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Chapter 865 – Marzio’s Real Power

“Attack him!” One of the Barbe Group’s people shouted. Marzio shouldn’t be able to fight when he used this technique, so they planned to slip through Boris and the others and kill him.

Marzio simply smiled and looked at them with contempt. He never thought that all these six Mythical Rank Experts would choose to fight. After all, their target was supposed to be Leonardo instead of him.

If they actually sacrificed their lives in order to catch up to Leonardo, even he wouldn’t be able to stop them.

However, it was different now that they focused on him instead.

He waved his hands and released several golden lights that guided Boris and the others.

The summoner ordered the creatures to ram their bodies to anything that stood in their way, opening the path to Marzio.

However, the one that stood in their way was Valerie. With a single snap of her fingers, the monsters were dying under the three white spears.

“What?!” The summoner widened his eyes. He and Valerie were both Mythical Rank Experts, yet, a single attack from Valerie could obliterate his summoned creatures.

If the summoned creatures didn’t do anything, he would understand. But they had covered their bodies with a barrier formed from their Magic Power that had been transmitted from himself. A single attack should only injure them.

On the other hand, Boris was admiring Valerie’s prowess, thinking, ‘So, that’s Theo’s mother. Well, I competed with her in the past… I could understand the summoner’s shock. Still, her strength has far surpassed me now. What is her current level? 800?’

Boris had complicated feelings toward her. On the one hand, Valerie was Theo’s mother. Although he had some information about their relationship, he didn’t have the full story that allowed him to judge what she did. As someone who competed with her, he truly wished Valerie had reasons why she did all that to Theo.

On the other hand, Valerie wasn’t supposed to be someone like this. He could still vaguely remember everything about her. She might never show her face, but she was once a kind person who loved to help people, especially her family.

That was why he couldn’t really believe it when Valerie threw Theo away.

‘Whatever. I should focus on the fight. I’ll just let Agata and Theo do their own thing.’ Boris shook his head and leaped to the side, trying to strike the knight that planned to attack Valerie.

He plunged his black fist that seemed to have been covered by black steel.

The swordsman struck the fist with his blade as their clash produced a shock wave that shook the area.

Using this chance, the assassin appeared behind Boris and waved his daggers to his neck.

As if they had predicted his appearance, Agata’s aunt and uncle appeared behind him.

The assassin immediately changed his target the moment he sensed their presence. The first blade stopped the uncle’s blade, while the second one was to hit him from the side. As for the aunt, he never had the need to pay attention to it. After all, the archer had released his arrow to stop her, and the spear guy knocked her away.

“…” The assassin fell silent while furrowing his eyebrows. He felt something was wrong in this development. ‘Why do I feel like there’s something going on here? But what is it?’

The archer noticed the assassin’s change of expression and simply nodded his head, trying to assure him.

Boris’ wife had been waiting for this as she looped around and approached him from behind.

Her right hand was covered with green-colored flame.

“!!!” The assassin widened his eyes and thought, ‘Is their target our archer this whole time? Without the support from the back, these people will have a huge advantage. If that’s the case, we can’t let them take the initiative.’

When Boris’ wife struck the archer, a transparent shield suddenly blocked her. The flame flared up to engulf him, but the barrier held on, covering the archer from this green-colored flame.

‘Good.’ The assassin smirked as he thought, ‘With this, their attack pattern should be disturbed. As soon as that happens, I’m going to take advantage of the situation and eliminate one of them.’

The assassin believed this was going to be their chance to turn the situation around. But his face soon changed to grim when the mage’s shadow rose, turning into a human form.

“No!” The assassin widened his eyes and wanted to help him, but Valerie appeared in front of him and struck his daggers, pinning him to the ground.

Meanwhile, the mage had anticipated this attack because he would become the most vulnerable person in the group when protecting others. Hence, he had prepared a barrier to stop anyone from attacking him.

“I know you’re there…” The mage smiled while looking at the last Mythical Rank Expert from the Mota Family.

The latter waved his hand toward his neck. Then, a sharp blade made of shadow extended from his hand, looping around the magician’s body to kill him from behind.

But the barrier covered all over him, so when the shadow blade struck, it was stopped by the barrier.

However, he didn’t give up. The man extended another shadow blade from the top to kill him from another spot but to no avail.

“You can’t kill me.” The magician snorted.

“I know, but she can.”

Suddenly, the magician felt an enormous amount of Magic Power coming from the ground.

“!!!” He felt it too late and realized the shadow had been blocking his senses this whole time. When he wanted to leave, the curving shadow blades locked him in one place. It was at this moment that he knew everything was just a build-up to kill him. “You—!”

A huge white spear suddenly emerged from the ground, shattering the barrier and splitting him into half in an instant.

“God Killing Spear!” The assassin dropped his jaw. “Did he die just like that? He was supposed to be stronger!”

‘Wait a minute. Have we ever used any big move this whole time?’ The assassin turned to Marzio in shock. ‘No. We haven’t used any sort of moves because there’s no need for that earlier. But Buro still died without using a single move.’

As if realizing what had happened, the assassin’s body shook. ‘Is this Marzio’s power? According to our information, Marzio is adept at controlling the flow of the battle, giving perfect instruction to his teammates.

‘However, we’ve underestimated him this whole time. His control is not limited to his teammates but also his enemies. By controlling the flow of the battle, Marzio prevented us from using any big moves, and he will lead his team to the victory with the least Magic Power consumption.’ The assassin gulped down as he looked at Marzio.

Marzio’s calm expression and narrowed eyes finally changed as though he had sensed the change in this battle.


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