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Chapter 866 – Brother

“Impossible,” said the assassin. His face was filled with terror as he’d never seen something like this.

His comrades were killed one by one without him being able to do anything. A big move certainly required time to set up, but he should be able to use it once or twice.

Yet, every time he poured that amount of Magic Power to escape from this predicament, he would be stopped by someone. And to make the matter worse, all his comrades experienced the same situation. No one was able to use something big to disrupt the flow of the battle.

And they ended up getting killed one by one after Boris and the others had more time to deal with them because of the loss of the mage.

The assassin gritted his teeth. He expected that if they wished to kill Boris and the others, it wouldn’t be that big of a problem. After all, they came here with the intention to die.

Even if they needed to die, they would drag others with them. Unfortunately for them, Marzio’s Star Divination was too good.

He prevented everything from happening while guiding his teammates to a perfect victory. There was no wound on their bodies, and the Magic Power hadn’t depleted much. Only Valerie was panting when the fight was over, but that was because of the previous fight against Eric.

When everything was over, Valerie gritted her teeth and turned around, looking at her brother, who she hadn’t met for a long time.

“Brother.” Valerie’s tone was filled with sadness and longing. However, she didn’t know whether she had the right to call Marzio her brother again.

Suddenly, Marzio flashed for a second as his body suddenly appeared right before her. His hand reached her helmet as he said, “I never blame you. Grandfather must have been blaming himself too.

“If we agreed to your marriage and supported you with all we got, you might be able to stay leisurely in the War God Family, not experiencing a harsh thing in another country.

“Theo might be able to lead a better life. If you want to blame someone, blame Father and me. We were at fault.” Marzio shook his head and put on a gentle smile. It was the first time he met her again after decades, so Marzio felt nostalgic.

“No.” Valerie shook her head. “I was the one who wanted to leave the family and live with Ray in another place. I shouldn’t be so stubborn.”

“Talking like this won’t go anywhere. So, there’s only one thing to do…” Marzio suddenly hugged her while closing his eyes. A tear was formed on the corner of his eyes as he smiled. “Still, I’m glad that I can see you again.”

“Brother…” Valerie bit her lips, feeling regretful. Even though Leonardo beat her and Ray in Thersland or Marzio lectured her, no one blamed her for what happened.

The feeling of helplessness struck her heart as Valerie couldn’t help but shed a tear. “Sorry.”

“Don’t say sorry to Father or me. Someone deserves that more than anyone else.” Marzio shook his head and took a step back. He looked at the sky and sighed. “That child has fought so much during the past two decades.”

“I… I don’t deserve to meet him anymore.”

“Valerie. You were once a kind girl. It was Eric Griffith who made you like this. I would never blame you… I just hate the fact that I can’t kill that Eric Griffith with my own hand.” Marzio sighed in disappointment. “Well, we’ll take care of Theo from now on, so you can do whatever you want…”

“…” Valerie clenched her hands and looked down. “I…”

“There’s nothing for you to say.” Marzio recalled Theo’s face in his mind and said, “Theo has gotten stronger, and I believe no one can stop him right now, even the Griffith Family. He can take care of himself. Father has a hidden purpose in teaching Theo all his knowledge.

“He simply wants Theo to learn the warmth of a family. He doesn’t want Theo to walk at the same path as yours. Father always wants Theo to just let it go instead of revenge. After all, revenge is a bloody path. There are so many sacrifices in this path…” Marzio let out a long sigh, feeling sad with how Valerie got obssesed by revenge.

But for a kind girl to change into a vengeful one, the trauma Eric inflicted must be that great.

“I will say this on behalf of father and anyone in the family.” Marzio placed his hand on top of her helmet as if patting her head. “The War God Family will always be your home. It will never change.”

“Thank you.” Valerie closed her eyes, feeling overwhelmed by emotion.

“Anyway, you should treat your injury first. After that, you should go and help us taking down a few experts from the Barbe Group.” Marzio finally changed the topic as he couldn’t bear this heavy atmosphere anymore.

“I understand.” Valerie nodded before reaching into her neck. Right underneath her armor, there was a small hidden camera that she had this whole time. “Brother. Can I trouble you to give this to Theo?”

“This is?”

“The memory card has the record of my thought as well as the real footage of what happened during my fight against Eric. With this data, Theo should be able to improve his illusion even further.”

“Are you sure you want him to be someone similar to Eric?”

“He won’t. There’s something different in him.”

“Why don’t you just give it to him? If I’m not wrong, you have used all your favor to set up a perfect training for Theo’s Five Aspects… Then, Ray’s unique Materialization as well as his artifact. I believe all those alone are enough to empty your wallet.”

“Monetary thing is the least thing of our worry. It will still never replace the scar on his heart. We’re prepared not to be forgiven, but at the very least, we still want the kid to be strong to the point he doesn’t need to sacrifice anything for his ambition. If my life can be exchanged for a stronger power for him, I would gladly lay my life down.” She handed the camera to Marzio. “Please. Give this to him. I know he won’t receive anything from me…”

Ray looked into her determined eyes before nodding his head with a serious expression. “Okay… I’ll send it to him later.”


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