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God of Tricksters – Chapter 645.3: Sparring Part 3 Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 645 – Sparring Part 3

During the shock wave, Agata raised her pink smoke to make a few spikes to push the clone away before rising from the ground.

“You can do that?” Agata raised her hands to block the shock wave and stared at Theo in disbelief.

“Yeah. Instead of letting the Magic Power Expansion explode upon impact, I chose to burst it out early to generate a powerful shock wave. In the future, I think it will become even stronger.” Theo nodded.

“Oh?” Agata frowned as if she had some doubts in her heart. She ultimately brushed it off and focused back on the fight. “There is something I want to try later.”

“Fair enough.” Theo agreed and waved his hand. “Okay, let’s continue.”

Ava jumped toward Theo and covered her body with lightning.

When they were about to clash, Ava stepped on the air and launched herself back before shooting a bolt of lightning.

Theo knew this bolt of lightning as Ava showed it two months ago. He became serious as he used his Telekinesis to create pressure that was capable of destroying the lightning.

The lightning suddenly hit a kind of invisible barrier even though this was just Theo pushing the air with his Telekinesis as hard as he could, creating some sort of wind barrier.


The lightning ended up exploding.

Seeing that, Agata was prepared to use her pink smoke to stop Theo’s movement. However, when she looked down, she saw how water started coming out of the ground, gradually turning the land into a pond.

“This is an illusion.” Agata instantly realized this was Theo’s Illusion Manipulation or Illusion Construct, so she didn’t hesitate to use her pink smoke to stomp the ground to break the illusion.

However, when the pink smoke turned into a hammer and was about to hit the ground, the water rose and formed a snake that ripped the hammer apart before making its way toward Agata.

“It’s not an illusion?” Agata was surprised as she certainly felt an impact on her illusion. She thought this was Theo manipulating her senses, but she had practiced hard to make sure she didn’t fall for this.

However, it seemed Theo was ahead of her as the snake had already wrapped her body.

Agata tried to fight back by releasing all the pink smoke she had been moving underneath the ground for a surprise attack.

But the moment they came out, Leonardo shouted, “That’s enough. You have already lost.”

“Huh?” Agata widened her eyes, not accepting the result of the match. “I can still fight.”

“What do you mean you can still fight? If Theo was your enemy, you would have died.” Leonardo shook his head and pointed at the water snake. “That’s not an illusion.”

“Huh?” Agata was confused by the whole situation. Even Ava stopped when she heard Agata was defeated.

“Kyu?” Ava asked Theo what was going on.

Theo smiled, “Well, Agata’s last trick was already good enough to be fair… Sneaking the smoke underneath the ground was it?”

“Sneaking the smoke…” Agata dropped her jaw when she realized what was going on. “You used my own illusion to defeat me?”

“That’s how it is.” Leonardo was the one answering her doubt. “Did you forget which senses he learned?”

“Vision and Taste… Wait, Taste?” Agata gulped down. “You were aware that I was moving my pink smoke to launch a sneak attack and used that idea to bring the water from the pool secretly to create the same effect?

“Then, the pond that…” When she realized the pond was real, she looked down and realized her shoes and socks were wet.

“Depending on someone’s control, they can easily forget to sustain the illusion. For example, if it’s an illusion, your shoes won’t be wet anymore by the time the illusion disappears. This can let you know whether you are under its influence or not.

“On the other hand, if it’s still wet, there are two possibilities. It’s either a real thing or the illusionist is far better than you.” Theo explained and nodded.

“I see. My blunder.” Agata sighed. “I’ve lost.”

“Haha, there’s no need to feel down. This guy is known as a freak for a reason.” Leonardo laughed out loud, satisfied with their improvements. They had shown so many things in the fight and all of them were practical in a battle.

Theo glanced at Leonardo while frowning.

The latter noticed and understood what he wanted to say, so he teased him. “I won’t call my grandson a freak. But since you don’t call me grandfather, it’s your fault.”

He stuck his tongue out as if he did nothing wrong.

Theo shook his head helplessly and said, “Anyway, the match ends here. Ava, your power is overwhelming, but you need to take care of your teammate better.”

“Kyu.” Ava nodded furiously, telling him she wouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

“Well, you always partnered up with me this whole time, so I guess you never had the need to do that.” Theo scratched the back of his head and glanced at Agata. “Of course, I don’t mean to tell you that you’re weak.”

“I know.” Agata waved her hand to tell him it wasn’t a big deal. “It was my fault for not being able to protect myself. I was too overconfident with this new power.”

“Anyway, what’s the thing you want to test?” Theo stopped her and asked.

“Actually, I have an idea. I want to use that Magic Power Expansion to carry my pink smoke. With that kind of shock wave, if I send my pink smoke and turn it into blades, I feel like we can heavily injure our enemies.” Agata explained her idea.

“Oh, that’s a good idea. We can test it when fighting against monsters.” Theo nodded.

“Good enough.” Agata nodded.

“Alright. Good work, and you may want to change your clothes first before we continue with our schedule for the day.” Theo wrapped the spar up.

“Okay…” Agata turned around and walked inside the mansion while saying, “I will call your temple’s assistant too.”


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