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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1657: Combine Bahasa Indonesia

“You…” The shark was dumbfounded. “No, you’re just trying to act tough.”

“Who cares about it? After all, you’re going to be irrelevant from now on.” Theo smiled. The shark was bound to die in this place, and there was no Hell or Heaven right now, so his soul wouldn’t go to reincarnation or the afterlife, making him unable to see what happened next.

Theo smirked. The shark didn’t know if what Theo said was correct or not.

If he had predicted everything and the spy was a double agent, then they had been trapped. There would be a huge blow to the sea race. If Theo was just acting tough, the base that would survive the attack would only be this base.

It felt like Theo was walking on top of a thread where he could fall at any moment.

However, Theo still walked on this path with a confident smile on his face.

He took a deep breath as if he was a bit tired from using all the energy he had recklessly. Although he could injure the shark a bit, his Order Energy had been reduced to a third of its full amount and his Magic Power was only half. If this fight continued, the monster would be able to win this battle.

“You’re insane.” The shark gritted his teeth.

“I’m insane? No.” Theo smirked as he disappeared. He used his Alter Ego again to appear next to the shark.

The shark hurriedly used the plastic shield again, but Theo had been changing his power continuously this whole time, allowing him to adjust the speed of his ability.

Before he even reached the shark, he had already begun using his Reality Removal, erasing the plastic glass.

“!!!” The shark widened his eyes and used both his plastic arms to block this slash. “Kh.”

He gritted his teeth because the sword cut down his arms and slashed his fin. Although the wound was superficial, having more wounds would just reduce his physical ability.

The longer it continued, the weaker the shark would become. And when the second saint appeared, he might not be able to defeat them. That was why Theo was just a bait to exhaust him.

“You… You are ready to sacrifice yourself to kill me.” The shark gritted his teeth. He never thought Theo would be this crazy.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Theo smiled and changed his Alter Ego again, slashing the shark.

“Kh.” The shark gritted his teeth and blocked the attack, but two more wounds appeared on his body. He hurriedly closed the wound with his plastic, making the blood unable to flow outside.

But if he continued this way, he wouldn’t be able to take care of all his wounds.

Theo didn’t care much about his condition as he continued to attack without caring about his remaining Order Energy or Magic Power.

His attack became even fiercer as he grew more accustomed to the change of pace. This might be the first time Theo had become this reckless, but his attack was effective.

Unfortunately, the shark had extraordinary endurance, a vast amount of Magic Power, and unique power. Even though Theo had spent most of his power, he could only weaken the shark for a bit.

The shark should still be able to utilize seventy percent of its power.

“You are too reckless to fight, Theodore Griffith. You might be strong, but you’re too focused on your goal to kill me. If you maintain the current pace, you might weaken me further, and the second saint will be able to kill me.

“Maybe if your opponent is not me, you might be able to utilize their power to your advantage. Unfortunately, your opponent is me. My ability is your weakness, and the current plan is still better than your surprise attack. I can still escape from this battlefield.”

“I don’t care.” Theo took a deep breath and gathered all his strength into his sword. He took a deep breath as he was enveloped by the golden light that gradually formed a dragon head.

“That is…” Rea gasped. “My Dragon Form’s Dragon Crush.”

Theo smiled as if he wanted to show something to Rea. He flew forward, trying to challenge the World Class Monster with Rea’s technique.

“Do you think I’m scared of that technique?” The shark snorted and formed a plastic fork toward him.

Theo snorted and marched forward. When the fork was about to hit him, a turtle shell appeared, blocking this fork. After that, a snake appeared from the blade and circled around the fork before waving its body to throw the fork back.

“Hmm?!” The shark furrowed his eyebrows while using his plastic to deflect the fork.

“You can use two forms simultaneously? No, wait…” Rea gasped, finding Theo doing even more.

There were nine fox tails appearing behind Theo as a pair of oni horns grew on his forehead.

It turned out he was using Genbu’s power to defend, Fox Form for speed, Oni Form for power, and her Dragon Form to attack. He combined all four forms to show how she would become untouchable the moment she could fuse all those forms together.

Even the shark felt something different from this attack. He hurriedly used his plastic to block this attack.

The moment Theo hit this barrier, he was reinforcing his Strength with Alter Ego, cracking the barrier with his raw strength.

After that, he used the momentum from the speed he received from the Fox Form to crush the barrier.

Now that the opportunity to attack the shark had appeared, he summoned his turtle shell behind the shark so that he couldn’t escape and even sealed the space with the snake’s body.

Everything was just for this dragon.

“This battle is led by my disciple, you see. So, I have to show her victory with her power.” Theo smirked and waved his blade, releasing the dragon.

“NO!” The shark’s face became pale because his barrier had failed him. He used his fins to stop this attack, but the dragon felt like it was alive. Its roar was making his body tremble.

The dragon even flew out of Theo’s body and swallowed him.

“Gah!” The shark coughed up blood as he felt his body being pierced by a thousand needles.

Still, he couldn’t go down just from this as a World Class Monster. After a split second, he hurriedly formed a second plastic barrier, expelling the Magic Power out.

“Ha….” The shark fell to the ground while being isolated inside this barrier. He coughed up some blood as the previous attack was truly hurt. “Impossible.”


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