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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 106: Resistance (II) Bahasa Indonesia

Edward looked directly into one of the wizards’ eyes. However, a few seconds later, the latter screamed and fell to the floor, dead.

“They actually developed a charm that placed locked on a person’s memory? However, this cannot completely stop me,” muttered Edward. Then, he kept using Legimency to read these wizards’ memories, and every time he failed, the lock on their minds will immediately kill them.

During the entire process, the soldiers never stopped firing their guns. Although the bullets and missiles never actually hit Edward, they still did not stop trying. Additionally, the other wizards were still firing spells at him.

‘As long as I drain his magic power, I will be the final victor. Edward Bones is the key that glues the current magical world together. As longs as he is dead, they will turn back into backward rats hiding in a corner, always fearing when they will be discovered.’

“Soldiers, keep firing. Do not forget what you are fighting for,” roared the commander.

Meanwhile, after the tenth attempt, Edward managed to crack the lock on their memories. So, he proceeded to read the minds of these 200 elite wizards trained to be soldiers.

He then sighed. Not only did he see their knowledge, but he also their brutal training methods. These wizards were completely brainwashed and treated as nothing but weapons for this global organization that saw wizards as a threat and planned how to neutralize or kill them.

“Although this may be hypocritical coming from me, let me release you from your suffering. Protego Diabolica!”

A blue flame surrounded Edward and started burning these wizards one by one. In just a few seconds, more than 20 of them were burned into ashes. Then, the flame transformed into a giant demonic dragon with wings. And with this transformation, became even more deadly.

After another 50 wizards were killed, they finally acted. “Finite!” said all those wizards, thus creating a protecting enchantment around Edward and the Demonic Dragon Flame.

‘So, these guys even know about Grindelwald’s act of almost destroying Paris in 1927? Unfortunately for them, I’m not Grindelwald.’ Edward waved his wand and another Demonic Dragon Flame manifested, it started wreaking havoc among these wizards.

After killing more than two-third of these wizards, Edward felt something and looked around him, however, he saw nothing. Then, his eyes glow and he finally saw a bunch of soldiers around directly attacking his shield.

‘Cloaking technology? No, it’s not that simple. Someone enchanted these cloaking suits with Disillusionment Charm. A combination of magic and technology. Interesting.’

He waved his hand, then the ground underneath these stealth soldiers transfigured into metal pikes, impaling them like swiss cheese. As their bodies fell to the ground, they finally became visible.

However, a few seconds after that, Edward’s shield trembled slightly and a tiny crack appeared on one side. He frowned as he looked in the direction that the attack came from. At first, he did not see anything, after using the spell Eagle Eye, he saw what was in the distance.

‘Snipers? No, snipers fell under the definition of projectiles, so their attacks should not reach me, let alone damage my shield. Unless these bullets were magically enchanted.’

Edward’s theory was soon proven correct. Many small cracks started appearing on his shield as the soldiers switch to enchanted bullets. Although the cracks would be healed instantly, the soldiers focused all their firepower in one place.

“I have to say that your plan is quite brilliant. Placing Anit-Apparation Enchantments to prevent me from escaping, and having snipers that are out of reach of spells. This tactic is enough to kill the majority if not all wizards in the magical world. Unfortunately for you, I am not just any wizard.”

He pointed his wand in the sky and activate his Thunderbird Bloodline Magic. The clouds in the sky gathered together, changing sunny weather into a cloudy one. Thunder flashed into the sky, then a bolt of lightning rushed from the sky and hit one of the snipers, instantly killing him.

Following this, more thunderbolts fell from the sky, killing all the snipers in the distance.

Many people were awed after seeing this sight; whether it was Edward’s followers who were watching this fight–no, massacre–through Divination in a crystal ball, or the soldiers who momentarily forgot to fire their weapons, all of them were shocked.

“Is this the power of a God?” said the commander.

“No, this is the power of magic,” replied Edward. “I truly dislike the notion of Godhood. Every time humans witness something that they cannot explain or fathom, they often use God as an explanation.

“To me, Godhood symbolizes ignorance, fear of the unknown, and restriction of the mind. Anyway, if there ever was a ‘God’ in this world, his only fate will be to one day become a subject in my dissecting table.”

Edward looked in a direction after saying that and sneered. Even since he learned of Death’s Identity, a lot of fears about him were now gone.

“Alright, let’s end this charade.


A red light flew from his wand and hit the soldiers. Then, all the weapons in their hands flew out, the tanks flip over and landed on their heads. Edward raised his wand on the sky and said: “Gravity Increase!”

Following this, all the helicopters and jet fighters fell on the ground and exploding. Edward then slowly walked in front of the commander and said: “Do you have anything else?”

However, there was no fear on his face. Laughing out loud, the commander said: “Unfortunately for you, I still have one last card up my sleeve.”

Edward’s Danger Premonition Ability activated and he raised his head to the sky. “You actually order a nuclear strike to kill me?”

“Every soldier chosen for this mission was prepared to sacrifice their lives for his mission, and that includes me,” replied the commander, with a smirk on his face; it was as if he could taste the sweet flavor of victory.

Edward shook his head, then, a flame enveloped him and he instantly appeared one meter from his location

“How can you apparate?” asked the commander with trembling voice.

“I never said that I could not apparate. However, you did not need to worry about me running away. After all, my purpose of coming here is to demonstrate to my followers the endless potential of magic.”

Raising his head to look at the nuke coming his way, Edward said: “Do you know why I love magic so much? It’s because that it can perfect follows the laws of physics with its restriction and whatnot. Yet, at the same time, it can be completely unreasonable and do unexplainable things.”

He raised his wand to point that the oncoming missile and said: “Materia Petrificus!” Then, the missile stopped for a brief moment before falling into the floor, breaking into countless pieces.

“You… you turned it into stone?”

“Neat, isn’t it?” said Edward with a smile. “I’ve developed this spell especially for a situation like this. After all, even a child knows that the most powerful weapon of mankind is a nuclear bomb.”

After that, Edward snapped his finger, then the more than 50,000 soldiers–along with the commander–fell asleep.

“What should I do with these guys,” he muttered to himself. “Well, they can be used for the next step of the plan.”

Title: Challenge


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