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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1562: Threat Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you serious?” Both Theo and Leonardo were asking the same thing. After all, no one would be able to stop another mutated King Class Monster. If it came to them, they would have to sacrifice thousands of people just to buy time.

“Hahahaha! This is why I’m the chosen one!” The original Theo laughed as this mutated monster was a blessing to them. They had fought in a place away from the mutated monsters because they knew the mutated monsters would fight anyone.

Still, the fact that another monster like this appeared meant they could destroy the union by riding on this mutated monster’s achievement.

They simply had to allow them to wreak havoc, and the union would collapse.

“Shit,” Leonardo shouted in anger because there was simply no one left to handle this monster other than him. But if he left this post, the army would collapse. And there was no way he could stop a mutated monster like this one.

Suddenly, a huge black flame ran through the ground, aiming for this half-lion half-snake.

The snake spat a venom that melted the flame itself, and the dark color that remained on the ground also melted together with the fire.

“!!!” Theo glanced to the side, recognizing this attack. He soon saw the Dark King glaring at Theo.

“You… You have to retreat. I have promised the Frost Saint to make sure that all of you return alive!” Theo shouted while gritting his teeth.

“Don’t you dare to order that. This fight hasn’t ended yet.” The Dark King roared as his armor began to fall one by one, showing his real appearance. “The war has just begun! Do you think I’ll go back without a fight?”

“You…” Theo wanted to stop him, but the Dark King turned around, ignoring him.

The Dark King glared at the two humans and the troll. “Oi, you two humans. You have to work with my friend, the Shaman King, to stop this idiot dragon while I’m not here.”

“Oi, Dark King! You’re not planning to…” The Shaman King fell silent, realizing that the Dark King had made up his mind. He sighed before ten lights appeared on his back. “Great Spirit Possession!”

The Dark King smiled and asked, “Can I leave it to you?”

“Thirty minutes. I’m going to burn away all my power to give you thirty minutes. Don’t die.”

“Foolish advice. I’m not going to die before I can beat our Saint.” The Dark King flew toward the other monster while shouting, “There you go, Theo. I’ll give you thirty minutes.”

“…” Theo was speechless. Challenging the monster alone was suicidal, even for the Dark King. It was true that the Dark King was the closest one to reach the Authority, but he still wasn’t at Theo’s level yet.

So, thirty minutes were a stretch, and no one would know if he could even stop this monster or not.

But seeing that the Dark King planned to do this by himself, Theo had no choice other than to respond to his determination.

“Tsk.” Theo clicked his tongue as if formulating his plan. “It seems that I have to burn my mind today.”

The original Theo laughed while stating, “Burning your mind? It’s useless. No matter what you do today, no one will be able to stop us. This is the price that the union has to pay for daring to go against me!”

Hearing that mockery, Theo smiled and said to the one giving the command of the army.

“Grandfa… Ahem, War Saint. I have to ask you to replace my position and stop the Poison King. Buy me some time to handle this…”

Leonardo was startled by this request. Even though he wanted to move as well, the army couldn’t handle it. The situation would simply become worse if he didn’t take the helm.

It was at this time that Marzio walked to him and said, “Father. Let me take control in your stead. I might not be as good as you, but buying thirty minutes should be possible. Besides, we still have air support to use.”

“…” Leonardo fell silent for a moment before stating, “I, Leonardo Guerrero, am now giving my full authority to the acting supreme commander, Marzio Guerrero.”

This statement was a formality so that everyone knew that Marzio would be taking the command. In fact, without this statement, Marzio would just break martial law if he dared to take command unless his situation was like Theo, who basically became the third party.

Leonardo also smoothened the process by replaying Theo’s order so that they knew he agreed to that plan.

And with this, Leonardo tossed the Skylink to Marzio and leaped to the Poison King. A King Piece appeared behind him as it slashed his sword.

“!!!” The Poison King leaped back while melting the sword strike with his poison. Still, the power contained inside the sword strike pushed him two hundred feet back.

Leonardo took a deep breath before his pieces came to life one after another. The first one to appear was a similar armor to the one he previously summoned but with a staff instead of a sword.

Then, a pair of bishops appeared, raising their wands. Next to them was a pair of knights wielding a long spear, while the very front was blocked by a pair of armor wielding huge shields.

Last but not least were the pawns, the smaller pieces that might be weak but could become anything.

“I’ll bury you here today, Poison King. Even if it takes all my power to do so.” Leonardo raised his hands as white light shone from his armors. “Divine Chess.”

The Poison King wasn’t afraid of Leonardo because his rank wasn’t that far from Leonardo. He smirked and accepted the challenge. “Do it if you can.”

On the other hand, Theo had leaped to the union’s command center as if asking for protection. He sat down, crossed his legs, and closed his eyes.

“I’ll leave my protection to you.” Theo gave the last message before taking a deep breath, meditating again to finish his law. “It might be incomplete, but it seems that I have to take this step.”

Suddenly, his body emitted golden light as if Theo was trying to do something big.

Seeing this, the original Theo panicked and shouted, “Not good! Stop him! Don’t let him break through to Saint!”


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