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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1675: Heavenly Sovereign Bahasa Indonesia

“Die!” The scorpion roared while stinging Theo with all his might. The Magic Power in his stinger was overwhelming and the concentrated silver sand felt like it could melt everything.

However, Theo wasn’t scared of this power. He knew that it was impossible to fight this strength with his Irregular Guardian, so he changed his approach.

“Let’s use this one.” Theo smirked and clapped his hands. Suddenly, huge trigrams appeared beneath his feet.

If the Time God was a man of focus, who controlled his Time Element to perfection. The Heavenly Sovereign was actually a jack of all trades. He didn’t focus on a single element because he never had an element to begin with.

He looked like Theo at first glance, but he took a path different from him. If Theo used his illusion ability to use other people’s abilities, the Heavenly Sovereign used his lack of affinity to replicate other elements.

And the only way for him to replicate those elements was the trigrams.

Fire, Earth, Lake, Heaven, Water, Mountain, Thunder, and Wind. Each of them represented his element. When the Heavenly Sovereign showed his universe, Theo had gotten a bit of understanding of his power.

In that universe, the Heavenly Sovereign was in control because he was in control over the elements. The rule imposed by him was the rule of elements. It wasn’t that he created a weird combination with the chest.

“Eight elements, four seasons, and four parts of the day. Sixteen representations and sixteen pieces of chess. These were the rules in our game back then…” Theo smirked. “And…”

The trigrams underneath his feet released all eight elements from each point.

“… I don’t understand the true meaning of your ability, but I’m going to borrow your true technique a bit, Heavenly Sovereign… No, Elements Saint.” Theo lifted his finger.

The trigrams spun around as the ‘Mountain’ stood right in front of the stinger, stopping it.

However, the stinger was stronger than the mountain as the former crushed it in an instant.

But the moment the stinger pierced through, it was suddenly enveloped by leaves. Even when the silver sand melted them, the leaves continued to appear until they covered the stinger completely.

After that, a thunderous sound reverberated in their ears as a huge spark occurred around the stinger, trying to blast it away, if not crushing it.

“!!!” The scorpion gritted his teeth while glaring at Theo. He certainly felt this power. Due to the leaves covering the stinger, his silver sand couldn’t disperse the lightning, causing him to stop.

“Tsk.” Even though he managed to stop the scorpion’s attack, Theo didn’t look like he was satisfied at all. If the Heavenly Sovereign was the one utilizing this ability, he could even launch the enemy back.

“Should I learn Taoism to understand this power further? But I don’t have too much time recently. Whatever.” Theo sighed and spun the trigrams again, putting the Fire and Wind in front.

A blazing fire appeared in the air as the gentle wind began to become ferocious and fuse with the fire, releasing a fire tornado.

“!!!” The scorpion widened his eyes and shot this fire tornado with his poison, but the fire was so fierce that it vaporized the poison in an instant. “What? The poison should be stronger than that… No, that’s not just fire and wind…”

Theo smirked as he muttered inwardly, ‘Mountain and Thunder represent the morning and spring while Fire and Wind represent the noon and summer. This is perfect.’

Theo glanced at the sky. During this blazing summer, the sunlight was amplifying the fire. That was the reason why Theo was able to vaporize the poison in an instant. If he was fighting in the winter, this power would be weakened.

The scorpion greeted his teeth as his silver sand gathered together, forming a huge shield to block this fire.

The fire was trying to burn the sand to nothing, but the silver sand was trying to corrode the fire itself to extinguish it.

“Kh.” The scorpion gritted his teeth. He couldn’t understand Theo’s ability because he had been changing his technique to the point it didn’t make sense anymore. All elements, all Five Aspects, and all kinds of abilities. There was no way someone could keep up with this in their first fight.

The scorpion knew it would be dangerous if he didn’t do anything. So, he gathered even more sand from his surroundings. This time, the sand turned into silver sand, making one think the scorpion could create unlimited silver sand.

However, Theo also noticed that the scorpion used a lot of energy when converting the new sand into silver sand.

But before he could observe any further, the scorpion had looped around and formed a huge silver ball with this new sand. Since Theo was in the middle of the trigrams, he knew Theo wouldn’t be able to leave this place unless he retracted the technique itself.

Just like Theo, the Silver Saint was able to see the enormous energy Theo used to activate this technique.

Hence, he also wanted to stop Theo from continuously using this technique to force him to use it again so that Theo wasted a lot of energy.

Theo noticed his intention and immediately spun the trigrams, moving the ‘Earth’ and ‘Lake’ forward.

The ‘Earth’ called forth a huge stone wall from the ground, stopping it like the mountain. However, the power was a bit lacking compared to the mountain. After all, the Earth and Lake represented Afternoon and Autumn. The temperature had decreased significantly, which didn’t match the current season.

The silver ball shattered the stone wall easily, heading straight to Theo. But surprisingly, Theo had another trump card, which was the lake.

As soon as the ball shattered the wall, the scorpion could see a huge pond in front of Theo. His sand would become useless if it fell into the pond, but he could still continue controlling his ability. This way, his sand wouldn’t become wet.

Unfortunately for him, there was another huge wall on top of the silver ball. This was the shattered wall Theo had gathered with his Telekinesis. He compressed them into another ball and let it fall right at the top of the silver ball.

“What?!” The scorpion widened his eyes in shock because Theo’s plan was to knock the silver ball into the pond.

“Bam!” Theo smirked.


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