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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1677: Brave Group Bahasa Indonesia

“Hu…” Theo took a deep breath while looking at the hole before him. ‘This is truly too much even for me. I have been copying everyone’s ability… From the Heavenly Sovereign to Walker’s chains. I have seen how effective they are against a Saint. Though, it’s using too much Magic Power and Order Energy.

‘I guess there is no way this overpowered ability has no weakness… In exchange for this unique power, I have to sacrifice a lot of energy. I guess all of my techniques are like this. Alter Ego and my Three Laws are like this… Well, among the three laws, this copying ability is the one that uses the least amount of Magic Power.

‘I don’t know how I can even cover this weakness… I guess I can only use my clone continuously. And in the worst case, I have to go all the way to Singularity. Then again, I am a few levels away from level 900. The last one hundred levels will be hard…’

Theo contemplated for a moment, waiting for the World Class Monster to reemerge. He knew that he would be dead after this, but he didn’t regret it. With all this information, he was planning to get some time to rethink his power before challenging the monster again.

This was his preparation against a World Class Monster.

As expected, the World Class Monster managed to come out of the hole. Although he was injured a bit and was quite exhausted, his vital sign was still strong. If Theo didn’t have any more abilities that could crush him, he wouldn’t die.

This was the gap between the World Class Monster and him. He might be able to close that gap in the fight with his unique ability, but the energy, physique, and Magic Power couldn’t be compared at all.

Theo smirked. “It seems that even with all those tricks, I couldn’t take you down.”

The scorpion also noticed the weak energy coming from Theo’s body. It didn’t take too long for him to realize Theo had been exerting a lot of power to pressure him like this.

Even though he didn’t like the fact that his endurance was the one that allowed him to win, he couldn’t care less after Theo had killed his peop—!

“!!!” The scorpion widened his eyes in shock when he felt the Friend Seal fluctuate before fading away. “This is…”

The scorpion was shocked because this phenomenon only told him one thing. His subordinates had died.

Theo smirked and said, “Oh. Have you felt it? It seems that your subordinates have died.”

“You… human bastard!” The scorpion roared. His anger couldn’t be controlled anymore as he mercilessly stabbed Theo with his stinger.

Surprisingly, Theo didn’t even put up a fight. Instead of grieving over his loss, Theo smiled.

“I already told you, you couldn’t torture me because you couldn’t stop yourself from killing me.” Theo smirked with blood flowing out his mouth. “This is my last present.”

Theo used his remaining energy for his Alter Ego to increase his strength. At his last moment, he slammed his fist on the stinger with all his might, trying to crush it.


Surprisingly, he found what he was looking for. A small dent appeared on the scorpion’s stinger, alarming the scorpion himself.

“!!!” The scorpion couldn’t believe that Theo used his life to make a dent in his stinger.

But even more shocking, his body started to burn to ashes, making the scorpion unable to do anything with his corpse.

“What?!” The scorpion wanted to put out the fire, but he was too late because the body had completely gone.

He didn’t realize Theo was actually burning his own clone at the last moment to make it look like he had died.

Unbeknownst to him, Theo was still lurking in the shadows, planning to think more about his power before challenging the enemy again.

“I see… This is the gap between a World Class Monster and me. I can overwhelm them with my unique power, but the longer I can’t kill them, the more disadvantageous the situation becomes.

“In that case, how about ambushing this monster with my real body? No, even with it, I don’t have a guarantee to win. The best plan to kill the monster is to exhaust it by fighting this monster several times.

“By continuously harassing this monster, I can push him to the point he can’t fight me anymore. When that happens, I can kill him… Now that I think about it, should I fight him with my real body in the last fight?

“No, it’s better to stay hidden. This is the purpose of the clone. By using this clone, I can kill a World Class Monster without getting a single injury. Although I don’t know whether I can use it in the war that is about to come, I can test the effectiveness of this strategy.

“Yeah. I think this is the only way to do it.” Theo nodded in agreement.

He used the rest of the days to think about his power and copy ability. Despite being able to use them, the only one that he could perfectly recreate was the Ascension Step since the Wind Emperor taught him. The other abilities were not perfect because Theo didn’t know the true concept behind them.

Even so, it worked well enough for a bluff.

With this thought in mind, Theo summoned another clone to ambush the World Class Monster, planning to try a new strategy. But when he was about to harass the World Class Monster, he found the latter besieged by another group.

“What? There is a brave group that dares to challenge a World Class Monster? Damn, this is new.” Theo muttered in amusement as he flew toward them, wanting to see what was happening.

But the moment he came to the battlefield, he was spotted by someone he was familiar with.

“Ah! Theo!”

Theo’s body shook, and he immediately followed the voice, finding the familiar petite figure on the ground. She had a few wounds on her body, but it wasn’t life-threatening.



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