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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1561: Poison Bahasa Indonesia

The situation was chaotic. There were battles everywhere and if one collapsed, the others would feel the effect.

When looking at this situation, Theo furrowed his eyebrows. The Griffith Family had openly shown their strength, so it would be impossible for them to cause another surprise. At the very least, Theo had no information or prediction more than this.

On the other hand, he still feared the mutated monsters. There was still a long line of mutated monsters that kept replacing the monsters that had died.

There was a chance that another King Class Monsters would appear. When that time arrived, it would be extremely dangerous due to the fact that a mutated King Class Monster could defeat a few opponents of the same level.

This was what he feared because he had used all his cards in this war. In other words, if he couldn’t finish the Griffith Family as soon as possible, he wouldn’t be able to handle the worse situation.

With that thought in mind, Theo’s eyes flashed as his body started emitting intense killing intent, locking the Poison King. As long as he could kill the Poison King, he would be free to handle other situations.

The Poison King felt the threat from Theo and immediately jumped back while releasing a cloud of poison.

Theo easily pushed away the poison by using his Underworld Body. After that, he came closer to the Poison King, who was forming another cloud of poison. But because he knew that Theo would simply remove it, he chose to shoot this poisonous cloud to the ground instead of Theo.

“!!!” Theo furrowed his eyebrows, not knowing what he was planning. But when he looked at the ground, he realized there was a hole that he must have prepared beforehand.

“Not good!” Theo hurriedly used all his speed to reach the hole first, but he could only stop a third of the poison cloud, whereas the rest seemed to be distributed everywhere.

When Theo turned around, he saw the poison mist coming out of the ground’s pores, trees, and other unexpected areas. In other words, the Griffith Family had been preparing for this battlefield this whole time.

And the poison cloud struck his people as well as the Griffith Family. When they sucked that poison, they spat a mouthful of blood, but the Griffith Family didn’t show such a symptom.

“Gah!” Rea gritted her teeth and raised her sword as two punches landed on her. The blade managed to stop one of them, but the other one hit her chest, blowing her away.

“Kh.” Rea crashed to the ground fifty feet from her original position.

Felix also stopped utilizing his light to stop Alexej from using his power, causing a sword to stab his waist.

Felix hurriedly jumped away while covering his wound. He realized that something was weakening his power, but when he noticed the green smoke coming out of the ground, he realized what was happening.

It turned out the Griffith Family had prepared an antidote beforehand. And the Poison King only had to bring Theo a bit farther from them as they tried to take advantage of this situation to kill Theo’s people.

Unfortunately for them, Theo’s subordinates were elites among elites. They weren’t that easy to kill.

However, there was one man lacking in fighting prowess among them. If the rest was hurt in one way or another, this guy actually had his hand crushed.

“Shit.” Chris gritted his teeth while holding his right hand that had bent in a weird way. Without his right hand, he wouldn’t be able to produce a decent melody, so this would give Theo’s group enough disadvantages.

Chris’ support that could increase one’s ability stopped, and those who had to fight multiple enemies immediately felt the pressure. They were also injured because of the poison. If this continued, they might die.

It seemed that the Griffith Family and the Poison King were like long-lost brothers. They were lucky that both of them only joined hands recently or else the world would be more chaotic.

Theo had returned to the group and utilized his Underworld Body to repel the poison in their bodies. However, the wound still remained, causing them to be weaker.

And the Poison King managed to catch up to him, launching a sneak attack when Theo was busy dispelling the poison.

Theo had used his other hand to stop it, but the Poison King took this advantage to graze his entire right arm. The wound was so big that it started coating Theo’s arm red.

“Tsk.” Theo clicked his tongue, kicked the Poison King away, and shouted, “Are you alright, Chris?”

Even in this situation, Theo was still worried about Chris’ condition, which was the worst among them.

“He won’t be fine because I’ll kill him now!” The expert from the Griffith Family roared as he leaped to Chris with Magic Power covering his fist. “Die!”

“I humbly refuse.” Chris pressed the piano key, releasing a powerful shock wave that stopped the punch.

“!!!” The expert widened his eyes in shock because he couldn’t penetrate this barrier.

“I can manage for a while, but I don’t think I can give you any support,” answered Chris with a calm expression as if he wasn’t planning to die in this place.

“That’s all to it.”

“You heard that?” Theo asked the rest of the group. “Kill them without him.”

Rea, Walker, Coline, Felix, and Akbar acknowledged with a calm expression. “Roger that.”

“Do you think you can stop them anymore? You have to play with me a bit more, Theodore Griffith.” The Poison King smirked. He was simply playing tag with Theo because he wanted to waste as much Magic Power as possible, allowing the original Theo to defeat him sooner or later.

But whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, a huge roar suddenly resounded across the battlefield, alarming everyone in the area.

This roar came from a tiger half the size of the zombie dragon. But the tiger seemed to have a snake tail instead of the normal tail. The snake was spitting venom to the side, but the worst part was that the poison was potent enough to melt everything it touched.


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