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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1560: Union’s Reinforcement Bahasa Indonesia




Numerous missiles hit the mutated monsters and exploded, causing a ruckus in the monsters’ ranks. Some monsters instantly exploded, while some monsters were still strong enough to protect themselves from the blast.

And if they had enough distance from the blast, it wouldn’t injure them that much, considering the monsters had tougher skin.

Even with all these missiles, only around a hundred actually died.

Still, there was a huge danger with flying not far from the monsters. Although it allowed them to send the missile, they had exposed themselves to danger.

At this altitude, some monsters had opened their mouths and begun to shoot their power.

The attacks flew like a bullet, and the pilots of the fighter jets began to panic.

“Go up, go up!”


“Eagle-20 is down.”

“Eagle-25 is down.”

The report started coming, but they hadn’t left the danger yet because the mutated flying monsters began to attack them after a single roar from the zombie dragon.

“Mutated monsters are spotted.”

“Evasive maneuver. Evasive maneuver.”

The fighter jets began to change their direction as a new order came in.

“Outrun them with your speed and hunt them down. They’re going to be dangerous for the people below.”

“Eagle-01, copy. Engaging the flying monsters.”

The fighter jets began their dog tag with the flying monsters. The flying monsters had great maneuverability since they simply flapped their wings to change their direction. On the other hand, the fighter jets had a speed advantage, causing their battle to be unique.

A flock of flying monsters suddenly entered their battlefield and started to attack the mutated monsters to shift the situation.

“Report, Report! There are numerous monsters entering our battlefield.”


“Wait! The normal monsters are our allies. The mutated monsters are our enemies.”

“They look the same to me!”

“Focus on the mutated monsters on the land. The flying monsters will stop those mutated monsters in the sky!”


“No, but! We have to fight together to win!”

“Copy that!”

The fighter jets began to disengage before regrouping in the sky, preparing for another strike.

Leonardo, who watched this battle, was simply dumbfounded. In front of him was a battle between humans and mutated monsters. To his right was a battle between monsters and the mutated monsters. But if he looked to the left, he found Theo’s group stopping the Griffith Family. Last but not least, the sky was a battle between the three sides, so he had to trust the monsters and focus on the land.

“Where are our tanks and helicopters?” Leonardo asked.

“We will be arriving in two minutes.”

“The ground force is ready.”

“Got it. Headquarters, give the ground force the coordinate. Focus on helping our people on the ground.” Leonardo ordered before he could find numerous bullets falling in the enemy’s rank.




Leonardo furrowed his eyebrows because the explosions were too loud. He knew that it would bring a bit of trouble to the people there, but they had to endure it for the time being until the army could be switched to a fresher one.

It didn’t take too long for the fighter jets to appear again, shooting their missiles to suppress the mutated monsters. And the helicopters would soon come to add some extra powers.

They were certainly losing some fighter jets, but this was still a good development because it would give them some advantage against the mutated monsters.

The monsters were also watching this. The Dark King muttered, “That looks fun. I wonder if this would happen had we invaded humans? The explosions weren’t that dangerous for me, but they surely stopped a portion of my force.”

The troll, who assisted the Dark King, shook his head helplessly. “The spirits said that they had seen this kind of scene in the past when the teleportation once appeared and the humans started invading our place. To think that we would be helping our invaders now…”

“We’re not helping humans. We’re only helping him.”

The ‘him’ in his mouth was none other than Theo. Even the troll agreed as he smiled, “That’s right.”

The two smiled as they began focusing on the zombie dragon again.

The current battlefield was in a stalemate since everyone managed to stop each other’s forces. However, the balance would soon be tipped over because of a sudden appearance of a certain monster.

This monster had a humanoid body, but her hands were wings and her feet had talons like that of a bird.

When she looked at the incoming fighter jets, the monster roared angrily before flapping its wings, shooting numerous feathers. The feathers regenerated right after, but the launched feathers flew like a bullet.

Most of the feathers missed, but five of them hit the fighter jets, causing five of them to explode.


The screams of the dying pilot didn’t last long. The only thing that lasted was the shock and hatred of the living pilots.


“Something is shooting us down.”

“We have a visual. The mutated monster is a human with bird limbs… This monster looks like a harpy, and that power… I’m afraid it’s a King Class Monster.”

“It’s going to fly to destroy all of us!”

The people panicked because the appearance of this harpy would turn around the situation. But suddenly, a huge ruckus occurred in the monster’s area as the Steel King charged at the harpy without fear.

The harpy was confused and flapped its wings, shooting her feathers again. But the Steel King wasn’t afraid because the feathers couldn’t even leave a scratch on his body.

“Hahaha. This is the time for me to shine. I’m going to stop this one!” The Steel King smirked. This was the time he was waiting for.

Seeing her attack wasn’t effective, the harpy flapped her wings to fly to the sky.

However, the Hidden King that was clinging on top of the Steel King’s back made his appearance and let out a long tongue, catching the harpy’s feet.

After that, the Sky King descended and created a powerful gale that blew the harpy to the ground.

Before reaching the ground, the Steel King struck her body, launching her far away.


The harpy crashed a quarter mile from her position as she now had enemies to take care of.


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