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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 114: Time-Skip Bahasa Indonesia

After the reveal of wizards to the world, everything changed. Wizards started to live with muggles and showed themselves to the world. Under Edward’s control, they integrate into society by helping.

Videos of them using magic to help people build infrastructure, curing incurable diseases, and increasing farming productivity was shown all over the world, creating a positive image for all wizards.

Additionally, in that same year, the Triwizard Tournament was supposed to take place. Edward instead organized a tournament for all the 11 Magical schools of the world, then broadcast for everyone–both wizard and muggles to see.

In this tournament, Edward did not place an age restriction, so everyone could participate. In the end, Hermione was chosen for Hogwarts, and she ended up winning the entire competition, granting her worldwide fame.

In the Summer of 1995, after the tournament, Arthur Weasley created the first magetech product: a Monster Dueling Disk that functioned with mana crystals. With this invention, the nonmagical could play Yu-Gi-Oh Card.

In January 1996, a worldwide Dueling Monster Competition was held, with both muggle and wizards participating. The success of this event further strengthens the integration between the magical and nonmagical world.

In that same month, the sport of Quidditch was officially introduced to muggles. Arthur Weasley invented another magetech invention: a flying broom.

The broom was powered by mana crystal and was enchanted with a Mind Controlling Charm–which allowed ordinary people to control the broom with their minds, just like any wizard.

After the Mana Flying Broom was invented, Quidditch became a mainstream sport amongst ordinary people. It was played in schools, official sports teams were created based on different regions or countries–just like soccer.

And when it came to the Quidditch World Cup, players were chosen based on the skills of both wizards and normal people.

In November of 1996, an event that was out of Edward’s control occurred. The Pope–who was supposed to be under control–somehow managed to break free and went on live air, denouncing wizards as pawns of the devil.

As a result of this, many religious believers around started to protest, and the peaceful integration of these two worlds reached a stumbling block.

After a quick investigation, Edward quickly found a group of people that did not really surrender, but bid their time; these people were even willing to suffer the backlash of soul contracts to accomplish their goals.

After the Pope’s announcement, tension began to rise between the magical and nonmagical. Jealousies that were buried deep started to resurface.

Edward and Amelia quickly took control of the media to change the narrative. News like “if Jesus Christ was real, then he was probably a wizard” started circulating 24/7 all over the world.

Videos of wizards–and even children–doing miracles like walking on water, changing water into wine, and healing the blind, etc., appeared all over the media.

And he did not stop there; he began to wage a war of words on religion. All the inaccuracies found in the bible were broadcast to the world. For example, the fact that the picture of Jesus Christ that most Christians worshipped was in fact, Cesare Borgia.

The fact that logically speaking, he was a Jewish man born in the Middle-Eastern, there was no way for him to be a white man. And they did not stop there. They broadcasted all the dirty secrets that religious leaders have hidden for centuries.

Edward did not want any religion interfering with his rule, but he also knew that it was impossible to get rid of it, and straight-up outlawing it would lead to constant revolt. So, he made sure to reduce their presence and power to the lowest level possible. In the future, any kind of religion can only be used as a form of spiritual relief for people, nothing more, nothing less.

After this event, the world became peaceful and quiet for some time. Wizards naturally integrated into society. Magic and technology increased at a rapid pace beyond anyone could imagine.

Then, in 1998, another major event occurred. Space cracks appeared all over the world. Then, an interdimensional race known as Dementors invaded planet Earth.

These creatures that looked like the embodiment of Death used humans as their food and sucked their souls out of their bodies; in just a short amount of time, they spread terror throughout the entire world.

Different countries tried to fight the threat, but modern weapons proved to be useless. Even a nuke could not kill these intangible creatures. If it was not for magetech, people might not even be able to see them after their first grand entrance to this planet where they intentionally revealed themselves.

Luckily for the citizens of Earth, wizards have heard of Dementors before and have developed some magical spells that could still fight these creatures.

So, wizards became the main fighting force against this invasion. Unfortunately, issues of diplomacy made traveling to other countries very difficult, meaning it was hard for some wizards to respond quickly.

So, the UN decided to form the Earth Defense Alliance by gathering the power of all nations to fight this foreign threat. And since Edward was the most powerful wizard around, and the leader of the magical world, he was nominated as the prescient of the Alliance.

His first order was not to bury the people who had their souls sucked away; he promised all the people of Earth to find a way to save them. Of course, many members of the alliance disagreed with this, saying that it was too costly to keep the body of these people alive and that there was no evidence to even suggest that they were still alive.

Nevertheless, Edward insisted–an act which greatly increase the general people’s empathy and support of him as the leader.

In two years, the Alliance fought an all-out war with the Dementors. Unfortunately, the number of wizards capable of fighting these creatures was very small, so the loss was very high.

More than 100 million people had their souls sucked out of their bodies, turning into a vegetative state. Luckily, in the year 2000, a new invention turned the war around.

A new magetech gun that was enchanted with a spell that could kill Dementors was finally created, and it was possible to mass-produce. So, the war finally turned around in just a few months.

Finally, the Leader of the Earth Defense Alliance, Edward Bones, located the Dementor King–which was the leader of this invasion. He fought a legendary that was watched by all the people of this planet.

This battle would be recorded as the “Battle of Gods” by history due to how powerful these two individuals were.

After defeating the Dementor King, the Hero of the Alliance, Edward Bones managed to recapture all the souls that the Dementors sucked away, and placed them back to their owner’s body, thus saving more than 100 million people.

However, soon a piece of terrible news soon quickly spread throughout the world. The Hero of Earth, the Leader of the Alliance was stepping down from his role and giving up his power–since according to him, the Alliance was only temporary.

Many people became fearful after hearing this and started to protest. The recent events proved to the people of Earth that they were not alone in the universe. Thus, they needed to unite to face threats from the cosmos.

More importantly, they needed a strong and charismatic leader to guide them in these unprecedented times. Although it was honorable for the Alliance Leader to give up all his power, this was not what the people wanted.

So, after three months of people rioting and protesting all over the world, Edward finally answered their call.

He established the Arcane Empire, and he became the Arcane Emperor. However, in order not to let power corrupt him, he established the Ten Rings Council to govern in his place.

The council is made up of nine members that are voted by the people, while the Elder of the council was elected by Edward himself. Although the Arcane Emperor has absolute power in the empire, he will not easily intervene in politics.

Just like that, 35 years passed by since the inception of the Arcane Empire.

One thing I wanted to ask you guys. Once Edward starts to travel to different worlds and learn different magic systems, he will have to label them. For example, if he went to High School DXD, he could call that magic DXD magic or the world of Diablo, he could call it Diablo Magic. However, I feel weird calling his current magic Harry Potter Magic or HP Magic. So, can you guys give me a few suggestions for the name of the HP universe magic

Title: Arcane Empire (I)


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