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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1658: Turning Around the Situation Bahasa Indonesia

Rea was stunned for a while, never expecting her power to be able to harm even a World Class Monster if she was able to use it properly.

“Embodiment Order. My power allows me to become an embodiment of a creature. But have I been using it wrong this whole time? There are Five Aspects (Awareness, Breathing, Control, Technique, and Endurance) and Five Attributes (Strength, Agility, Vitality, Endurance, and Magic Power).

“My Genbu Form is the embodiment of Endurance Aspect and Attribute, my Nine Tailed Fox Form is the embodiment of Awareness and Agility, my Oni Form represents my Technique and Strength, my Dragon Form is the image of Control and Vitality, while my Tengu Form reflects my Breathing and Magic Power.

“However, my Teacher is actually showing me the potential of fusing all of them at once… No, wait. I haven’t even used this power to its full potential! For example, there is a chimera in western mythology, a being that has multiple races mixed into it!

“Even in our Japanese Mythology, there is Kirin (Qilin) that has a dragon’s head and ox, deer, or horse body… If the head represents the dragon I have now and the body represents other powers, can’t I get empowerment from both?

“Now that I think about it, there are also many yokai and creatures that have many body parts. Ah… If I combine Fox and Oni, it might give a different power compared to the fusion between Dragon and Oni… Combining three, four, or even all of them will give me an even stronger power.

“What Teacher showed me earlier was the potential of my ability. He was just copying something that I hadn’t even used, so it was not completed. Then, if I complete it, won’t it become an even stronger technique?”

Rea gasped. It felt like a huge door was opened in her heart. She felt she had been a bit too complacent after becoming a Queen. Theo was indirectly implying not to drown in her sudden empowerment because this was just the start of her true journey.

“I have made a mistake…” Rea clenched her fists. On the one hand, she was ashamed for not realizing it sooner. On the other hand, she was glad to have a teacher like Theo. She swore in her heart. “There is a sky above the sky. Haha, a Martial Path is indeed a never-ending journey. I’m thankful to fate for allowing me to become his disciple.”

Rea took a deep breath while the others gave her time to sort her thoughts for a moment.

Meanwhile, Theo was panting in the air while staring at the injured shark on the ground.

A part of his body got charred from the dragon’s energy. Of course, the dragon was infused by Fire Element through his Order and his illusion created the burning sensation. When it was applied to reality, he managed to injure the shark like this.

However, it was still too much, considering the shark was still able to exert a great amount of power. On the other hand, he had exhausted his Order Energy. Even though he still had some Magic Power, his attack wouldn’t be that powerful without that energy.

The shark smirked and hurriedly formed his plastic body again as he challenged Theo in the sky.

“Even I don’t know whether I’ll be able to defeat the second saint in this condition. You’re truly extraordinary Theodore Griffith. However, this is the time you die.”

“I’ll die? No, that will never happen.” Theo smiled.

“Hahaha. It seems that you are careless today, Theodore Griffith. Do you think I throw away all the trash we’ve carried here out of respect for you? No! I just want to make you think they have no use so that I can use them right now to defeat you. That’s why—” The shark laughed uncontrollably while trying to control the trash he had thrown earlier to return. However, no matter how hard he tried to call them, he didn’t feel anything from the trash.

It was as if the trash had vanished into thin air.

“Huh?” The shark widened his eyes in confusion, wondering what was wrong with his ability. He thought Theo was using his illusion to make him unable to use his ability, but that wasn’t the case.

He suddenly remembered when Theo gave him information about the spy.

“Wait…” The shark gasped as if realizing something. “No, wait. Don’t tell me…”

“It seems that you’ve realized it.” Theo smirked.

Suddenly, another Theo appeared from the side with a smile on his face while the Theo the shark had been fighting this whole time reappeared next to him as if he had just been resummoned. All his energy and Magic Power returned to the peak since it copied the real body’s condition.

“What? I’ve been fighting a clone this whole time…” The shark widened his eyes. Although he had prepared for this, it was simply unbelievable to have someone in this world who could become two Authority Level Figures just by himself.

After all, Authority was something beyond everyone’s imagination. Its power, prestige, strength… everything. Yet, Theo was able to bypass that limitation with his clone.

He didn’t know that the clone skill came from the God of Mischief. In fact, the clone itself might be the greatest skill that he wanted Theo to inherit. After all, this was the first skill that the God of Mischief gave to Theo.

It was the start of Theo’s journey and might be the end of it as well.

Nonetheless, this powerful clone had forced him to use a huge portion of his energy. Theo could simply recharge it again and again with his clone ability, while the shark could only die if he couldn’t find the real Theo.

“You’re simply too foolish. Do you think I will bother to fight you with my real body?” Theo smirked while pointing his sword at the shark’s neck.

With the sudden appearance of the clone, the situation changed.


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