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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1676: Copy Everything Bahasa Indonesia

“Bam!” Theo smirked.

The stone ball fell on top of the silver ball, knocking it down.

The scorpion tried to lift the ball up, but it was useless. Theo had used his Telekinesis to push it down and expand the Reality downwards with his World Re-Creation, causing the ball to dip into the pond.

The water splashed and forced Theo to use his Magic Power to form a small barrier so that he didn’t get wet. But he was satisfied when he saw the silver sand becoming wet.

“You!” The scorpion roared and released all his Magic Power, trying to overwhelm Theo’s ability with his raw power.

However, this was the time Theo utilized the last cycle. “Heaven and Water.”

Suddenly, a black cloud appeared in the sky, covering the sun. The black cloud released a few lightning inside before the rain started to pour.

“!!!” The scorpion realized Theo wanted to use this water to make his ability useless. Hence, he shot down the cloud with his power, trying to push the cloud away.

Surprisingly, Theo actually didn’t care about the black cloud. Instead of retaining that ability, Theo used that opportunity to leap toward the scorpion while using his enemy’s strength.

“Strengthen!” Theo shouted.

The scorpion was startled and wondered what he planned to do. But he suddenly felt a fluctuation of Magic Power on top of its head and hurriedly used his stinger to disturb it.

However, the air had solidified and began to fall on top of him, trying to crush him down. This was the Fist Saint’s ability.

Although he didn’t understand his Authority yet, he had some assumptions. It seemed that he could harden everything with his power.

And this time, Theo hardened the air and pushed it down to crush the scorpion. Of course, there was no way Theo could do it without the Fist Saint’s Authority.

So, he utilized his illusion to create an invisible block in the air and used his Telekinesis to push it down.

“!!!” The scorpion gritted his teeth as the ground beneath him began to crack. But he realized this was also another distraction.

Theo suddenly appeared next to him with a new set of power.

“Daemon. Unlike the others, the Daemon was actually an assassin… The best assassin in the world.”

As Theo muttered all those words in a low voice, his shadow began to expand and a black flame gradually came out of the ground. His shadow suddenly had a tail and a pair of bloodshot eyes appeared.

“Borrowing the power of your inner demon, huh… I guess the Daemon is the biggest sore loser in this world.” Theo smirked. Tirta Kurniawan was known as Daemon. It was because he had numerous inner demons whose power he could borrow.

This was a good ability for an assassin because they could grant them invisibility, strength, or even speed, depending on his need.

But Theo only had one demon in his heart.

The Death Avatar suddenly emerged from his body as the shadow demon enveloped him, turning into a coat. Theo’s Irregular Guardian turned into a huge scythe for the Death Avatar to wield. That was right. Theo turned his Death Avatar into a death reaper. This was his demon.

He was a clone and shouldn’t have died in the past. Even though he had revived this body, it didn’t change the fact that he had died once. He even used Death to train his will and power.

It could be said Theo had embraced and played with Death itself. That was why this was the demon representing Theo. Death.

“The Death has sent you an invitation!” Theo smirked while activating the Death Avatar, Fourth Authority, Death Descent.

Suddenly, a few red threads appeared on the scorpion’s body.

The Death Reaper waved its left hand, releasing a few chains that caught the scorpion.

“This is…” The scorpion was baffled and looked around, not understanding this kind of power. He tried to use his silver sand to melt these chains but to no avail. Of course, it was impossible to melt them.

After all, these chains were just an illusion. As soon as he melted them, Theo remade the chains, allowing them to look like they were regenerating endlessly.

Then, the Death Reaper pulled his hand as if pulling the chain. The scorpion was shocked because he couldn’t resist this pull at all. He didn’t realize it was actually Theo’s World Re-Creation. By expanding the reality toward himself, he could create an illusion of pulling inside. Of course, Theo’s senses manipulation was already at its peak, so he truly felt like he was being pulled.

The scorpion tried to remove the chains before eventually giving up because the Death Reaper had flown forward.

The scorpion gritted his teeth and formed a shield to block this scythe. Even he felt the ‘Death’ from this scythe, so it wasn’t wise to block it with his body.

But that was what Theo actually wanted. The moment the scythe hit the wall, it was actually passing through as if the silver wall had never existed.

“What?!” The Silver Saint was truly shocked. He didn’t realize that his perception between illusion and reality had been crushed.

What actually happened was the silver sand melting Theo’s Death Reaper. At the same time, Theo used his illusion to make the Death Reaper come out of the wall as if it was moving through the wall.

And this forced the scorpion to slam its pedipalps to the ground to crush it. By creating a crater, the scythe couldn’t help but miss.

Unfortunately for him, the Death Reaper also disappeared after that swing as if telling him it was just an illusion. He was tricked by Theo into putting himself inside the crater.

And Theo hurriedly used this chance to slam his hammer to the ground, releasing a powerful wind.

Ascension Step, Tenth Strike.

He amplified the power of Ascension Step with his hammer, crushing the scorpion down.

“Aaaahhh!” The scorpion was struggling for his life. This looked like he was at a disadvantage, but Theo was actually the one in a pinch.

Despite looking perfectly fine, Theo had exhausted most of his energy. Copying all those abilities took a huge amount of his energy, so he couldn’t help but feel empty inside. Though, Theo had an advantage this time. It was the fact that the one fighting the scorpion right now was actually his clone.


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