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After seeing that the headmaster switch to using Transfiguration Magic, he secretly shook his head. According to his understanding of magic, there are two kinds of ways to study or improve Transfiguration: to be precise, two kinds of Transfiguration Wizards.

The first one is the natural gifted at the subject. With the right Incantation, the proper control of mana, they can use their thoughts or imagination to accomplish the right transformation. The headmaster and Professor McGonagall are in this category.

The second type is the one that studies different materials and their properties in great detail, then they can achieve the proper transfiguration. The more knowledge they have about their intended target, the better the transfiguration. The majority of wizards fell in that category.

As for Edward, he falls under both. His natural gift for magic also applied to Transfiguration. Additionally, he has dissected so many magical animals at this point that he can understand them to the cellular level.

So, his transfiguration–especially the biological one–is quite powerful. With a wave of his wand, the few remaining ice and debris slowly transformed into 5 wyverns and 5 Thunderbirds.

Under Edward’s command, the Welsh Green Dragons started attacking the giants created by Dumbledore. They tried to bite them with their powerful jaws, but the armor on the giants was not just decorations.

After their attacks were proven futile, the wyverns started using fire breath. On top of that, the Thunderbirds flew into the sky, creating Thunderstorms that covered the entire island.

Heavy rain started to fall, follow by powerful gusts of winds; lightning fell from the sky attacking all the giants. Although Dumbledore quickly placed a shield on them, some of them were still hit. Fortunately, these giants seemed to have powerful magic resistance–just like real giants.

A light flew Dumbledore’s wand to hit of one the giants, and suddenly, his body grew by another 10 meters, reaching the height of 80 meters. He then raised the shield he was holding to the sky. The shield then expanded until it covered all the other giants, and protected them from the thunder. Instantly, the situation changed.

Without the help of the Thunderbirds, the wyverns were at a disadvantage–even with their flying ability. The giants used their weapons to smash, cut, or stab them. Blood spilled as the island trembled with each swing. Fire raged and burned everything in sight–including some armors of the giants.

Upon seeing the situation, Edward acted. He transformed a few stones on the ground into armors fit for wyvern, then he placed a few instant Enchantments on them.

And with another wave of his wand, these armors perfectly fitted the wyverns. Immediately, they felt their strength, agility, defense, and stamina dramatically increase. Thus, with newfound power, they attacked the giants with more ferocity.

Dumbledore frowned for a moment, then controlled a few tree branches around him. To Edward’s surprise, they turned into an army of status holding modern weapons like guns. There were even a few tanks, along with planes flying in the sky.

However, he also quickly realized that the technology was actually based on World War Two.

‘Is he recreating a scene he saw during WWII?’ though Edward after seeing this. Then, he also controlled the stones and debris surrounding him to turn into an army, recreating the events he experienced a month ago.

However, his army was also not made of humans or status, but golems or robots. They held guns, bazookas, drove tanks, helicopters, and fighter jets.

After Edward made his move, the battlefield turned chaotic. A modern army was fighting one from World War II, ten giants clad in armors were fighting 5 wyverns, while a bunch of Thunderbirds messed up the weather.

All the wizards watching this battle were shocked; they felt that this was a battle between two gods. No one expected that wizards could actually become so powerful.

Some of the former Squibs who used to live in muggle society imagined what it would be like if those two actually fought in a place full of people; they discovered that individually, they could destroy a city of their own, not to mention clashing together.

Inside the Black Family House, the Order of the Phoenix had a private viewing of the battle after asking Trelawney to set it up for them.

“I feel that something is wrong, but I cannot say what it is?” said Tonks–who was brought to this place as a possible future member of the Order.

Unfortunately, she did not have the opportunity to officially join as Dumbledore basically disbanded the group and went to fight Edward alone as the headmaster did not want to make his colleague do something that they did not want to.

After she said these words, many people agreed with her; they were awe by the power displayed by these people, but they also felt that something was wrong with this battle.

“Of course, something is wrong,” replied Alastor Moody, drawing everyone’s attention to himself. “It’s not a secret that Edward is a master of the dark arts, and from the information I gather, the so-called Arcane Grand Library that he has been preaching about to everyone contained some truly powerful and lost dark magic.

“Yet, he has no use a single dark magic spell throughout the entire battle.”

Immediately, the other members realized the issue; Alastor was correct. A lot of them knew Dumbledore quite well, thus knew that the headmaster refused to use dark magic in his life, and he will probably not do so in this battle.

Additionally, among all these people, only Lily has seen Edward’s library, or as Alastor said, the Arcane Grand Library. She saw the section on dark magic and knew how large it was.

“Why is he doing this?” asked Tonks back, a question many others were also asking.

“To show the world that he can defeat the greatest white wizard using only white magic. That way, no none can complain about the outcome of the battle,” replied Alastor. “If he wins in that way, his prestige will reach the highest level possible, and all the people who still remained neutral will have no choice but to support him–including some of us in the room.”

The room became quiet after Mad-eye said these words as he was right. Many members of the Order supported Edward’s idea of integrating with the nonmagical to build a better and more powerful civilization.

Some people remained neutral, deciding to wait for Dumbledore’s next move. However, once the battle is over, they will have two choices: pick a side, or remain secluded from society for the rest of their lives.

Back to the battle.

In just a few minutes, the battle reached a different height. Dumbledore’s WWII army had no chance against Edward’s more modern army, while the giants were slowly losing the battle. Even the one who covered the sky with his shield was destroyed by the constant bombardment of thunder.

Upon seeing this, Dumbledore pointed his wand and massive light gathered before rushing into the middle of the battlefield. After landing, it soon expanded until it covered everything, then Edward’s transfiguration turned into their original shapes of stones, ice, and debris.

‘Untransgiguration?’ thought Edward after seeing this. This was a type of magic that revert transfiguration spells to their original state. With a snap of his finger, a magical wave emanated from Edward’s body, also turning Dumbledore’s transfiguration back to its original state.

The headmaster was not surprised. With a calm look, he said: “I did not want things to go this far, but I have to do this, for the greater good.”

Suddenly, Fawkes appeared next to him, then the two fused together. Flaming wings appeared behind Dumbledore, he turned into a middle-aged version of himself, He had a crown made of feathers, and a robe made of flame.

However, this was not what caught Edward’s attention, it was what happened next. Dumbledore’s mana level suddenly raised beyond the 100x threshold, reaching another level.

He then pointed the Elder Wand at Edward, and powerful dark energy suddenly manifested from it. And Edward immediately realized what it was: [Death Authority].

Immediately, for the first time since the battle, he felt the threat of death.

A massive dark light energy bean with the power to instantly annihilate everything rushed from the wand headed straight to Edward, without giving him any room to dodge or evade.

Title: Battle of the Century (Finale)


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