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God of Tricksters – Chapter 647: Arrival Bahasa Indonesia

Chapter 647 – Arrival

Theo, Ava, and Agata continued their way to the Myutin Plain.

Due to the distance, they decided to rest on a small plain on a slope. Even then, it was already pretty late, considering Theo kept moving until 9 PM.

They had a simple dinner, wiped their bodies, and slept.

Agata finally saw how harshly Theo treated himself. She understood why Theo could progress by leaps and bounds. Normally, the group would settle down when the sun was about to set and prepare their dinner.

But for Theo, it was a waste of time. He didn’t skip lunch, but he extended their travel time by a few hours before stopping just to have dinner and immediately sleep right after.

When she asked Ava, the latter told her that it was the norm. After all, Theo had used too much time back on Earth to train.

This revelation increased her respect for Theo. He had been considerate enough when he traveled with other people.

When they traveled together with Enrica, Theo stopped before the sunset and allowed them to make use of their time to wash their bodies. He even chose a location near a river.

On the other hand, Agata couldn’t see any water source around the area now because Theo shifted their direction a bit to reach their destination faster.

As long as the water in their luggage wasn’t empty, he didn’t plan to stop.

The reason Theo showed her all this was because she had the same goal, which was to get stronger as fast as possible. So, Agata didn’t complain about this condition.

The next day. She kept up with him while commanding the group every time they fought monsters.

She soon realized the burden Theo had this whole time.

Usually, he would make the schedule and plan ahead of time, and every change would come from him. This alone took a toll on one’s mind after several days.

After that, they needed to fight many monsters while matching each other’s movements. They would need to know what the others planned to do and help them.

This kind of mind game soon took a toll on Agata’s head.

However, that wasn’t all. Agata needed to come up with a plan after seeing the monsters, resulting in another burden in her mind.

She couldn’t keep up with the order after two days as her face became pale and she had a headache.

In the end, Theo took over the next day to let her recover.

This action made Agata shake her head. After all, Theo needed to fight the enemies on the very front, unlike her, who could easily see the entire battlefield from behind and command the group.

This meant Theo needed to keep up with his broad field of vision all the time while thinking about their well-being and other stuff.

She couldn’t comprehend what Theo had gone through to have this mental fortitude.

When she asked him about it, Theo simply said, “I got used to it.”

Theo told her that he had faced the same situation back in Thersland. He gave a few examples, like the monster’s stampede, the third school mission, and a few other occasions.

Eventually, he had no problem doing it anymore.

Before she could take over the group again, they had arrived at their destination, the Myutin Plain.

They were standing on top of the hill, looking around the area.

In their front, they found a vast grassland stretching to the horizon. This grassland was pinched by two forests that seemed to have no end as well.

When they looked at the grassland, they found monsters fighting with each other.

It was happening all over the grassland, and they could safely assume the forests experienced the same thing.

After observing the situation, Theo asked, “Okay, what should we do?”

Theo put her back in charge.

“It’s already 5 PM, so I think we should set down our tent here where we can observe the entire Myutin Plain.” Agata turned to Ava. “By the way, can Ava understand their language?”

Ava shook her head. “I have no idea. Unless they’re an Elite Class Monster, I won’t have any idea what they’re saying. We also have a common tongue among us, but now that I’m in Italy, I don’t think I will understand their common tongue. It’s just like your human language.”

“I see. The best we can do is to find a General Class Monster or just search randomly to understand why the monsters are rampaging or fighting each other.” Agata frowned.

“That’s probably the best idea.” Theo nodded in agreement.

“In that case, we should cover all these hills first.” Agata pointed at the hill they were standing on and the other hills on their left and right.

“Okay. An extensive investigation will need around a day or two since we have Ava.” Theo calculated the time they needed.

“Yes. We will do this clockwise, so we will investigate that hill first.” Agata pointed her finger to the left and said, “By the way, do you have any guesses on what the cause of all this?”

“I have two, but let me hear your thoughts first.”

“I believe someone is instigating all this. It’s like they’re causing the rampage to shift someone’s attention… But this mission can be accepted by all War God Family members, so I think it’s not targeting you.”

Theo looked down, contemplating his answer. “Well, I think these monsters are in mating season or something. If not, then there might be some gases leaking that makes all this monster crazy.”

“That sounds extreme.”

Theo shrugged.

Ava suddenly raised her foot and said, “I think it’s a kind of selection process.”

“Hmm?” Theo frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Back in my home, we often did this. We would hold a competition to make someone in charge of a certain arena. The strongest usually took over the area. Of course, everything would still be under my mother’s command.”

“…” Theo and Agata looked at her in silence before they pointed at her in unison and said, “That might be the reason.”


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