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Chapter 983 Theo’s Worries

“Huh?” Brad was annoyed as he asked with a strict tone. “Why is Joker’s name not there? Are you implying that the number one in the Asda List is not worthy of fighting by himself?”

“How can that be?” Jordan immediately replied and looked at the presenter. “This is the previous list… It seems we haven’t changed anything on the list. Hey, hurry up and put Joker’s name there.”

“Y-yes!” The man nodded his head furiously, fearing for his life.

However, Theo suddenly patted Brad’s shoulder while stating, “It’s fine. My name doesn’t need to be there. I will just search for a pair here.”

“!!!” Brad, who was sitting next to him, opened his mouth dumbfoundedly. After watching the battle, it was clear that Theo was good at provoking others. Yet, the latter wasn’t offended when they looked down on him.

He couldn’t comprehend Theo’s brain.

“I’m grateful for Mr. Jordan’s concern, but as expected, I should give others a chance to shine.” Theo waved his hand nonchalantly, not caring about this problem.

Brad and Jordan were unaware that this raid reminded him of his experience with the dwarves. Back then, he was ambushed so cleanly that he had no chance to fight back.

Since they were dealing with humans and monsters, he thought they should have installed some traps inside.

Instead of taking the front, he should stay behind with the others. Although he wasn’t a part of the Starry Group, Maya had granted him this chance. The least he could do was to minimize their casualties.

At the same time, fighting with someone would speed up the fight, so he didn’t think about putting his name there.

“…” Jordan squinted his eyes, feeling Theo was slightly different from the rumor.

And since Theo had admitted he didn’t want the spot, he immediately stopped the young man from fixing the name list. “You don’t need to do that anymore since Joker doesn’t want it. Just continue with the presentation.”

“Y-yes.” The man nodded a few times before going back to his previous position, continuing his explanation.

While listening to him, Theo looked around and found some smug smiles from the Lowe Organization’s experts as though they were looking down on him.

‘Does it feel good to look down on someone who literally has become the number one expert on that list?’ Theo was confused for a moment before shifting his mind to somewhere else.

Although this wasn’t his first time participating in a large mission like this, listening to a presentation of a big mission was a new experience for him. ‘I guess this is why I just want a small group of elites for my influence.’

After another two hours, the meeting finally ended.

Jordan took the stage and announced. “The operation will start in two days. We can go to the cave together the following morning. Since there’s no more questions, let’s end this meeting so that everyone can have some rest.”

Since there was nothing that needed to be said, the group left the auditorium.

Brad immediately pulled him to the side while grabbing his shoulders. “What were you doing earlier? I was—!”

“Ahaha…” Theo tilted his head to the side, ignoring Brad’s words while saying to their members. “Anyway, do any of you guys want to pair up with me? This time, I prefer a healer.”

“Don’t ignore me…” Brad started getting annoyed. He expected Theo would annoy people, but he thought it would be the Lowe Organization, not him.

“Ah, there are two of you. Just use rock paper scissors to decide it.” Theo continued.

“Oi!” Brad tightened his grip.

Theo let out a long sigh and patted Brad’s arm while saying, “I might be a bit paranoid, but just trust me on this. I won’t do something meaningless.”

“Do you suspect anything?”

“The worst case scenario.” Theo smiled. “Anyway, I’m just going to prepare for the worst… I have no guarantee it will happen, but I’ll be your safety net. Even if the meaning was different, you called me a family, right?”

While saying those words, Theo put down Brad’s hands and started walking to the group.

Obviously, everyone heard him.

A smile couldn’t help but appear on their faces. They thought Theo was a scary man because of his overbearing reputation. However, it seemed he was a pretty chill guy, especially to his people.

Even Brad had no words to reply. He cursed inwardly, ‘Shit. Someone far younger than me just gave me a freaking lecture.’

When he reached the group, a girl approached him carefully. She politely greeted him. “I’m Melinda, a Level 567 Healer. Nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. I’m looking forward to our cooperation.” Theo nodded and continued to talk with her.

Like all the things he had done every time he got a new teammate, Theo started talking about her abilities and what he could expect from her. On the other hand, Theo simply showed her the video of his fight against Winston to prove his strength.

Once the people saw Theo talking normally for a few minutes with Melinda, the image of Theo’s overbearingness gradually cracked in their minds.

They thought Theo kept his attitude so that no one could take advantage of him, especially his enemies. Meanwhile, they, his allies, could enjoy such treatment from him.

After a while, they arrived at the hotel and immediately split up. Obviously, Theo went straight to his room because he had another thing to do in this place.

No one had realized it yet, but there was another Theo standing in front of the hotel. Unlike his masked appearance, this Theo had long red hair.

Theo’s appearance was never seen before, so there was no way anyone could recognize him.

This was his clone that he planned to use to recruit this eccentric assassin.

‘Well, it’s not like I can use my clone during the fight. I’ll just take care of all my businesses at the same time.’ Theo thought and started heading straight to the location.


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