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God of Tricksters – Chapter 982: Meeting Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 982 Meeting

“Mhm.” Theo let out a small moan while stretching his hands.

“Joker. I hope you don’t do something that will worsen the situation… I’m talking about your provocation.” A middle-aged man warned him with a serious expression.

He was the current leader of the expedition, a Mythical Rank Expert from the Starry Group called Brad.

“Unless they provoke me, I’m not going to say anything.” Theo shrugged, nonchalantly brushing the matter off.

“Even if they provoke you, let me handle that problem.” Brad sighed.

“Fine. At the very least, you still have the name of our companies on your back. You surely won’t lower yourself to them, right?”

“Don’t worry about that. Miss has told me regarding this matter too. The Starry Group might be close to Lowe Generation in terms of ranking, but we still have the Star Group. I won’t let them do whatever they want.” Brad nodded with a serious expression.

“Okay then.” Theo agreed with the situation and continued walking toward the airport’s exit with the rest of the group.

Instead of taking some rest, the group immediately headed to the Lowe Organization after dropping their luggage in the hotel.

The Lowe Group seemed to have come to greet them as well, especially since they showed up with a hundred people and three Mythical Rank Experts.

Brad stepped forward and extended his hand to another Mythical Rank Expert who was in charge of the operation.

“Welcome to Australia. I hope that your journey was pleasant.” The old man smiled.

Theo squinted his eyes when he saw this old man. His height was short compared to the others, and most of his white hair had fallen off.

‘Even though the old man is using a stick to walk, he’s releasing an incredible aura that makes me want to fight him.’ Theo muttered inwardly. ‘He’s like an upgraded version of Winston.’

The old man suddenly widened his eyes and turned his head around, staring at Theo. “Hoh? There’s a person from another company? I thought we cooperated with the Starry Group, not the Star Group.”

Brad took a glimpse of Theo to make sure he didn’t do anything before replying to him. “What’s the difference between a father and a daughter? In the end, they’re still a family.”

“…” The old man was amused by Brad’s response. It was clear that he was implying not to mess with Theo as their ‘family’ would protect each other. Ultimately, a smile appeared on the old man’s face. “Is that so? Then I guess there’s no problem here.”

“Thank you.” Brad nodded.

“I’m sure you already know my name, but I’ll introduce myself again. My name is Jordan Fisher. Standing with me here are our extraordinary Supreme Rank Experts. I hope that you can take care of us.”

“Please don’t overestimate us. We’re here just to help the Lowe Organization. Please command us as you see fit.”

“Haha.” The old man chuckled.

However, Brad’s expression soon turned grim as he said, “Still…”

“Hmm?” The old man raised his head again and stared at him, finding something different from him.

“I bring our CEO’s words with me… ‘I go all the way to have my father send his finest expert. If this operation fails, then the problem must lie on your side. Tell your leader that I need to listen to his explanation at that time,’ she said.” Brad smirked.

Jordan’s eyebrows twitched for a split second. As expected of the arrogant princess, her words were worthy of her reputation.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t do anything other than lowering his head to her words since he wasn’t the leader. “Since Miss Maya has so much confidence in this young elite, I will do my best to lead us to victory then.”

“…” Theo was speechless this whole time. It seemed that both companies had their own pride and they tried to make themselves feel superior by looking down on the other.

Though, it wasn’t his problem. As long as he managed to finish the mission without a problem, he wouldn’t care about this talk.

‘I guess my reputation is not strong enough compared to the name of Theodore Griffith. I guess destroying the Safulli Group and messing with the Griffith Family had a huge impact on my name…’ Theo thought.

“Please come in. I’m going to explain the plan to all of you.” Jordan smiled and extended his hand, asking them to come inside.


Brad then led the others to the inside. As expected from a big organization, their building was massive. They even had an auditorium that occupied the whole floor for a big meeting like this.

Unlike a company, an organization like them didn’t need so many office areas. Hence, they could shape their own building however they liked.

After settling down in the auditorium, Jordan waved his hand, asking a Supreme Rank Expert to give the presentation.

With so much confidence in himself, the man started speaking while showing a picture of the cave.

“The cave occupies the whole Black Stone Mountain. According to our information, this place looks like a limestone cave, so we will often see numerous huge caves inside.

“While it’s occupied by the monsters, there is a terrorist organization inside, and we have confirmed their identity.

“They’re called MAR Terrorist Organization. They are a small organization with only 70-80 Supreme Rank Experts and 3 Mythical Rank Experts. We’re expecting our agents to cooperate with another person to deal with them.

“Because we can’t really make all the pairs, we have prepared twenty names who will fight the enemy alone if necessary.” The man immediately showed the name list.

As one would expect, even though the Starry Group came with only half of their experts, the organization still wrote ten names, stating that they were equal.

However, there was something wrong with the list.

“…” Even the Supreme Rank Experts from the Starry Group furrowed their eyebrows.

After all, among those ten names, Theo’s name, who was supposed to be the most qualified person in the group, was missing.



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