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Chapter 868 – Reaching The Dark Poison Swamp

“Let’s go. The pope has started getting exhausted again.” One of the experts from the Griffith Family shouted, observing the pope’s face.

It was clear that the pope had been struggling to use his skills because he had exerted most of his Magic Power in the last 22 hours.

His face had become a bit pale and his body was covered with sweat. The pope could fall down sooner or later, so the experts from the Griffith Family had been waiting for this chance.

Theo paused for a moment and looked at the pope’s face. “Are you alright?”

“Don’t worry about me. I should be able to send you to your destination. However, I don’t know why you’re going to the Dark Poison Swamp… Even my power is not enough to survive there.” The pope furrowed his eyebrows.

He was the world’s first Healer who was adept in Healing Skills, Defensive Abilities and Predicting the Future. But even with such power, it wasn’t enough.

The Dark Poison Swamp wasn’t a trifling matter. One hour inside could drain ten percent of his Magic Power because he would need to use his Defensive Abilities to withstand the poison’s corrosion and heal himself from any poison.

If Theo went there, especially together with Agata and Ava, he wouldn’t last even an hour. That was why the pope worried about Theo’s well-being instead of his tiredness.

“I have my own way. You don’t need to worry. As long as I can reach the destination, I can leave this place.” Theo shook his head.

“They’re going to watch over the Dark Poison Swamp to prevent you from escaping.” The pope raised his doubt again. He simply couldn’t believe what Theo said. Although he knew Theo’s prowess was extraordinary, he never saw Theo using poison.

“As I said, I have my own way. You might get your answer when we arrive there… That is if we can reach that place.” Theo looked at him, questioning the pope’s ability.

“Okay then.” The pope nodded and clapped his hand as another golden eye appeared behind him.

The golden eye released a bright golden light that extinguished everything that contained Magic Power in their surroundings.

After that, Lorenzo teleported them again before asking, “Still, how do they find us? I have been teleporting right and left to confuse them… But somehow, they’re right behind us.”

Theo was also curious, but he never had extensive research about the Griffith Family because his information network had yet to reach that level.

However, the pope had the answer and shared it with them. “The Griffith Family has a kind of tracking method. Even I don’t know the details as only high-level people in the family can learn this one.

“According to the information, their tracking method can reach as far as 50 miles. That’s why people always say, ‘You can’t escape from the Griffith Family.’

“Their method is simply too weird. Unless you’re using something that can completely change yourself or get out of that range, you won’t be able to escape.”

“Hmm…” Theo’s eyes squinted as though he had something in mind.

Theo was wondering whether his Metamorphosis was enough to escape from this place, but he also remembered that the God of Mischief told him that the skill could even manipulate his genetics when it reached the highest rank. So, he believed Metamorphosis could make him a completely different person.

While he was thinking, the chase continued for another few hours.


One and a half hours later.

“The pope doesn’t have any strength left. We’ll be able to kill Theo soon!” The Griffith Family Expert shouted with a big smile on his face. After a long pursuit, he finally had a glimpse of success.

However, he and his comrades noticed another thing. Behind Theo’s group was a place famous for its poison mist that could kill even the strongest person on the planet, the Dark Poison Swamp.

Unlike the first time Theo came here, there was no snow preventing the poison from getting out of the ground. Instead, it was filled with black-colored grasses, dried trees as well as green water ponds that were scattered everywhere.

Once they entered, they would be subjected to numerous poisons that would eat them away until nothing remained.

Still, the one that scared everyone the most was the black-colored mist that was rising from the ground to one hundred feet above the trees, making it look like a barrier that isolated this place from the outside world.

“What? This place… Why do they come here?” The expert asked the question aloud.

The question was soon answered in the form of action. Theo took out three syringes from his back and handed one to Agata.

“That liquid…” Everyone immediately recognized it. After all, this medicine was famous for being able to expel thousands of poisons. The War God Family had been monopolizing these resources for decades and used them to make connections with other countries.

“The juice extracted from the Poison Fruit!”

“Still, the poison mist is too strong. Even with that medicine, his body will still be eroded by the corrosion! No matter what, Theodore Griffith won’t be able to last long inside.”

“He’s foolish. I thought he was confident in escaping, but it seems he has no other way…”

The experts from the Griffith Family were mocking his decision to go to this place. They didn’t underestimate Theo. They did believe that Theo had some solution for this place. However, even the strongest person in the world wouldn’t enter this place when the mist was there. There was no way Theo could survive in this place.

Theo didn’t answer them as they flew to the Dark Poison Swamp as close as possible.

Finally, the moment they reached the Dark Poison Swamp, the pope took a deep breath and said, “I’ve fulfilled my promise.”

“Bro, where do you want me to send you?” Lorenzo asked Theo while glancing at the poison mist that surrounded this place.

“The farther, the better.” Theo pointed at the Dark Poison Swamp.

“Sure thing.” Before Lorenzo snapped his fingers to send him away, he smiled, “Next time, buy me a drink.”

Theo smiled and nodded. “Definitely. Next time!”

“See you…” With a heavy heart, Lorenzo snapped his finger, teleporting Theo, Ava, and Agata to the air above the Dark Poison Swamp.


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