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Harry Potter: Dimensional Wizard – Chapter 103: A Revolution of Ideas Bahasa Indonesia

After he met with Merlin, Edward returned to his timeline. Then, he spent the next three days reading and understanding the enchantments that the book contained.

Although only gaining an initial understanding of it, he was fascinated by its content. For example, one enchantment allows him to use luck so that he can always discover a world in the Void; it has similar properties to the Felix Felicis or Liquid Luck Potion.

Another enchantment used the power of fate to be able to locate this world. The entire idea of it is the fact that each individual is born with a Fated Star, and by tracking that star, Edward can find his way home from the Void.

After seeing that, he immediately thought of Harry Potter. As the chosen one of this universe, his Fate Star must be unique and the best one to track.

And there were so many more things in the book, and Edward knew that it would take him a long time to completely understand its content. And after his previous experience, he became more cautious.

Afterward, he contacted his aunt.

“Is everything ready?”

“Yes. You just need to do your part,” responded Amelia.


–Scene Break–

An assembly took place in a large stadium with thousands of wizards from all over the world. Many people waited with bated breath as they looked at the stadium in the middle.

Around the stadium were many cameras–both magical and technological–filming and taking pictures of this event.

Soon after everyone calm down, a red flame appeared in the stadium and Edward appeared in the middle, dressed in an expensive-looking suit and long windbreaker. All the members of the audience started applauding after he appeared, and it lasted for a good five minutes before they quiet down.

“I know that many of you are here to see what kind of groundbreaking invention that I came up with this time, unfortunately, this is not the reason for this assembly. Nevertheless, I believe that what I’m about to say is way more important than any possible invention.”

The crowd stood up straight as they listen. So, Edward continued:

“There is something very wrong with our society. We–wizards–can wield the elements of nature to do our biddings, we can play with the soul, travel through space and time, and even conquer death. Yet, we are forced to hide in a corner of the world like rats in a sewer. Does that make any sense?”

Edward paused for a moment to allow his words to seminate.

“We are forced to hide our extraordinary nature to the world. Worst, sometimes, we even have to pay for it for exposing it. If any of you here in the audience were to expose magic to the nonmagical or use magic to harm a nonmagical–even if your actions were justified, you will be imprisoned for your actions. And in some countries, may even face the death penalty.”

The audience ponder his words, and they sighed as they realized that he was right.

“Now, I’m sure many of you are blaming ordinary humans for this situation. But I can tell you that I’m not here to disseminate ideas of hatred of the nonmagical, or superiority over them.

“In the past century, two people have tried such method, and history has proven that their ideas rooted in supremacy is not the right path. So, I’m here to offer an alternative solution: integration.

“Integrating wizard society with the non-magical. Combining the positive of each side to form something new, something better.”

Once again, Edward briefly paused to allow the audience to contemplate his words.

“Now, I know that many of you might be wondering what the non-magical world has to offer us, wizard. I will show you.”

With a wave of his wand, a large image appeared in the stadium; it showed the development of science and technology in the past hundred years.

“Without the use of magic or any extraordinary abilities, they have created ways to travels that are faster than our carriages, ways to fly in the sky, medicine to cure diseases, way to communicate with one another globally. They even started to explore the vast universe.

“Some of these achievements are things that we wizard never even dreamt of, let alone attempt.

“Now, imagine if we bot the magical and non-magical world work together, all the things we can achieve. Imagine if we can use science and technology to make up for the deficiency of magic, or use magic to make supplement technology. Imagine the world we could build together.

“A future like this would not only be beautiful, but full of endless possibility.”

Edward looked around, and with quick use of Legilimency, he discovered that the majority of people agreed with his words, but some doubters did not think that combining magic and technology was needed. They believe that anything science can do, magic can do it better.

“I know that some of you are not convinced of my words, so I will give a demonstration. Does anyone knows a witch named Lily Potter?”

The audience nodded their heads. In the past few months, the British Ministry of Magic honored her for her sacrifice in the fight against Voldemort. Furthermore, many news people covered her story and her heroic deeds.

“What if I tell you that I manage to bring her back to life using both magic and technology?”

The audience gasped. Many people thought that Edward was joking. After all, this was the resurrection of the dead that he was talking about. Many people have lost someone they care about. And even if they have not, this cannot be guaranteed for the future.

Edward smiled, then made a waving motion. Soon, the floor of the stage moved and someone slowly floated up. The audience gasped again as they recognized her face from the newspaper.

The members of the Order Phoenix were the most shocked as Lily was once their companion. Harry Potter–who attending this assembly with his Godfather Sirius–was trembling after seeing the face of Lily.

“Here she is, ladies and gentlemen, in the flesh. In my pursuit of understanding death, I realize that to resurrect someone, two things are needed: a body and a soul.

“The soul aspect could be achieved with magic, but whatever I did, I could not recreate a perfect human body. So, I look in the direction of the non-magical world for ideas and inspiration.

“There, I discovered the technology of cloning or being able to copy an entire person with a single drop of blood. So, I combined the advantage of the two worlds to achieve this miracle that you see in front of you.”

During the entire monologue, Lily’s eyes were only focused on one thing: her son. After Edward nodded to her, she apparated next to Harry and Sirius.

“Harry, my son.”

“Mother, is that really you?”

Then the two rushed in each other’s arms, hugging one another like they were the only things in the world.

“Isn’t that beautiful?” Edwar’s voice echoed throughout the stadium.

“This kind of miracle was only possible because I decided to integrate two different but complementary worlds together. So, my fellow wizards and witches, today, I invite all of you here to help me create a world where miracles like this occur every single day.

Title: Expanding Influence


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