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God of Tricksters – Chapter 803: Talking To The Mysterious Monster Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 803 – Talking To The Mysterious Monster

‘Eh?’ Theo and Agata widened their eyes, not believing what they just saw.

Name: ???

Level: ???

No description.

Both of them realized that this monster was a new monster that had yet to be discovered. They didn’t understand a single thing about this monster.

They could be a strong Mythical Rank Monster or a weak Elite Rank Monster. No one understood it unless they fought against that monster and roughly calculated their levels.

This was why if others provided information regarding new monsters, they would be rewarded. This information alone would save so many lives after all.

Now that they didn’t understand a single thing about this mysterious monster, all they could see was the fact that the imps chased him down.

The latter couldn’t even fight back, indicating the monster’s strength.

“What should we do?” Theo asked.

“Help the imp first. This new one seems to be intelligent, so we can deal with it later.” Agata answered. “If it’s dangerous, we can kill a monster that’s weaker than the imp.”

“Got it.” Theo agreed without hesitation.

Since they knew what to do, they headed straight to the imps. Agata landed behind the shadow monster while Theo used his Telekinesis to push all the imps away, refraining himself from killing the monsters.

“By the way, I just thought about it… There should be no reason for a giant snake like that to come out to fight the imps. And there is this weird monster that appears out of nowhere…” Agata muttered before enveloping the guy with her smoke.

The guy struggled for a second and realized it couldn’t break free. It raised its head and saw Agata’s face before lowering its head and found Ava standing not far from her.

“Adaa!” The mysterious monster waved its hand to Ava as though it recognized her to be different from the imps.

“Who are you? A brat?” Ava narrowed her eyes, glaring at the monster.

“Aa…da…” The mysterious monster shivered and looked down, scared of Ava’s gaze.

“You know something, Ava?” Agata asked.

“Not really. All I know is that he doesn’t seem to be that powerful, and he’s similar to that of a Rare Class Monster. He’s like me when I first learned how to speak, so I’m not very sure about this guy’s origin. But it’s clear that he seems to have a parent.”

Hearing Ava’s statement, Agata turned to the little monster and asked, “Can I ask you about what happened?”

“Adaa!” The little monster nodded furiously.

“Yeah. I could understand Theo’s words and respond to him in a certain way. He’s truly a Rare Class Monster.” Ava confirmed the monster’s intelligence level before asking the monster. “Are you our enemy?”

The little monster shook his head.

“Then, what are you doing here? This shouldn’t be a place to wander around…” Ava squinted her eyes.

The little monster stopped for a moment and pointed at the smoke. “Adaa.”

“It seems he wants to show a bit of body movement to explain what happens. Something I used in the past or when I tried not to speak.”

After some consideration, Agata nodded and waved her hands. Suddenly, the pink smoke disappeared, and the mysterious monster landed on the ground.

“Adaa!” The little monster ran to the side before returning to his place and pointing in Theo’s direction, specifically the imps.

“Hmm…” Ava fell silent and asked for confirmation. “Are you running away from those guys?”

“Ada.” The little monster nodded.

“You still haven’t answered why you’re here in the first place.”

The monster started shaking his waist before running around.

“Playing outside?”

He nodded again.

“Let me confirm this… So, you were playing around and somehow stumbled into this place… Then, you were attacked by the imps… I mean, those guys?”

“Adaa.” He furiously nodded his head, acknowledging Agata’s statement.

“I give up…” Agata facepalmed and muttered, “This guy caused all that stuff just because he was playing around…”

Ava thought for a moment and asked, “Are you related to the snake?”

“Adaaa.” He nodded before summoning a shield and a sword made of shadow. “Adaa!”

Agata took a step back while Ava released her lightning, preparing for combat.

“Aadaaa…” The guy froze, not knowing what to do if they wanted to eliminate him. He then dropped his sword before pointing at his shield and the ceiling. “Adaa!”

“The snake is your protector or something?” Theo’s voice suddenly echoed in their ears as he had returned after pushing back the imps far enough.

The guy turned around and nodded. “Adaa!”

“But he died, and you would have died too if we didn’t help,” said Theo with a serious expression while adding inwardly, ‘Thought, I delivered the last blow to that snake.’

“Aa…” The guy looked down as though lamenting the snake’s death. After a while, he looked up and waved his hand. “Ada!”

“What do you want to say?” Theo narrowed his eyes.

“Adaa…” He pointed at the tunnel before spreading his hands. “Ada…”

“There’s something big that way?”

He nodded his head before waving his hand as though he wanted to show them something.

“Are you trying to lead us to danger?” Theo asked again, confirming their current situation.

“Adaa…” The guy shook his head.

Theo then turned to Ava, wondering what she thought about this. After all, Ava used to be like him, so she might know whether he was lying or telling the truth.

“It’s fine. In front of me, he doesn’t dare to lie.” Ava answered with a calm expression. “It seems he wants to show you something in order to express his gratitude for saving him.”

“Ada!” The little guy raised both hands as if feeling overjoyed because Ava backed him up. He even waved his hands to Ava to show his thanks.

There was still hesitation in Theo’s eyes, but since they were planning to look around this place, he reluctantly agreed. “Alright. Lead us to whatever you want to show us.”

“Adaa!” The guy became energetic and started walking into the darkness.

Theo and Agata exchanged looks while Ava leaped onto Theo’s shoulder, following the little guy.


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