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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 113: Public Reveal Bahasa Indonesia

Edward took Dumbledore’s body to an isolated castle. Using his own Phoenix Flame, he regenerated the lost limbs of the headmaster, then fed him some Elixir of Life to extend his overdraft lifeforce.

A few minutes later, Dumbledore opened his eyes, he looked around before muttering: “I’m not dead?”

“No,” replied Edward. “Fawkes used some kind of sacrificial magic to save your life.”

“So, he’s gone? Leaving me all alone.”

“I’ve managed to gather a small piece of his soul. With the right method and enough time, he might be revived. Although, the chances of that are quite low.”

Dumbledore nodded his head in thanks, but he did not say anything else. Edward took out a contract before saying: “I need you to agree to the terms in this contract.”

Without saying anything, Dumbledore just nodded his head in agreement and placed his hand on the contact, signing it. Then, countless grey strings came out from his temple, and Edward placed them into an orb.

Edward quickly scanned the memories as he wanted to know the answer to certain things, and he did find the answer.

For example, how did Dumbledore manage to break all his Limiters and increase his mana so quickly? The answer to the first question was as he theorized. Dumbledore used his bloodline bond with Fawkes to break the Second Limiter, then asked Grindelwald’s help to break the last one using the Elder Wand.

As for the increase of mana, the answer was actually quite simple: it was from his body. As wizards grow older, the mana inside their bodies keeps increasing. If they do not break the Limiters, the mana is then scattered through their bodies–without any use besides nourishing the body and prolonging life.

What Dumbledore did was to gather this mana from his body and guide them to his magic core. And with his talent and more than 100 years of growth, it was more than enough to reach the level of 100x.

However, Edward did notice something odd. During the process of breaking the Third Limiter, Dumbledore heard a whisper. From the memory, Dumbledore only thought that he was hearing things since he was a little on edge, but Edward knew it was not so as he recognized that voice: Death, or Herpo.

Soon after that whisper, Dumbledore became a little obsessed with finding a way to activate the [Authority] in the wand and to stop Edward at all cost.

‘I was right to be cautious. Although Herpo cannot leave the Afterlife, he can still influence the material world in some shape or form.’

Edward then looked at Dumbledore before sending him a bunch of memories. A slight surprise flashed from his eyes, followed by a somber look.

“Do you understand the real enemy now?”

Dumbledore did not answer him but looked around with his eyes.

“You do not need to worry about his gaze. This castle was built personally by me with a magic metal called magicium, it can effectively block him from spying here.”

“I’m sorry about my actions,” said the former headmaster.

“There is no need for apologies, but there is something you can do for me.”

Dumbledore paused for a few minutes, “What is it?”

Then, Edward explained to him what he needed to do, and he accepted.”

“You should get comfortable in this castle as from now on, to the outside world, you’re a dead man,” added Edward. “Although I can allow you to say goodbye to your friends, they will have to keep a secret.”

After that, Edward took the Elder Wand and apparated away; this time, he appeared to Nurmengard Castle to see Grindelwald. As soon as he entered the cell, he saw the old man smiling, and waiting for him.

Edward threw something at him and said: “Sign it.”

Without hesitation, he did so. For him, he did not care that he would sign his soul away. As long as he can see wizards free from their current situation, then he can pay any price. Anyway, his dream will finally be accomplished.

After he signed the contract, Edward handed him a potion. Soon after drinking it, Grindelwald turned into a middle-aged man, then for the first time in decades, he left the castle, his prison.

After giving Grindelwald something to do, Edward returned to his aunt Amelia’s house.

“Thank Merlin you’re alright. I thought you perished with Dumbledore. Many of your followers are starting to freak out,” said Amelia.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine, just a little tired. As for my followers, I will address the situation.”

Amelia nodded her head, “What about Dumbledore?”

“He’s still alive.”

“You did not kill him? Why?”

Edward paused for a moment, then he answered: “He was partially right. In case something happens to me–whether that I was mind-controlling, corroded by some force, or let power get to my head–I need a failsafe to stop me; he’s part of that failsafe.”

“Aren’t you being a little too paranoid?”

“I have recently learned that no matter how cautious I think I am, it is not enough. So, it is better to be safe than sorry.”

After that, Edward used Divination Magic once again to address all the previous spectators of the duel, showing them that he was the winner of this match.

Furthermore, he did not vilify the headmaster for his actions but stated that it was merely the result of different ideas or philosophies for the future of wizardkind. And, he also stated that Dumbledore will forever be remembered as one of the greatest wizards that ever lived, forever engraved in history.

After this battle, Edward’s status as the leader of the entire magical world was set in stone. People started addressing him as “Lord”, “Your majesty”, and even “Wizard King.” Additionally, with the way that he handled Dumbledore’s affair, the neutral groups among wizards finally acknowledge his status as the leader and followed him.

For the next year, he spent most if not all of his time securing his power and uniting all the wizards from different countries, placing them under one body of law.

More importantly, he created the Bones Advance School of Magic, which was basically a university for wizards after they finish their 7 years in school where they can learn advanced knowledge. Of course, it was not only young wizards that have just graduated that were allowed to attend.

Any adult wizard of any age could attend this school. Plus, Edward created a specific program in this school where they can graduate in just three months. In this program, wizards will have access to a diadem, then have knowledge forcibly installed in their heads–just like Bellatrix and the Death Eaters did.

This way, they can learn years of knowledge in just a few months, with the cost of constant migraines. Of course, wizards with weak wills cannot survive these methods.

Then, in the Summer of 1994, another major event occurred. Not only in the magical world but the entire planet.

The UN suddenly asked all the countries in the world to gather together to broadcast important news. Oddly enough, everybody complied. All TV stations were prepared to broadcast the same thing.

Large televisions were established in public areas, gathering large crowds to watch this announcement.

When the time arrived, Edward’s face showed up on all these screens, but he was not alone. Albion was sleeping behind him. So, to the horror of close 7 billion humans on this planet, they saw a man standing in front of a dragon on their television.

At first, some people thought that this was some kind of movie effect, but when they realized that no movie could have such a vivid effect and the fact that this was actually a live event.

Dressed in a black suit, and with a smile on his face, Edward started speaking: “Greetings, citizens of Earths.”

As he said those words, they were translated into different languages.

“My name is Edward Bones, the current leader of the magical world. Now, I’m sure many of you are somewhat confused, so I will explain. Amongst many humans on this planet, there exist a few individuals born with the extraordinary gift of magic; they are collectively called wizards.”

After saying that, he paused for a moment, raised his hand. Then, flame, lightning, ice, wind manifested one another in his palm.

“As you can, this group of individuals can do many mysterious and magical things. Unfortunately, due to the low number of our kind and the persecution we endured during the Middle-Age, we decided to hide from society.

“That isolation lasted for more than a millennia. And during that time, we never interfered with the affairs of the nonmagical world. Since we are a peaceful people by nature, we believed that this was the best course of action.

“Unfortunately, our peaceful life was destroyed not long ago. A group of individuals from the nonmagical world attacked us, killing many of our children and women.”

After Edward said that, the camera shifted to the soldiers who were part of the Anti-Wizard Alliance. The viewers soon noticed that these soldiers were from different races, countries, and ethnicities.

Following this, a short clip was shown of these men killing children and women, with no remorse whatsoever.

“Although we manage to apprehend these individuals, the magical world has realized that our seclusive approach may not be the best approach for our kind, that even we are peaceful by nature, it did not mean that our neighbor was; we realized that we needed change.

“So, I’m speaking to you today, not out of hatred, nor for a declaration of war. No, I’m speaking to all of you today, to ask for your help.

“I’m asking you to help our kind integrate into society so that such a tragedy no longer happens. I’m asking you to work together with us, and build a better world for both the magical and nonmagical.”

Title: Time-Skip


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