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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 105: Resistance (I) Bahasa Indonesia

Edward sat in a room with some of his most trusted individuals or subordinates.

“Sir, we have received news from the Muggle Think-Tank that everything went according to plan.

“As of now, we have controlled all the political leaders of the world, taken control of the nuclear launch codes, and disarmed most militaries.

“Additionally, we also control all the major financial institutions, the media, and all the elite 1%,” reported Bellatrix with a calm face.

“How did we accomplish all of this?” asked Josh Delton.

Many people looked at him weirdly, making him a little embarrassed. He is a new member of the circle who was just promoted due to his outstanding performance in the Werewolf Legion.

“It was quite easy actually. Many of these powerful people were lured with the promise of immortality, some had their memories tampered with, others were placed under the Imperius Curse, and some signed Soul Contracts.

“More importantly, we did not give them any chance to react and we struck at the same time.”

Josh Delton nodded his head, while Edward had a pensive look on his face.

“I’m guessing that there is a ‘but’ behind all this good news.”

“You are correct, Sir. A group of soldiers armed with modern heavy weapons suddenly disappeared along with a few nuclear submarines. The odd part is that they were from different countries around the world.”

“You mean that they were aware of our plans beforehand and acted before we got to them? Are you saying that there are traitors among us?” asked Snape.

“It may not be a simple act of treachery,” added Professor Flitwick. “Since these people were from different parts of the world, they might be a secret organization or an alliance of some sort.”

“Flitwick is correct,” reported Bellatrix. “From the files we recovered from the CIA, MI6, KGB, Mossad, and China’s Central External Liaison Department, these countries discovered the existence of wizards since World War 1 and have been secretly prepared.

“They have conducted studies to assess the threat that wizards posed to muggle society. Furthermore, they have brainwashed and trained young children to infiltrate magical schools all over the world to spy on the magical world and steal knowledge.

“With this knowledge, they have secretly trained wizards loyal to their countries by adopting orphan children with magical abilities and brainwashing them at a young age.

“Another tactic they used is to threaten some muggle-born wizards with their families and loved ones.”

The majority of people in the room were quite shocked after hearing this. All of them thought that the International Statute of Secrecy prevented wizards all over the world from revealing themselves to muggles, but this was nothing but a false sense of security.

The upper echelons of muggle society have long known of their existence and were preparing in case a war broke out between the two sides. Many people then remembered Edward’s ideals that wizards should not hide, but integrate into society, and strive to improve themselves.

This new information made the beliefs of these followers more pious.

“There is still an issue,” said Edward. “How could soldiers with heavy weapons like tanks and jets suddenly disappear without a trace? Especially with how rapid our attack was?”

“Our current theory is that one wizard used an Undetectable Extension Charm on a suitcase, then a Shrinking Charm to reduce the size of these objects and placed them inside.”

“So, what you are saying is that there is a suitcase out there in this vast world, full of soldiers and modern weapons in it?” summarized Edward.

Bellatrix just nodded her head. After pondering for a while, Edward said: “Contact Nicolas Flamel and ask him to use divination to locate these people.”

A few minutes later, Bellatrix reported back: “Nicolas just sent us a location. However, according to him, he was unable to acquire the visual of the surrounding, just a location.”

“Since there might be some unknown factor in the situation, I will go alone,” said Edward.

“Sir, there is no need to risk your lives; it’s better to send a squad to check out the situation.” Many people agreed with this statement, however, Edward insisted and used the fact that he did not want to lose any of his men when their revolution was so close to success.

Of course, this act further increased his followers’ loyalty.

–Scene break–

Edward found himself in a cold and mountainous area in Russia. Snow covered his sight for miles on. However, not long after he arrived at his destination, many wizards appeared to surround him.

A few of the wizards held suitcases in their hands, and with a wave of their wands, countless soldiers and machines came out of the case.

With a calm look on his face, Edward looked at all the soldiers; he could quickly identify that they were all from different countries, races, and ethnicities.

‘About 50,000 soldiers, so an entire Corps,’ thought Edward. Then his vision landed on the person in front — who was the commander of this army. Just by looking at him, he could tell that he was American.

“I knew you would come alone, Edward Bones. The analysis we made of you was correct; you probably only came here to show your military might to your followers, however, your overconfidence will be your downfall,” said the American Commander.

“Oh, what else did your analysis say about me?”

“That despite the fact you constantly preach about integrating no-Maj with wizards, you still favor wizards over ordinary people.”

“I resent these accusations,” said Edward.

“There is no need to act calm. Men, fire you weapons.”

Rain of bullets started falling on Edward, along with tanks shooting, bazookas, and missiles.

However, a shield surrounded his body, blocking all these attacks. Not even a single scratch was left on him. However, a frown was on his face during the process.

“At this rate, the rate that my mana decreases is quite noticeable.’ So, he raised his wand and waved it in the air. A strange field appeared around him. Then, the soldiers soon noticed something odd. All their bullets deviated from Edward and never actually touched him.

As for Edward, he nodded in satisfaction as this Projectile Misdirection Charm that he specially invented to deal with modern weapons.

“Wizards squad, start attacking,” roared the commander.

Then, countless lights hit Edward’s shield. As those charms were not projectile, they were not affected by the previous spell. Nevertheless, these attacks seemed useless.

“Hmm?” muttered Edward as he noticed his shield slowly weaken. “You guys actually invented a Disarming Shield Spell?”

“Unlike you wizards that have stagnated and not progressed for hundreds of years, we have studied magic in-depth in the past few decades and made some achievements.”

“Hehe, now. I’m more interested in you guys.” Then, Edward changed the frequency of his shield to that of Dragon Chant Magic, and it was stabilized. This act flustered all these wizards, along with the commander.

“Alright, let’s end this charade,” announced Edward.

The Harry Potter World is basically finished on *******. In a few chapters, Edward’s adventure in another world will begin.

Title: Resistance (II)


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