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Chapter 646 – Another Journey

The next day.

“The spices for three months are in my bag. We only bring a few water bottles with us, and there are a few places we can get water later. Everything related to necessities will be with me while you bring the tent and other stuff. Yours will be lighter, but considering I won’t move that much in a fight, it’s a given.” Agata informed Theo while carrying a bag that was bigger than herself.

“Okay.” Theo nodded.

“Why don’t you just use some vehicles there?” Leonardo asked. “I mean, there are some trucks that you can use.”

“Nah, we will be traveling at fast speed, so bringing them will just hinder us.” Theo shook his head.

“Well, it’s your choice.” Leonardo shrugged.

“Then, it’s time for us to go.” Theo smiled and waved his hand to Leonardo before heading to the car that would bring them to the portal.

Ava was already standing on Theo’s shoulder while Agata politely nodded to tell Leonardo that she was going.

Leonardo was waving his hand until they left before sighing. “I guess it’s going to be lonely for the next three months.”

It took them thirty minutes to arrive at the gate and deal with the security staff before they finally left the city.

Theo, wearing the new glasses, muttered in a low voice. “Map.”

His glasses immediately showed him the map, direction, and distance. These new glasses had a Skylink feature on them, allowing him to use them like the Skylink itself.

There were many glasses like these on the market, but this product combined the night vision and other stuff together, so this one was new.

Agata had also activated her glasses and got the direction where to go.

They exchanged looks, nodded, and started running toward their destination.

Their mission was to investigate the so-called Myutin Plain. The plain had the size of a small city and contained a few small hills, forests, and grasslands.

It would be tedious to investigate this matter, so Theo didn’t bother to deal with the monsters on their way and headed straight to the Myutin Plain.

But it was still impossible to pass all the monsters. Even Ava said, “We’re surrounded. Thirty monsters on our front and around twenty on each side.”

Since Agata already knew about Ava’s secret, Ava didn’t bother to say “Kyu, Kyu” anymore as she simply spoke in a way they understood her.

This allowed the group to have an easier time formulating the plan.

Still, Theo was considerate of Agata and used this opportunity to train her. “What’s our plan, Agata?”

Agata was surprised that Theo asked her opinion. After all, this was his expertise. She soon realized Theo gave her a chance to get some experience in commanding a group, and he would correct her if something was wrong with the plan.

Thinking about it, she smiled and said, “We should hit the front. The two sides are good, but we can see a small hill on the right while the left is a barren plain. On the other hand, if we fight the monsters in the woods, we can utilize this complex terrain.

“Even if we can’t defeat all of them, we can still break through their formation,” Agata suggested with confidence.

“Very well. Let’s go with that.” Theo nodded. “You’re going to be the leader from now on.”

“That’s a big task you want from me…” Agata scratched the back of her head while running forward.

“Are you afraid?”

“No.” Agata smiled.

It took them one minute before the monsters’ figures came into their vision. The monsters looked like deer with giant antlers. There were also spikes all over their bodies.

The glasses immediately used the Monster Detection function and grabbed the information stored inside Theo’s Skylink.

Name: Krimlon

Level: 410-420

Strength: Beware of their speed and hard antlers. They can also release the spikes on their bodies to kill their enemies.

Weakness: Soft neck and back.

Theo smiled when he saw the Strength and Weakness of the monster. It was the information Agata had compiled for the past three months.

“It’s useful.” Theo smiled when he assessed all the thirty Krimlons.

“We will eliminate them from the left. I will be the bait.” Agata said as her focus remained on the monsters.

“Got it.” Theo moved to the left, hiding behind trees.

After that, Agata released her pink smokes that gradually spread to the Krimlons.



The Krimlons noticed her and turned around. They instinctively ran toward her to eliminate the threat.

However, Agata hurriedly snapped her fingers as the smoke released its spikes from its body. Some even curved to match the Krimlons’ movements.


The group split into two to avoid the spikes and pincer her from two directions.

Agata took a step back and controlled the pink smoke to move to her right before raising them high to create a wall.

At the same time, Ava, Theo, and his clone came out from behind the tree and ambushed them.

The Krimlons used their defensive measure by shooting their spikes at Theo and Ava, but the pink smoke rose from the ground and turned into another wall that blocked the spikes.

Since Agata had removed her awareness from the smoke after blocking the spikes, Theo and Ava emerged from within and ambushed them.

Theo and his clone slashed the deers while Ava beat them up before sending them to Theo or Agata so they could kill them.

It didn’t take them too long to eliminate the Krimlons. And when they were about to deal with those on the other side, Theo was impressed because he saw them having some injuries on their bodies.

In other words, Agata had been attacking them with her smoke even though she also helped them on this side.

Theo smiled, knowing the power Agata showed back in the Grand Gaia Competition couldn’t be compared to what she had now.

While feeling happy with her progress, Theo killed the rest of the Krimlons in succession.

“Well, we’re done…” Theo scratched the back of his head. “It’s only three minutes…”

“They’re around level 420, so it’s not that hard.” Agata shrugged.

“Whatever.” Theo then stood next to her, raised his hand to the side, and said, “Raise your hand like this.”

Agata followed his instruction, and Theo used his Telekinesis to send the Krimlons to them so they could touch the bodies in succession.

All of them soon turned into cards in less than ten seconds.

“This looks like a factory.”

“We don’t want to waste our time.” Theo chuckled and stored all the cards in his bag. “Let’s continue.”

“Got it.”


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