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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 104: Expanding Influence Bahasa Indonesia

Inside a classroom at Hogwarts, all the members of the Order of Phoenix were together, surrounding Lily. However, two people were absent.

“Albus, is there any problem with her?” asked McGonagall.

“No. Her body, mind, and soul are fine. There is nothing wrong with her resurrection–well, as far as my knowledge goes,” replied Dumbledore with a sigh.

The other members were then relieved–especially Sirius and Harry. Then, all the members started talking to and asking questions.

“Lily, what about James? Was he resurrected with you?” asked Sirius.

“Unfortunately, no,” replied Lily.

“Why not?”

Lily just shook her. With Edward’s personality and the absence of Snape here today, a few people could guess the situation. They secretly sighed as they realized the situation of the Order has further been compromised.

And the person most concerned about this situation is Dumbledore. With Edward’s ideas of peace and unity, he did not know how many of the members agreed with his ideals–even he was tempted.

Although he knew that these members would follow him despite this, he did not want to force them to do certain things against their wishes. After all, the Order was created to fight the harms that Voldemort was doing to the magical world.

—Scene Break–

A month passed since Edward’s first assembly. Since then, he had so many that it was hard to count. He traveled across the world, across all continents–he went to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, South America, Russia, China, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa, Algeria, etc…–to spread his ideas in the magical communities.

And every time he passed by one of these countries, he garnered a massive following of wizards who believe and share his vision for the future. And he did not just talk to them but show them what they could achieve.

He preached about the need for further increasing magical knowledge through studying magic like science, he lured many people with immortality and the possibility of resurrecting their loved ones.

He showed his followers his library and introduced the system of Rewards Points that he used on the Death Eaters. He preached about creating a mighty empire that spends across galaxies and dimensions.

At some point in time, Edward felt like he was Jesus Christ preaching about the words of God. Actually, some of his followers even started worshipping him as a God.

Of course, everything did not go smoothly.

“Sir, we have located different groups of rebels,” said one of the followers.

“Just because they disagree with my ideas does not mean that they are rebels. Where are they?” asked Edward.

A map of different parts of the world was shown to him. He looked at it and said: “Mobilize the team to catch all of them in one fell swoop, and I will personally go after the largest group. Remember, we can incapacitate them, but do not kill them.”

“Sir, why do we have to be lenient to these reb…these people?”

“So far, our revolution has been without much bloodshed, and we should try to remain as such. These people are just lost souls, and with enough time, they can be convinced. Furthermore, even if they cannot, they are still be used as experiment materials.”

After that, Edward took a group of followers and apparated to Australia. Soon, they managed to track this group.

Edward looked at this group of thousand of wizards, he said: “The new changes of the magical world are inevitable, and for the betterment of all wizardkind, why resist?”

“Edward Bones, you might have fooled all these people, but it will not change the fact that you are just a power-hungry dark wizard just like Voldemort and Grindelwald.”

“How dare you treat our leader the same as those scums,” screamed one of the followers. However, Edward raised his hand to prevent them from doing anything rash.

“It’s a shame that we could not see eye to eye,” he then looked at his followers and said, “Do not intervene.”

He slowly walked to this group of wizards, and as soon as he took the first step, those wizards attacked. More than a thousand lights of different colors hit Edward head-on. Yet, without even using a shield, he was completely unharmed.

So, he continued his journey toward this group, while his followers watched in awe.

‘So, this is the power of the Dragon-Man Magic Veins? Granting me unimaginable magic resistances. And this is just one of the many benefits.’

As Edward slowly approached, the leader of these groups of wizards became more scared, so he screamed: “Don’t stop shooting, he is just a man!”

“Am I?” asked Edward who instantly appeared in front of the leader, forcing him to take a step back.

Ignoring the leader, he looked at the people behind him and said: “Brothers and sisters, lay down your wand and join me in creating a new and beautiful world.”

Many people hesitated after hearing this, so Edward took this opportunity.

“You should have heard of my deeds. I have always accepted people joining my cause–even when they have previously raised their hands against me.”

A few seconds later, one person left the group and stood behind Edward. Then, one after another, people walked behind him until only half of them left. As for the remaining half, they gritted their teeth and raised their wands.

With a sigh, Edward took out his wand and said: “Stupefy!” A white light appeared and all these wizards–including the leader. Then, he motioned for his followers to take care of the passed-out wizards, while Edward returned to his base in England.

However, not long after he arrived, Snape entered his resting room with news.

“What is it, Severus?”

“Dumbledore has disappeared?”

“What do you mean he disappeared?”

“I mean he completely vanished from sight. He cannot even be found in the Marauders Map you handed for me to watch over.”

Edward frowned, “What about the other members of the Order?”

“All their current location is known.”

Edward tapped his fingers on his chair as he thought to himself.

‘So, this is the choice you made? I’ll be ready then. I’m sure our battle will be one for the history books.’

“Ignore Dumbledore for now,” ordered Edward. “Now that the magical world is conquered, it’s time to focus on the muggle side.”

Title: Resistance (I)


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