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God of Tricksters – Chapter 981: Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (A) Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 981 Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (A)

After going back, he finally reviewed all the information about the mission as well as his target.

He even received a picture and some personal details about this assassin called Felix Holt.

This middle-aged man had short black hair and a collected gaze. He was 74 years old. Considering the human’s average lifespan was 140 years old, he was still considered a middle-aged man.

No one knew about his level, but they expected his level to be between 780 and 820. His element was light, making him known as an eccentric assassin. Instead of using the darkness to his cover, he could use the sunlight to blind the enemy before killing them.

After doing so many businesses as an assassin, a few people had their revenge on him, resulting in his wife getting murdered and his 15 years old daughter receiving a powerful curse.

Because of unknown reasons, he couldn’t leave his daughter’s side for a long time. In the end, he asked for help from so many people.

Yet, even after two years of trying and his daughter had become 17 years old, he still couldn’t find someone that was able to help him. Numerous doctors, dark magicians, and poison masters had tried to solve this problem, but none of them had the ability to do so.

The curse was supposed to be from a level 850 Shaman that was hired by the enemy. Later, there was a big battle between Felix and that shaman, which ended in Felix’s victory. Unfortunately for him, there was no solution for that curse.

It was said his daughter would die in three years. After reaching the last year, Felix got more desperate and promised everything as long as he could see his daughter safe and sound.

Unfortunately, the curse was most likely unresolvable unless there was a powerful expert like those among top 100 experts in the world. But Felix’s strength and fame weren’t enough to invite them.

Hence, this was the perfect opportunity to get him.

“From where did Agata dig all this up?” Theo shook his head helplessly. The background story alone was enough to make him understand how to convince Felix.

“His ability is quite interesting. He’s using sunlight to blind the enemy before assassinating them…” Theo thought for a moment.

“I currently have no plan to use him since I’m going to stay at home for a few months after the trip. And it’s not like I’m planning to assassinate someone right now, so I guess I’ll be considering him as my trump card for the time being.”

After thinking for some time, Theo asked, “By the way, can Death Avatar expel a curse? I know that it can make my body immune to curse, poison, and other stuff, but can this skill expel them? If they can’t, I don’t think I can recruit this guy.”

[Even if it can’t, you just need to alter it.]

“I have the same thought to be honest. At first, I thought about using my Reality Order to turn this curse into something expellable before using my Death Avatar… But I don’t have in-depth knowledge about curses. Do curses have a physical body?”

Unfortunately for him, there was no more answer coming from them. He could only try it by himself.

“Whatever. It’s not like I’ll harm them even if I use my power.” Theo shook his head helplessly, predicting what would happen in their talk.

Since he had finished reading Felix’s information, he moved on to the mission, which didn’t take too long.

After reviewing all the information he had, Theo finally chose the first skill to be upgraded.

“Telekinesis is good for my overall ability. And Metamorphosis is quite good for now since my condition is not that bad for me to desperately rely on this skill to get by.” Theo smiled and pointed at his one skill. “As expected, I should choose this one.”

Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (B)

“It’s a powerful ability, so I know it will be dope.” Theo smiled and brought out four A Rank Skill Cards along with fifty B Rank Skill Cards.

He poured his power into the cards and upgraded the skill as he used to do.

Suddenly, Theo felt Magic Power revolving in his body for one minute. This was the first time he experienced it.

“What’s this feeling? Is this the reason why the Goddess of Death sealed its power?” Theo muttered before finding the description getting upgraded.

Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (A)

Skill: Underworld Dominion: Death Avatar (A)

Effect: Personification of Death, the ruler of the Underworld. There are four Authorities contained within the Death Avatar. Death Eyes, Underworld Body, Death Domain, Unknown.

Name: First Authority – Death Eyes

Description: Enhancing one’s perception and radiate death, terror, hopelessness, and even despair onto others.

Name: Second Authority – Underworld Body

Description: Enhancing one’s body to prevent all kinds of afflictions such as curses, poisons, diseases, illness.

Name: Third Authority – Death Domain

Description: Creating an icy domain to suppress the soul’s abilities.

“Huh?” Theo tilted his head in confusion. “What are these soul abilities?”

[That’s what you call Awareness.]

“That’s called Soul Abilities?” Theo widened his eyes. “Now that I think about it, Five Aspects should represent everything about a body. Breathing is a kind of getting fuel that can keep the body going.

“Control is the connection between the body and its power source… or you can say the way to use the fuel. Technique is the real application for all that, while Endurance is the defense system of the body.

“I see… So that’s why Awareness is called Soul Abilities. It’s simply because Awareness is connected to the soul!” Theo finally understood the meaning of Five Aspects and why they were so important in his career path. It was basically the way to utilize his entire existence. “No wonder…”

Without hesitation, Theo poured his Magic Power and used this third authority.

Death Domain.

A mist started appearing out of nowhere, cooling down the temperature. In fact, he could feel the chilliness of Helheim.

“Not only is the temperature going down, but I can smell blood and some rotten bodies,” Theo muttered and continued to examine the skill. “The mist is not as thick as Niflheim but not as thin as Helheim. And if I use my Awareness…”

Theo expanded his Awareness but felt it had some isolating effect like the mist in Niflheim, even though the power was weaker than that place.

Without hesitation, Theo immediately sent his clone to check the border of the domain and found it bigger than he thought.

“150 feet in radius… That’s quite ridiculous.” Theo smiled. “Still, the Magic Power I need to supply this skill is enormous. So I won’t be able to use this power for too long… Still, this kind of power that can suppress Awareness… is so overpowered. I can combine this power with my own Illusion, making it hard for them to destroy the illusion.” Theo smirked.

Feeling happy with this skill, Theo began examining the full abilities of this power.


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