s?” asked

“It’s the 6th Tower,” responded Harry as he pointed to it. Albus, Lisa, and James were quite excited after seeing it. In the Empire, only a few wizards are worthy to have their own tower. And each one is not only powerful but has contributed greatly to the development of the Empire.

So, it is the highest of honor for any wizard to be granted their own Magic Tower.

Meanwhile, Ron’s son–Hugo–looked up at his father with questioning eyes. So, Ron pointed to a building:

“Your grandfather is a Magetech Engineer, so he has his own research building. However, your uncles George and Fred are the owner of the 9th Tower.”

Hugo nodded with a smile. Since childhood, he has always adored his grandfather and uncles. “Is it true that Uncle George and Fred will soon get the title of [Alchemist]?”

“Don’t listen to their bragging,” responded Ron. “Currently in the Empire, Alchemy is divided into three fields: Potions, Magic Crafter or Artificer, and Magetech Engineer. If anyone wants the title of “Alchemist”, they have to have accomplishments in at least two of these fields.

“Although your uncles’ talent for Magic Crafting is truly amazing, the same cannot be said for the other two fields.”

Hugo nodded his head, but his worship for his uncles did not diminish because of this fact. Soon, after that, the two families went on a tour of the entire city.

The city had an academic air surrounding them. Everyone, you can see scholars, scientists, engineers, and wizards of different fields.

“This city deserves the title of the Academic Center of the World,” commented Ginny.

“Well, more than 95% of the Empire’s magical and technological development came from this city, so it is normal.”

“What I’m more curious about is how this man-made island was created for the site of this city,” said Lavender.

“According to my father, the Arcane Emperor designed the blueprint himself, and my father helped build it along with many other magetech engineers,” replied Ron.

“It’s still a surprise to me.”

“How is that a surprise?” added Hugo. “The Empire has colonized most of the solar system, and you think a small man-made island is something amazing.”

Ron tapped the back of his son’s head, “Have some respect on how you speak boy.”

“Father, I’m 17 years old now, you can’t just beat me whenever you feel like it.”

“As long as you are my son, I can still beat you.”

Although Hugo was upset, he did not say anything. His father was a Wizard Knight, and those people were barbarians.

After spending a few hours touring the city, the family headed to the location of the Bones Advanced School of Magic and Witchcraft.

Since this author was feeling generous, here is another chapter. So, shower me with your Power Stones.

P.S. For anyone who did not catch on, the whole Dementor Invasion was a plot by Edward.


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