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Chapter 801 – One Level Away

Maya widened her eyes and glanced at Clone Theo that suddenly dropped to the ground.

This was the technique Theo used to defeat Ana in Russia. And he even amplified that power with the barrier and took one more step.

The power from this ability seemed to be beyond her imagination.

‘My father doesn’t know anything about this ability, but looking at its power, I’m afraid this is an Original Technique. Has he learned anything about this aspect? I think he only learns Control and Awareness this whole time…

‘Then, does this mean this ability is related to someone else?’ Maya frowned, wondering who would give this powerful ability to him.

It was normal to think that Leonardo imparted this technique, but Leonardo didn’t have a single ability related to wind. So, it shouldn’t be him.

‘Who is it? Is there anyone who uses wind in the War God Family? The one who has the capability to create something this powerful… or is it…’ She recalled there was one powerful wind user who visited Theo. ‘The Wind Emperor?’

She sucked a cold breath upon the realization. ‘Impossible. It’s already ridiculous enough to think that the Wind Emperor wants to cooperate with Theo to trick the Barbe Group. So, it’s impossible for him to teach this… At the same time, the meeting between the Wind Emperor and Theo never lasted long. Or is his talent actually so terrifying that he can learn something this powerful within hours?’

She gulped down.

‘Now that I think about it, what is his talent? He’s, without a doubt, a genius born from Valerie Guerrero and Ray Griffith. Valerie herself is considered a top 3 among her generations in the War God Family. As for Ray Griffith, his talent is supposed to be similar to his ancestor.

‘But how about Theo? He has indeed shown that his brain surpasses that of the Valkyrie and his Control is above the Magic Emperor. But his talent should lie somewhere… I think I need to make another arrangement.

‘With a Blessing related to Death, my imagination can even come up with something like calling the soul of the deceased to train him. Ah, I truly need to observe his talent after this is over. Maybe, I need to reevaluate him.

‘Or has my father seen something like this and it becomes the reason why he’s trying to marry me off? Whatever. Even if that doesn’t happen, I can’t become his enemy…’ Maya had a conflict in her mind and relied on the assistance of her armor to shoot down some imps that were still flying in the air.

Theo wasn’t aware of her thoughts this whole time. His focus remained on the number of imps he had killed.

With the Ascension Step alone, he managed to kill more than a hundred imps. Of course, the consumption of a Divine Ability was enormous. If he continued doing this, he would be exhausted after four to five times using the ability, and that was him utilizing only the seventh step.

“No wonder many tried to cripple the Wind Emperor’s legs… This Divine Ability is too scary. I guess it can be said to be close to S Rank Ability.” Theo smiled, getting fired up.

After killing the remaining imps, Theo turned around and watched how the snake was covered in blood.

The imps managed to injure the snake, but the latter had already swallowed more than a thousand of them.

It was clear that the snake planned to devour all of the imps.

“I’ve leveled up once. I need another 500 imps to get another level.” Theo took a deep breath as he marched forward to the swarm of imps.

Theo resummoned his clone by his side and handed him the spear while taking out his blue spear.

After that, both of them used their Magic Augmentation and covered their spears with Magic Power Expansions.

They crossed their spear together before waving it forward, launching a powerful shock wave.

The shock wave blew away the imps and struck the snake.

The snake was blown to the side but managed to hold on. Meanwhile, some of the imps got crushed by this powerful shock wave.

Seeing Theo in the air, another one hundred imps detached themselves from the group to stop Theo.

It was at this time Ava finally revealed her prowess. She had been hiding on top of them this whole time, pouring all her power into the five lightning stars.

“Moon Lightning.” Ava spread the five balls apart, creating a pentagram.

This pentagram was two hundred feet in diameter. And a bolt of lightning flew out of each lightning star. The bolt of lightning hit the imps and electrocuted them.

“Kill them,” said Ava to Theo.

The imps couldn’t move after being electrocuted, so this was their best chance to kill them.

Theo and Clone Theo smiled and charged forward, killing the imps with their spears one by one.

Still, the number of the imps was more than what Ava could handle. In the end, Maya fired multiple shots in order to assist him.

This was Theo’s stage. Since he needed to kill as many monsters as possible, she didn’t want to bother him that much.

Theo smiled and killed the remaining imps. After that, he repeated the process a few times and leveled up one more time.

It continued for one hour until only a few hundred imps remained. On the other hand, the snake seemed to have been fatally injured. Its body was covered with wounds and it had stopped spitting venoms.

So, Theo took advantage of it and pierced the giant snake’s head with his ‘God Killing Spear’ before eliminating the rest of the imps. There wasn’t even a need for Agata to leave this place and protect the Cubicar as the snake had gathered the attention of the imps this whole time.

This was what Theo meant by the opportunity. If there was no giant snake, the battle wouldn’t be this easy.

And Theo wouldn’t have gotten three levels in just one hour. It was indeed a blessing.

With only one level to go, Theo had prepared himself to rank up and receive Hel’s Death Avatar Skill.


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