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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1674: Tricking the Monsters Bahasa Indonesia

“Die!” The other King Class Monsters approached him as well, taking advantage of this opportunity to kill Theo. Even the scorpion gathered his energy into his stinger as if planning to shoot something other than his poison.

However, the only one who could see Theo’s expression was actually the ape.

When the other King Class Monsters reached his range, a smile appeared on Theo’s face.

“!!!” The ape widened his eyes and saw the blood on his hand disappear as if it was just an illusion. It turned out he had been tricked by Theo. “Not good! He is not injured!”

Theo had actually used his Supernatural Snake Body and Alter Ego to boost his Endurance. And he managed to withstand that attack without a single injury.

The instant the ape warned the others, Theo suddenly stood up as if proving what the ape just said.

The other King Class Monsters were startled and used all their strength to stop their momentum. They had to regain some distance to avoid Theo’s attack.

But this was actually what Theo wanted. The hesitation that appeared in their mind was the opportunity Theo needed to kill another King Class Monster.

He used his Blink to appear before that monster and changed his weapon into a sniper rifle. He pointed it at the monster’s head, planning to blast that head from point blank range.

“Ah, no…” The King Class Monster panicked and wanted to use his power to block Theo’s attack, but he had just retracted his attack the moment the ape shouted, so he had no other way to stop this attack.

Theo only poured his Magic Power into this attack as he shot the sniper rifle, sending forth a huge beam that vaporized not only the head but also the entire body.

“With this, another King Class Monster has died.”

“You…” The ape gasped. “You tricked me! That illusion was actually to trick me, not the others… You wanted me to warn them so that they retracted their power and went back. And you used that opportunity to kill them.”

The ape’s face became pale, never expecting he was tricked into helping Theo.

“Nice assist.” Theo smirked, admitting he did such a thing.

“You bastard. How dare you kill my people again!” The scorpion had enough energy put into his stinger.

Theo smiled again as if he had predicted this and planned to use this ability to kill someone else.

The ape saw that expression and wanted to stop their saint, but he remembered what Theo had just done. He might be using the same trick again to make him stop the saint, so the ape didn’t say anything.

The stinger released a beam of silver light that seemed to be able to corrode everything.

But the moment he did it, Theo used his World Re-Creation to expand the reality around the World Class Monster. Instead of moving the beam, he was actually moving the source of the beam to the side.

“No, wait!” The World Class Monster didn’t realize Theo wanted to make him kill his own subordinate by using this silver laser. He tried to stop it, but it was too late because Theo also expanded the reality next to the King Class Monster, causing them to move toward each other.

And that silver light blasted the King Class Monster, evaporating its whole body.

“You… You made me kill my people…” The scorpion looked at him in horror. Meanwhile, the ape gasped and said, “Your smile earlier… No, you were planning to do this from the start and you knew I wouldn’t fall into such a trick again. However, if I actually told the saint to stop, he wouldn’t have to kill—!”

The ape was terrified. Theo didn’t look like a human anymore. He looked like a demon.

By manipulating their mind and action, Theo could make them assist him.

“You… You…” The ape didn’t know what to say anymore. He didn’t know whether he should tell the others about what he saw or not anymore. After all, it might be Theo’s trick again.

The Silver Saint was trembling because this was the first time he had seen an opponent like Theo. His anger soared because Theo made him kill one of his subordinates.

But if he continued like this, his subordinates might all die even if he could somehow kill Theo.

“Space!” The scorpion narrowed his eyes, knowing he had to fight Theo alone to reduce the casualty. “Bring back everyone else. I’ll be killing him here!”

“But Saint, he…”

“Go! You should know by now that he is a devil that can force us to kill our own people. If you remain here, I might still be able to win the battle, but all of you might die in the process!”

The ape and the other King Class Monsters trembled. They knew the saint was simply spitting out facts.

“Just go. Even though he is tricky, his strength is far lower than mine. I won’t lose against him no matter what!”

After hearing that last message, everyone was determined not to go in his way. The ape clapped his hands to form a portal, regrouping with others before they ran away.

“My Saint. Please kill him!” The ape shouted.

“Yeah.” The Silver Saint nodded, glaring at Theo as if he wasn’t planning to let Theo live.

Despite their conversation, Theo surprisingly didn’t make his move this whole time as if he was planning to let them go, no, Theo wouldn’t be able to kill them anymore since they were adamant about running away instead of killing him.

“You are going to die a brutal death. I won’t kill you immediately. Instead, you’re going to suffer for a long time before I kill you!” The scorpion released his killing intent.

“Is that so? In that case, let’s see whether you can keep me alive or not.” Theo smiled. He didn’t mention anything about staying alive, confusing the scorpion. However, the latter brushed it off because Theo might just be playing with his words again.

Little did he know, the King Class Monsters he had sent back earlier met their ends.

The real Theo was standing in the middle of the corpses of the King Class Monsters while smiling. “Thought so.”


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