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God of Tricksters – Chapter 802: Mysterious Monster Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 802 – Mysterious Monster

After killing so many imps, Theo used his Telekinesis to gather all of them in one place before touching them, turning every single body into cards.

Then, he moved toward the snake and touched its head. After turning them into cards, Agata drove to him, Ava landed on the ground, and Maya ran to him.

“It seems that we’re done here.” Maya nodded and turned to Theo. “How is it?”

“Well, the snake killed two thousand imps alone. That should be enough to level up, but I guess I can’t complain since the snake indeed brought so many benefits.” Theo shrugged.

“Then, we should move to another place?”

“Yeah. If we hunt normally, I’ll only need a day to rank up.” Theo nodded with a serious expression.

“Still, what’s the reason for the snake to suddenly appear?” Maya frowned while looking around, seeing a huge crater that led to the imp nest.

“Maybe there’s something inside,” Agata answered while glancing at the hole. “Should we check?”

“Then, someone should stay here to watch over the Cubicar.” Maya nodded in agreement.

Theo, Agata, and Ava were staring at her without hesitation as though she was the only person fit to do this stuff.

“Eh? Me? Wait, wait. I also want to enter the hole.” Maya waved her hand and looked at Theo, who was in charge of their strategy in this situation.

“Well, you’re not that good in an enclosed environment, especially in small tunnels.”

“I can shine in this place. I told you earlier that I didn’t have any powerful abilities to shoot down flying beasts… So, I’m going to enter this time. Also, you can’t use your armor inside, so why bother?”

“I’m good everywhere, and I’ll always be on Theo’s shoulder.” Ava looked away as she simply wanted to stay with Theo and look around instead of staying in one place.

“…” Maya felt as though three blades just pierced her heart. All their statements were true, and there was no way to rebuke them, especially Ava, since she never wanted to stay apart with Theo.

Maya pouted and looked down with a sad expression. “I guess I’ll stay.”

Even though she wanted to explore the nest, she could only let it go.

“Then…” Theo smiled and jumped backward, entering the destroyed nest. Ava and Agata followed him right after, leaving Maya behind.

As soon as he couldn’t see Maya anymore, Theo spun his body and observed the ruined place.

He noticed several tunnels like an ant nest. Each tunnel was ten feet in diameter and seemed to create a complicated pattern.

However, Agata noticed something and pointed at the very bottom. “Theo. Is that the boss room?”

“Boss room… Why do you even use that term?” Theo’s eyebrows twitched.

“Just an easy term. I mean, it looks like a big hall that seems to be important for the imps.” Agata shrugged.

Theo looked at the bottom and found a huge space filled with rocks. It looked like any other tunnel, but the space was more than ten times that of other tunnels. He frowned and said, “Or it might only be a caving.”

“Nah, I don’t think so. We better land there, and since we have this 100 feet wide hole, we should have enough light. Need to thank the snake for this.” She smiled.

“Hmm…” Theo glanced to the side, found a huge tunnel next to it, and said, “I guess that was where the snake came from.”


Theo nodded with a serious expression before using his Telekinesis to lower their speed and land on the huge tunnel.

Theo took out his spear while Agata formed her scythe.

When Ava entered the cave, she squinted her eyes and turned to the right, finding a dark tunnel that was still intact.

“I think something is going on there. I am listening to something… I don’t know what that is.”

Agata turned around and pointed her scythe to the front, preparing for any monster that came out of the tunnel. “There seems to be a survivor. Well, not that I mind since if there are enough survivors, the imps can repopulate this place and won’t go extinct. What should we do, Theo?”

“Well, it’s fine to leave some survivors behind. Even though they are monsters and give us EXP when killed, annihilating them is a different case. In a thousand or two thousand years… No one can reach level 500 anymore… probably.” Theo nodded. “We’ve killed thousands, so we’ll just investigate, protect ourselves, and leave.”

“Got it.”

“Anyway, Ava.”


“I want you to watch out for that tunnel. That’s the only entrance here other than the big hole behind us.”

“Sure.” Ava leaped toward the tunnel and stood there.

Theo then turned to Agata and said, “You and I will look around this room to find something unique. If there’s nothing here, we’ll go explore the tunnel.”

“Understood.” Agata agreed without hesitation.

After that, they turned around and looked at this big tunnel. Unfortunately, even after scanning the whole area, they didn’t find a single thing other than the footsteps on the ground.

It was clear that multiple imps were staying in this place previously, but it didn’t seem to be something special.

“I guess this place is like a bedroom or something…” Agata regrouped with Theo and shared her opinion.

Their peace was suddenly disturbed.

“Aaaaa…” A scream echoed inside the tunnel. The high-pitched voice felt similar to that of a crying baby, yet, the sound kept coming toward them.

Theo and Agata immediately turned around and raised their weapons. A monster that could say something even if it wasn’t a proper word was dangerous. So, they needed to prepare for everything.

Suddenly, a black shadowy figure entered their visions, followed by multiple imps that seemed to be chasing that figure.

But to their surprise, the figure was only one foot tall. It had a figure similar to that of a human kid, but its body was covered with black-colored clothes.

Even his head was covered with a black helmet, hiding his face.

“Ueee…” The shadowy figure screamed once again when it saw Theo and Agata as though it was asking for help.



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