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Chapter 867 – Plan D

“Okay. I’ll send it to him later. Though, it’s hard since he’s planning to go hiding. Even I don’t have any information about it.” Marzio shrugged. “Why don’t you use the Griffith Family’s network to find out his next identity and send it to me later?”

“If I use it, those people will know Theo’s identity. For now, I’m not going to do anything other than buy time. Theo should be strong enough in a few years, and the Griffith Family won’t be able to do anything to him anymore. He’ll be safe from this family.”

“Well…” Marzio rolled his eyes. “Anyway, I’ll find him and give the video later. Hopefully, he doesn’t throw away his Skylink since that’s the only way to find him later. Whatever. I’ll do my best.”

Valerie chuckled when Marzio complained and answered it himself.

“You dare to laugh at your brother? Should I beat you up on behalf of Father?” Marzio glared at him.

“No, no. I’ll just focus on recovering my power.” Valerie immediately stepped away.

When she was about to start recovering her power, Leonardo suddenly appeared on the scene.

“!!!” All of them turned their heads around and saw Leonardo coming with a hand and a foot.

He dropped them to the ground with an angry face.

“Father?” Marzio widened his eyes. “You…”

Marzio didn’t continue as he could see the reason for his anger.

“That bastard still had something in his sleeve. He sacrificed his hand and foot to escape from me.” Leonardo explained in a simple way.

“But this kind of wound should give us time,” Marzio added while furrowing his eyebrows.

“That’s true. Eric might need a prosthetic leg and arm after this, but it shouldn’t be as powerful as his original limbs. Also, getting used to them alone will require a long time, especially since you’re a Mythical Rank Expert.

“So, with these two alone… We should be able to get around… 5 years?” Leonardo frowned, calculating the situation ahead.

“5 years? I think you’re stretching it too much.”

“No. We will take this situation to hit the Griffith Family. The Barbe Group is our reason for joining this fight.” Leonardo shook his head, mentioning their counterattack as if he had planned this the whole time.

“Fighting the Griffith Family? If that’s the case, it’s going to be catastrophic… No, wait. The Griffith Family only has two vessel families left. Ray is close to the Eilric Family, so there’s a chance they will leave as well.

“This leaves the Griffith Family with only one vassal family left. With the help of the mercenary that was aiming for them as well as Eric’s condition. I think we can prolong this situation for five years…” Marzio explained his thought as he realized Leonardo didn’t come up with a random number.

“That’s correct. We can’t eradicate the whole family since I perfectly know what it means to corner a tiger… If they fight to the death, our loss will be too great. So, I just want to weaken them down gradually.” Leonardo sighed and looked at Valerie. “It seems you have considered this too.”

Valerie nodded weakly, not denying that assumption.

“Hmph. Just do your own thing. Even my bones are already old, I still can do a few things. I’m still your father no matter what. It’s my duty to be relied on by the kids.” Leonardo looked at Valerie with sadness.

Valerie could only look down, not daring to talk about anything, especially about her activities related to Theo.

On the other hand, Boris gulped down, thinking, ‘What the heck with this situation? War God Family’s problem, I guess? There’s nothing I can do here, and my little princess hasn’t become Theo’s girlfriend yet, so I really need to stay away from this conversation.’

Leonardo turned to Boris and said, “Thank you for the help.”

“Please don’t mind it. We wanted to repay Theo.” Boris hurriedly replied, not daring to receive the thanks. After all, they didn’t do anything other than follow Marzio’s instructions.

“Anyway, let’s finish the Barbe Group right now. With the difference in our number, we should be able to eliminate all of them at once.” Leonardo nodded and returned to Marzio. “How’s the preparation?”

“Everything is good. As expected, they’re aiming for mutual destruction, but our group has prepared for it.

“Good. Let’s move on to Plan D, shall we?” Leonardo smirked.

“Plan D?” Boris widened his eyes, not understanding the meaning of his plan. After all, he joined this battle so suddenly.

“Yeah. Plan A is to Annihilate the enemy with our strength alone. Like those who are strong shall handle the weaker ones and defeat them before moving to help others.

“Plan B is ‘Be like a bitch’, Attack them without caring about your safety. This will give us severe casualties, so it’s dropped. There’s no need for mutual destruction.

“Plan C is to ‘Cut’ which means we’re hunting their leaders first, such as Eric Griffith. After that, we help the others.

“As for Plan D… it’s ‘being a dick.’ Basically, we antagonize them and trap them by using barrier cars. Then, we eliminate them one by one. I can’t tell you much about the detail, but you surely understand the gist of it, right?”

“Yes.” Boris nodded furiously. It was clear that Leonardo wanted them to stick together and eliminate the enemies one by one to increase the speed of killing a Mythical Rank Expert.

“Alright. Let’s go then.” Leonardo didn’t hesitate to set off after that explanation. He was eager to eliminate all his enemies.

On the other side.


Eric’s shoulder was slammed to the tree as the latter clutched his right shoulder. Even though Leonardo had gotten his arm and leg, Eric still had both arms and legs.

However, those were only illusions.

“Ha…” Eric panted as sweat covered his body. He was enduring so much pain from these wounds.

“To think everything is controlled by that bastard…”

“Leonardo!” Eric gritted his teeth and shouted on top of his lungs. “I’m going to kill you!”


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