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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 116: Arcane Empire (II) Bahasa Indonesia

Since Hugo and Albus were best friends since young, they decided to share the same dormitory–just like they did at Hogwarts. So, after registering, the family took the kids into their dormitory.

Inside Albus’s room, Harry gave his son a private lecture.

“Abus, I’m sure you are wondering why I insisted on you becoming a Magic Researcher instead of following in my footstep and becoming a Battle Mage.”

Albus nodded his head.

“That’s because of your grandfather, James. Throughout the years, our family has been trying to raise enough Arcane Points to resurrect him. Unfortunately, the amount required is truly enormous.”

Albus frowned after hearing this, then he asked: “Then, how did all those people in the news manage to gather enough points?”

Harry looked at his wife after hearing this question, after she nodded his head, he explained: “Well, I will tell you a little secret. None of these people have gathered enough Arcane Points to resurrect someone.

“The reason that they were granted such an opportunity was that the Empire wanted to show the world that it had this ability, so a few people were chosen at random and displayed to the world.”

‘Of course, this was a way to raise the prestige of the Arcane Emperor and solidify his control over the Empire, but that is not something that he should know for now,’ secretly thought Harry.

“So, that’s how it is? But, couldn’t I still get plenty of Arcane Points as a Battle Mage?”

Harry sighed deeply, “The sad truth is Battle Mages are considered thugs by most Scholar Mages because we only learn how to use magic and never contributed to its creation and innovation.

“And with the Arcane Emperor greatly encouraging innovation and deep study of magic, Scholar Mages have a higher status than Battle Mages, and it is easier for them to acquire Arcane Points for their research, development, or discovery. The only way for a Battle Mage to quickly gather Arcane Point is to invent new spells, but as I said, all of us are trained to use magic and skills to the highest level, but not innovate.”

“How is that fair?” said Albus. “The majority of Battle Mages will easily defeat a Scholar Mage in a magic duel.”

Harry looked at his son thinking about how young and ignorant he was. Although his statement may be true for some low-level Scholar Mages, the truly powerful ones are really scary.

Because of how deep their understanding of magic is, these Scholar Mages are the real powerhouse of the Empire. Furthermore, these Scholar Mages will also study Dueling Techniques of Battle Mages to improve their strength.

Patting his son in the head, Harry said: “There is no need to worry about anything else, just focus on your study so that you can graduate with the utmost honor. Then, with your grandmother’s influence, you can choose any of the Towers to intern with. Hopefully, one day, you will also become a Tower Master.”

After setting his son in, Harry left with his wife.

“I don’t think we should have placed so much pressure on him,” said Ginny.

“I know, but we do not have much of a choice.” After saying that, Harry started thinking about a conversation he had with his mother not too long ago.

–Scene Break–

Harry was having diner with his mother Lily, who has not aged a single bit in the past 35 years.

“Is there something wrong? You looked more weary than usual?” asked Harry.

“My recent experiment failed. Despite all my effort, no one besides me has ever managed to wield Love Magic in the past few decades.”

“Is the Empire going to reduce your fundings?” asked Harry.

“Not really. As matter of fact, as long I’m the only one capable of wielding that magic, I am invaluable to the Arcane Emperor.”

“So, why are you in such a rush to have another person wield love magic?” asked Harry with a frown.

Lily paused for a moment, took her glass of wine, and drank a sip. “I guess there is no point in hiding this from you now. I strongly believe that the Arcane Emperor is suppressing the number of Arcane Points that I can receive for my accomplishments. Recently, he had been using the fact that no one else could use Love Magic to dismiss or diminish my results.”

“Why would he do that? From what I know, he is usually very generous–especially to the Tower Masters.”

Lily swirled the wine in her glass, then she answered: “If I were to guess, it should have something to do with Severus.”

“Uncle Snape? What does he have to do with anything?”

However, Lily did not respond this time. Harry thought quickly before saying:

“Are you saying that the Arcane Emperor is intentionally delaying you to revive my father to provide uncle Snape a chance to get with you?”

Although this sounds absurd, Harry knew of Snape’s love for his mother. In the past decades, he has been very present in their lives, spending a great deal of time with them.

“Why would he do that?” asked Harry, bewildered.

“Snape is one of the most powerful and influential Tower Master of the Empire. He has made so many accomplishments in the Potion Field over the past decades, adding to the fact that he is one of the earlier supporters of the Arcane Emperor, it’s normal for him to be favored.”

“Did you talk to him?”

“I did confront him, and he admitted himself,” reply before taking another big sip of her wine.

“So, what are you going to do?” asked Harry. As an adult, he can look at things differently. He could tell that over the years, his mother had developed some form of affection for Snape. However, because of him and her devotion as a wife, she wanted to reunite their family.

—Scene break–

Back to the present, Harry regained his bearing as he walked out of the dormitory. However, he noticed that his other son, James was unusually quiet.

“James, is there something wrong?”

“No, I’m just wondering whether I can be admitted to the Bones Advance School of Magic and Witchcraft.”

The family suddenly became quiet, until Lisa Potter said: “With your grades and talent, keep dreaming.”

Ginny quickly reprimanded her daughter, then said to his son: “Don’t listen to your sister. Grades and magical talent are not the only factors that determine whether you get in. Look at your uncle Ron, he only got onto the Military Strategy Division because of his talent for Wizard Chest. Later on, he was discovered to have the talent to be a Wizard Knight.

“After you graduate from Hogwarts, we will pay for a Potential Test for you to see whether you have any hidden talent that can get you into the school. And if all else fails, your grandmother can still use her connection to get you in.”

James nodded his head, but he was not happy. He knew how people who got into this school through connection are treated.

Harry patted him on the shoulder and said, “There are many other Magic Universities you can still attend. Just because you do not get into this one does not mean you cannot be successful in life.”



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