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God of Tricksters – Chapter 869: Inside The Dark Poison Swamp Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 869 – Inside The Dark Poison Swamp

Theo closed his eyes for a second, recalling his brother’s face for a moment. Even though he hadn’t admitted it yet, he considered Lorenzo and Leonardo as his true family like Nella.

Now that they had to be separated, the feeling of sadness finally struck his heart.

Unfortunately, as much as he wanted to think about it, Theo still needed to handle what was about to come.

The Dark Avatar emerged on his back as Theo clapped his hand, releasing a transparent barrier that enveloped all of them.

Although the barrier wasn’t that big, it still allowed them to move more than ten steps in all directions.

The barrier only had one purpose.

The moment they entered the poison mist, the barrier isolated them from this black-colored mist.

This was the second ability of the Death Avatar. And Theo used it together with his Sense of Touch, allowing him to create a small domain that stopped the poison from entering.

“How is the consumption?” Agata asked with a serious face.

“I can maintain it without a problem. It’s just… I don’t think I can fight while utilizing this ability. Or else, I would expend too much Magic Power.” Theo sighed. “So, I need to rely on you and Ava to handle all the monsters.”

Ava turned into her battle form as she looked around, “Well, the monster here is not as strong as the ones we’ve fought this whole time. There should be only a few Supreme Rank Monsters will come out, so it won’t be a problem.”

“That’s true. Still, it’s better for us not to move around too much. This place is still the territory of a King Class Monster after all.” Agata agreed with Ava’s opinion and added.

“Indeed. Anyway, let’s go find a place to hide first.” Theo nodded to them and started investigating their surroundings.

As expected, the monsters in this place had noticed their presence.

A few bugs and snakes had come out of their hiding place, preparing to attack them.

“Here they come.” Theo’s expression turned serious. “Don’t worry about the poison. Nothing can enter here.”

“Then, let’s move in this direction. I only hear a few movements ahead.” Ava pointed at their back while listening to the sound in her ears.

“Got it.” Agata waved both hands as pink smoke started surrounding them. The smoke was circling around and positioned itself right at the edge of Theo’s barrier. “I’ll protect all of you. Ava will be the main attacker.”

“Let’s go.” Theo smiled and began running. His pace wasn’t that fast because he needed to make sure that the two were still in the circle.

There was also a chance that an ambush stopped their movement, so he wanted to move at the pace he could react to any situation.

The speed was slow, and the monsters caught up to them.

Ava pointed her palms toward two snakes and shot out bolts of lightning.

The snakes’ reaction speed couldn’t be underestimated either. Even though they weren’t a Supreme Rank Monster, they could still follow Ava’s attack like how Theo and the others could do it when they were still a Hero Rank Expert.

The snakes jumped into the air and spat out purple-colored venom.

Sadly for them, the venom wouldn’t work. The moment they reached the barrier, Agata’s smoke had formed a shield to block them. At the same time, Theo’s domain caught this venom.

The venom stopped as if it couldn’t pass through this invisible barrier. However, the Magic Power and the momentum still slipped past the domain and hit Agata’s shield.

Fortunately, the shield was strong enough, and there was no dent or scratch left behind.

“It seems I can only stop the poison, not the Magic Power itself.” Theo narrowed his eyes, observing what happened to it.

Suddenly, a ridiculous thought appeared in his mind as he said, “Agata, can you catch one of them and bring them inside?”

“Huh? What the hell are you thinking?” Agata was bewildered at first before she understood what he wanted to do. “Wait a minute. Are you trying to expel the poison in their body?”

“You know me well.” Theo smiled.

“…” Agata was speechless. There was no way that Theo could do something like that. After all, the poison was a part of their body. Still, she didn’t hesitate to control her pink smoke.

The smoke swirled around the snake and turned solid, locking the body. After that, Agata pulled the snake inside with all her might, stopping any kind of struggle from the snakes.

While Agata did her job, Ava was shooting down all those monsters with her lightning. She didn’t care about spending her Magic Power as they needed to get to a safe place as soon as possible.

When the snake reached the domain, the monster surprisingly entered without a problem.

There was no change on its body, which only meant one thing. Theo’s power couldn’t separate the poison from a living being. After all, it was a part of their existence.

“Tsk. This means I can’t completely make any poison experts obey me. However, I can make their power useless and defeat them.” Theo sighed.

“If you control many poison experts, you’re going to be judged by society, you know. After all, they can kill without anyone realizing.”

“Yeah. Many poison experts will also use my banner to do something bad too.” Theo nodded in agreement. “I’m not that crazy.”

Since the experiment had finished, Agata turned the smoke into blades and sliced the snake. After that, she started killing all the monsters that came toward them.

“When will he arrive?”

“Four days from now,” Theo answered. “Our food should suffice, right?”

“Yeah. Ava needs to be on a diet though.”

“What?” Ava widened her eyes in shock.

“Just be content since I will make your favorite food… even though it won’t be a big portion.” Agata rolled her eyes.

“That will kill me. It’s like you’re torturing me.” Ava pouted.

“We’ve agreed with this.” Agata looked away.

“Well…” Ava sighed in defeat. “Anyway, there shouldn’t be anything to do as soon as we find a safe place. So, I guess I don’t need to eat much.”


“It’s a part of training.”


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