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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 112: Battle of the Century (Finale) Bahasa Indonesia

After the dark light beam disappeared, everything in its path was annihilated. All the mountains and forests behind Edward completely vanished. As for him, he was in terrible shape.

Half of his body was completely gone, his clothes were tattered. What’s weird was that there was no blood coming from the remaining half of his body. Instead, there was dark energy located in that spot that was slowly corroding him.

Edward looked at his body and sighed; it has been a long time since he was in true danger of death. If he did not use a Space Spell at the last minute that allowed him to bend the surrounding space to form a shield around him, he would have been completely gone.

Edward then looked at the broken wand in his hand and sighed again. He had this wand from Olivander since he was 11 years old. Although he could make a more powerful one, he never replaced it because of the memory of his parents taking him there to get it.

But now, it was broken. Using a reverse summoning spell, the broken wand was sent to another location. Then, Edward focused on his injury.

Immediately, he felt a force in his body that was slowly destroying it, and also prevented healing. So, without hesitation, he waved his hand and cut another big piece of his body: to be precise, the pieces that still had the corrosive force.

Then, Edward burst into flame, and a few seconds later, a complete body appeared–wearing clothes made out of flames as well.

He then raised his head, wondering why the headmaster gave him so much time to heal. Instantly, he noticed that Dumbledore’s breathing was heavy, and sweats all over his forehead.

With difficulty, he raised his arm to point his wand, and another dark beam started to form again. Without the slightest hesitation, Edward flew into the sky, trying to use his mobility to evade.

His plan partially worked as he evaded the dark beam, but Dumbledore flapped his Phoenix wings to fly into the sky to follow him. As he did so, he continued to shoot devastatingly powerful dark beams.

At first, Edward was able to evade them, but the process became continuously more difficult. So, he went on the defensive. He raised his hand in the sky, then more than a hundred spherical rocks appeared. Then, these rocks turned into flames. Then, he used gravity to accelerate these rocks as they rushed toward Dumbledore like meteors.

Unfortunately, once these rocks reached ten meters from the headmaster, the flames went out, and the rocks turned grey before disintegrating into countless tiny particles.

‘They decayed?’ thought Edward, realizing that he was truly in some trouble. That last attack was one of his most powerful spells created from Dragon Chant Magic.

‘Should I use the stone? Or dark magic?’ thought Edward. ‘Not yet. This battle is a perfect way for me to calm down all dissonance voices amongst my followers. So, unless necessary, I won’t use these things. So, I can only use that method.

‘Nevertheless, my mana is at all high time low after using that last Space Barrier Spell. Plus, I will need a lot of mana if I want to use that spell to defeat him.’

Dumbledore pointed the Elder Wand at Edward again, but this time, a beam did not appear. Instead, a mysterious suction came from it.

Immediately, Edward felt that something was being forcefully pulled out from his body; it was his soul.

With great horror, he instantly activated the enchantment he engraved in his soul, creating a Soul Barrier. Unfortunately, that only reduce the effect of the attraction and bought him so time to react.

“Albion,” roared Edward as he used a summoning spell.

Cracks appeared in the space around, then a giant beast with four legs and a massive wingspan appeared; he had horns and was golden in color.

Everyone wizard watching this god-like battle was shocked after seeing this–including Dumbledore. Meanwhile, the Gryffindor Trio along with the excited Hagrid immediately realized that this was the real dragon that Edward told them about.

Hagrid was so excited that he wanted to run to this island to see this cute creature and become friends with it.

“Human wizard, why have you disturb my slumber.”

“This is not the time for you to be acting up. Look at the situation,” responded Edward with gritted teeth.

Albion then finally noticed Dumbledore.

“A Lesser Phoenix with bloodline really close to a real one,” muttered Albion. “Wait, this wizard managed to activate the [Authority] in the wand.”

While the dragon was talking, Edward placed his hand on him and fused with him–just like Dumbledore and Fawkes.

However, unlike the first fusion, wings did not appear on his back, nor scale or claws. After all, he was being watched by so many people, he had a reputation to uphold. Unfortunately, his transformation was not as cool as Dumbledore’s.

The only change that occurred was that his eyes turned reptilian-like.

After the fusion, Edward’s mana was refilled, and with his connection with Albion’s soul, he was able to prevent his own soul from being sucked.

“I have to say, wizards on this planet are truly weird. Space magic is usually something that only powerful mages can use, but children 17 years of age can do so on this planet.

“On top of that, you guys created a Sage Stone, something that many Alchemists have spent countless millennia studying to no avail. Then, you guys have time artifacts, artifacts to increase intelligence, and even created magic similar to a Lich’s phylactery. Now, there is another wizard that activated a [Authority] with his meager amount of mana.

“What the hell is wrong with this planet that looked so weak and backward on the surface.”

“Do you think that this is the time for this?” asked Edward, who noticed the headmaster’s next attack. This time, it was not a beam, but a black sphere that was rapidly gathered.

The sphere then rushed towards Edward, who evaded it. However, the sphere seemed to have the ability to follow him, so wherever he went, it followed. Without much choice, he tried to teleport, but the space was blocked by Dumbledore.

Even his Phoenix Teleportation was not possible. Nevertheless, he still had another way. By using a large amount of mana, he forcibly opened the blockade and teleported away from the sphere.

Of course, the black sphere followed him, but he still bought himself enough time for his next spell:

Wyvern Summon

Just like Albion, countless lesser dragons or wyvern appeared around Edwards; there were Chinese Fireballs, Norwegian Ridgebacks, Hungarian Horntails, etc. All the different types of dragons appeared, thus making the sky full of flying dragons. And these dragons came out of nowhere, but from Edward’s farm, and from wild areas where they were located.

As soon as the wyverns appeared, they formed a circle around Edward, then a powerful shield appeared around them. Then, the shield connected into a larger and more powerful one.

Once the black sphere hit the shield, it was stopped before exploding. Nevertheless, the attack was still blocked–a fact which greatly relived Edward.

Meanwhile, Dumbledore frowned after seeing this, then his eyes flashed ruthlessly. He suddenly aged and returned to his old man self, then he pointed his wand again. A black sphere slowly started to gather, and in just a few seconds, grew bigger than the previous one.

After seeing this, Edward hurried to make his next move. He started to chant:

“In nomine meo, tanquam minister magicae, praecipio tibi ut mea mandata audias. Omnis spatii potentia turbabitur vel impotens…”

As he said those words, they appeared in golden letters written in the air. His mana rapidly decreased. This was a new form of magic that he created that relied on long incantation; it was based on Alchemy enchantments and Dragon Chant Magic.

Although this kind of magic was powerful, the downside was that it requires a lot of mana, and it took time.

By the time that Edward finished his long incantation, Dumbledore’s Death Sphere also finished gathering and headed for the shield created by all the wyverns.

As for Edward, the golden letters in the air shined brightly, then the space around started to tremble. Cracks started appearing around Dumbledore, then an explosion occurred.

Space Exploded, leaving turbulent energy in the surroundings. The Death Sphere was instantly teleported to somewhere unknown. The remaining half of the island was destroyed.

As for the people watching this battle, they only felt everything shake, then the Divination Magic stopped working; they could no longer see the fight. So, everybody started to wonder who was the victor.

Meanwhile, as soon as Edward finished the spell, he fell from the air as his mana was dry. Luckily for him, Albion stopped the fusion and caught him before he fell in the ocean.

While breathing heavily, he said out loud: “Momo.”

His housel-elf suddenly appeared next to him, floating in the next; she did not dare to stand on Albion’s back. Momo then threw a bag to Edward. He took out a few potions from them to drink, replenish some level of mana.

Immediately afterward, he used a spell to detect any life around him, and soon he found something.

He found Dumbledore’s body lying on the ocean. Only his torso was left intact, and he should be dead by now. However, a white flame seemed to be keeping him alive.

With a wave of his hand, he took the headmaster’s body and had Albion fly away.

Title: Public Reveal


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