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Soon afterward, Edward and Rowena went to meet the different founders and have a discussion and exchange. The process was actually smoother than Edward expected, and it was because all of them really respected Rowena Ravenclaw.

So, without any difficulty, he learned a few things from each of them. He learned the Soul Crystal Magic from Slytherin, along with much other dark magic. Although the Soul Crystal Magic allows Edward to turn souls into pure energy that can be absorbed without any impurities, there were still a lot of problems with this magic that he needed to fix himself.

From Gryffindor, he learned a lot of skills when using magic. Skills are as important as using powerful magic as they can allow a weaker opponent to defeat a much more powerful one.

A perfect example of skills is a memory that Edward saw from Godric Gryffindor during one of his duels with Slytherin. The latter used “Accio” to call Slytherin’s wand from him, thus disarming the latter without using the “Expelliarmus Charm”.

From Helga Hufflepuff, he learned food-related charms and recipes. And it was not just that the food she made was delicious, but had other properties. Her food could help regulate the body to keep wizards and muggles healthy, it can help soothe people mind’s and allows them to be in their best state to study or do other activities.

Her food could quicken a wizard’s ability to create mana. And unlike Edward’s potion, the food tasted excellent, had fewer side effects on the body. Of course, it was not as effective as the potion. However, through everyday consumption, it could make up for it.

Edward learned a great deal when it comes to magic diet, and was inspired to invite a few potions based on some of the recipes he learned from her.

As for Helga, after meeting Edward, she was motivated to make her dream come true and build Hogwarts in this timeline. She invited the others to help, unfortunately, only Gryffindor accepted her invitation. However, Edward did help her write the books for the different curriculum.

After that, Edward returned to Bermuda Triangle to study the Void Entrance. Once there, he had two problems two solved to achieve interdimensional travel: being able to enter the void on his own without the help of the entrance, and surviving there.

The first problem was easier to achieve. With two of the greatest mind in the magical world working together, adding to that Rowena’s previous research on the Entrance, it only took the two half a year to find a way to open a portal outside the universe, to the void.

Soon after that came the real problem: finding a material that could actually survive in the Void. According to tests made by these two, anything that they send there was instantly destroyed.

No matter what metals or ores, they were destroyed. Whether it was soul or mana, it was also destroyed. Edward even tried sending some Law Power from the Deathly Hallows and it was also destroyed. Although the process took approximately 48 hours.

The only thing that managed to survive the Void and returned intact was the Philosopher’s Stone. Even the Lesser Stone only lasted 3 months before being destroyed in the Void.

After getting this result, Edward and Rowena began to use Transmutation to create a special metal based on the properties of the Greater Philosopher’s Stone.

It took them nearly ten years to succeed, and in the process, these two traveled to different timelines in search of knowledge and meeting different famous wizards of history.

Once they succeed, Edward had to return to his own timeline as Rowena’s body was failing faster than she anticipated. Luckily for him, despite how long he spent traveling, only 6 hours passed from when he left.

After taking Rowena to the laboratory to have herself cloned, he made sure that she was alright before leaving. Since she could cut off the part of her soul that was infected on her own, he did not need to stay around.

Edward first checked the Bermuda Triangle of his own timeline. Unfortunately, as Rowena previously theorized, it was already closed. So, he returned to the Void Entrance in her timeline.

In the next year, Edward dismantled his World Gate and rebuild it with magician–which the name he chose for the new metal based on the principle that famous metals in comics like “vibranium”, “adamantium”, all ended in “ium”.

Looking at the new gate that was purple in color, Edward was very satisfied. This new metal will be another foundation for his magical civilization, just like vibranium was to the people of Wakanda.

“Morgana, began the first test. Send the Gate to Void.”

“As you command.”

The space around the gate trembled before it disappeared completely. An hour later, the Gate appeared again.

“What the status?” asked Edward.

“Sir, no signs of destruction or being eroded… All enchantments are working perfectly fine…No problem with energy reserve or distribution.”

“Good. Now, let’s begin phase two of the test.”

Edward entered inside the Gate before activating it to enter the Void again.

“Morgana, began to scatter probes to search for any worlds.”

“Executing command…Unknown Error…Unknown Error.”

Then, the entire Gate started to shake violently.

“Give me a diagnose of the situation,” yelled Edward.

“Scanning…Detecting a powerful force pulling us back to the universe.”

“Can you detect the source of the pulling force?”


After sighing, Edward just waited for things to unfold. A few minutes later, everything stop.

“Show me an image of the outside.”

Soon, a vision of the surroundings appeared in front of Edward. He found himself in a luscious forest, making everything green. In front of him was a small wooden hut with an old man standing in front of him.

The old man seemed to be able to perceive Edward’s surveillance and said: “You can come out, young man.”

With a frown on his face, Edward quickly assessed the situation. Then, he took out a Philosopher’s Stone and swallowed. Afterward, he placed a ring on his finger–which was actually his only Obscurus. After preparing, he got out.

The old man looked at Edward up and down and said: “Quite careful. If you retain that level of prudence, you will not be in this situation.”

With his guard still up, Edward asked: “Who are you? And why did you pull me here?”

The old man caressed his long white beard and said: “My name is Myrddin, but I’m sure you know me as Merlin.”

“You’re Merlin–known as the greatest wizard in this world?”

“Well, the title is a little exaggerated, but I’m indeed that Merlin.”

“It’s an honor to me you,” replied Edward, but he did not let his guard down. “So, Sir Merlin, for what purpose you called me here?”

“It’s because you were careless.”

“What do you mean?”

“Interdimensional Travel is not a joke, yet you treated it so carelessly. The first thing that you did was to send a probe into the void. Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?

“As intelligent as you are, you should be able to guess that there are creatures capable of living in the Void. Now, what would happen if they discovered your probe and traced it back to you?”

Cold sweat started falling down’s Edward’s back after hearing this.

“And that’s not the only mistake you made. The Void is vast beyond anything you can imagine. You could spend millions of years without finding another world. Even if you are immortal, can you imagine the suffering you would endure in that time?

“On top of that, even if you find another world, what then? Do you just barge in just like that? If you are lucky and discover a weak world, everything would be fine. But if you discovered one of those powerful worlds with beings that can control space and time, they would immediately detect your presence and capture you. And with your weak strength, there is little you could do.”

Edward almost died of embarrassment. He was so caught up in his discovery of the Void that he forgot all his cautiousness in doing things. Adding the fact that things have been going too well for him for most of his life, he was careless beyond reason.

“And that’s not all,” continued Merlin. “Even if everything went smoothly and you manage to travel to another world, how would you return to this one? Do you think that the little coordinate you left in this world would be enough for you to locate it from the Void?

“Furthermore, let’s say that everything went smoothly for you and you did successfully return to this world. How do you prevent other powerful beings that can travel through the void to use you to locate our universe and invade it?

“Young man, you are much better than this.”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Edward said: Thank you, Sir Merlin, for your guidance.”

“Well, as long as you understand.” Merlin then took a book out of nowhere and give it to Edward.

With a puzzled look on his face, Edward took a brief look at the book and he was quite surprised. This book contained many enchantments that would help him deal with all the problems that Merlin mentioned before.

He was fascinated by the content, and Edward had to admit that many of these enchantments were far beyond his understanding. He always thought that after breaking the Third Limiter that he reached a similar height to Merlin, but how wrong he was.

Raising his head to say thank the old wizard again, however, there was no one in sight–even the old wooden hut was gone. After sighing deeply, he still said his thanks out loud, then he returned to his gate and left.

Meanwhile, inside the hut, Merlin watched Edward left as he talked to himself:

“I wonder how far this talented young lad could go? Void Lifeform? Omniversal Existence? Nexus Being? Or even an Aspect? That would be a sight to see. Hohoho, I look forward to it. When he succeeds, these old guys can no longer say that I only trained Arthur to the top of the food chain.”

Meanwhile, in a tower that looked like a prison, a beautiful woman with an evil temperament was looking through a window. She looked in the direction that Edward disappeared and muttered: “Did that old guy Merlin endorsed someone new?”

Then she sneered; “Probably some unlucky guy that will easily die in the Void.”

(A/N: Phew, what a long chapter. A few things to say: Personally, I would like to write more of Edward’s interaction with the founders, his exploit in different timelines, and show the development of his romance with Rowena Ravenclaw as I consider her the main female protagonist of this story.

Unfortunately, I really want interdimensional travel to begin and to write about that. The Harry Potter world went longer than anticipated and I still have a few more things to write about it.

So, the pace of the story will dramatically increase from now on, and a time-skip of many years will most likely happen in the main (Sacred) timeline.)

Title: A Revolution of Ideas


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