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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1656: Different from Reported Bahasa Indonesia

“No, you die!”

The shark’s body trembled for a second as it hurriedly used its plastic to block this attack. But Theo had used his Alter Ego to increase his strength again and hit the plastic with all his strength.


The shark couldn’t stop the attack this time because Theo used his Authority to change the plastic into glasses again. After that, the punch hit the shark’s body and launched him to the ground.

The huge plastic body crumbled, leaving only the shark on the ground.

After that, Theo changed his Alter Ego from strength to agility, increasing his speed tremendously.

He moved beyond the speed of the sound, leaving only the sonic boom behind. He arrived right before the shark and struck him after changing back the attribute to strength.

The shark formed a dome to stop Theo’s attack this time.

“!!!” Theo went so fast that he didn’t have enough time to change the plastic to glasses before hitting it.

In the end, his punch pushed the plastic down and shattered the ground. The entire battlefield was shaking as if an earthquake was happening, but this was just the power of one man.

“You are a fool. You’re just wasting your energy!” The shark shouted.

“Who cares about that?!” Theo released an even stronger strength and bent the plastic until its maximum limit, snapping it.

The shark gritted his teeth, never expecting Theo to be this reckless. He hurriedly flapped his tail and flew to the side to avoid Theo’s punch.

However, Theo kept changing his attribute to either Strength or Agility. He used Agility to chase after the shark and hit the shark with his Strength.




There was so much destruction on the battlefield when Theo began his rampage. The shark was shocked and got bruises on his body because Theo sometimes caught him off guard with his speed.

It seemed Theo was serious about killing him this time.

“You! Even if you can kill me, you won’t be able to reverse the situation that is happening all around the world!” said the shark, trying to distract Theo.

The moment he heard that statement, Theo couldn’t help but smile.

“Why are you smiling? There is nothing funny here.”

“Ah, yes. Nothing funny. Like what I said earlier…” Theo’s smile became bigger as he asked, “Do you think I’ll be tricked by this cheap plan?”

“Huh?” The shark was confused for a moment before everything was clear when he heard Theo saying, “Your spy… Are you sure it is your spy?”

“Our spy… Wait, you…” The shark gasped and misunderstood Theo’s question. That question was only meant to make him rethink the answer, but it ended up causing a misunderstanding in the shark’s head. “That spy is a double agent?! If that’s the case, then our counter plan…”

The shark’s face became pale. He was horrified by the current situation. If Theo gave a certain plan and the spy told them about it. They would surely make a counter plan. However, what they didn’t know was that the spy was actually Theo’s agent. By giving them his plan, Theo could predict the counter plan against his own before making another one to counter their plan.

In other words, they had been playing in Theo’s hands this whole time.



“Die, die, die!” The eel shouted while electrocuting the people. He moved so fast, rampaging on the land.

Suddenly, huge ice spikes began to come out of the ground, trying to pierce his skin.

“!!!” The eel was surprised and turned its body around, barely avoiding the ice spikes. But another wave of ice spikes came from the opposite sides, trapping the eel. “This power… I’ll just destroy it!”

The eel discharged an electric shock to destroy the ice, but the ice actually dispersed the lightning easily.

“This power…” The eel gasped and turned around, finding a huge ice pillar forming out of nowhere. On top of that ice pillar was Flora, the Ice Witch. “Why are you here?”

The eel thought the Transcendent Level Experts from the human race would be the ones stopping him because Flora was supposed to be in the Netherlands. Yet, he hadn’t seen a single Transcendent Level Expert in this place before Flora appeared.

“Wait, you…” The eel gasped, realizing their situation.

“You are a fool.”

As she said that, Leonardo was standing with the Princess, the Great Guardian, the Empress, and the Pope.

“The Princess’s royal guards and the Great Guardian’s army will be handling our left plank. The Empress’s disciples and the church’s holy knights will fight on our right plank. And my War God Family will destroy the center. Objections?”

“To think that your speculation is correct… We’re glad to change places with Flora.” The princess smiled.

“Indeed. That’s why I don’t mind burning out today. I’m going to crush our enemies completely this time.” The Great Guardian nodded.

“The union has given me a new place to live, so I’ll be repaying the favor.”

“Well, I just hope no one gets injured.” The Pope smiled.

“Let’s go!” Leonardo smirked as they went to their own people to start marching to the battlefield.

Just like the union, United Asia also handled their enemies.

The ‘Kraken’ was laughing while destroying the humans. But suddenly, numerous trigrams appeared and locked its tentacles, making him stop.

“Mhm?!” The Kraken was startled and looked at his tentacles before tracing the Magic Power back to the man standing on top of a trigram in the air. “You… How are you here?!”

The man who was using the trigram was none other than the Heavenly Sovereign. However, it was weird for him to appear here because the Daemon was supposed to be holding this place.

Zhao Jia, who was following him this whole time, couldn’t help but smile helplessly. She remembered the time the Heavenly Sovereign went to drink with the Sword Saint and the Daemon.

It turned out he was trying to change their position after Theo gave false information to their enemies.

The Heavenly Sovereign pointed at the Kraken and said with a smile. “I’m here because I want a takoyaki tonight. After all, takoyaki and beer are a good combination, you know! I can make the Sword Saint cook you tonight. Hahahaha!”


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