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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1547: Plan Bahasa Indonesia

After reading the letter from Theo, Leonardo pinched the bridge of his nose while sighing. “Is he serious?”

“I don’t know what the letter says since I haven’t read it.” Rea shook her head, unable to answer Leonardo’s doubt.

In the end, Leonardo handed the letter back so that Rea could take a look.

“The monsters are in a berserk state. To minimize the loss, use all sorts of weapons from the military as this is the only way to deal with the mutated monsters. After that, send in people to sweep them, but this is where the casualties begin to increase.

“Last but not least, send forth Flora Wegener to the frontline to fight against the mutated dragon. The mutated dragon should almost become a World Class Monster, and the fact that it’s mutated means the dragon’s strength should be equal to a World Class Monster.

“After or while fighting the dragon, Flora will become a perfect bait to bring out Mason Griffith. As the leader of the union, she has to sacrifice herself for the greater good. The rest of the plan will rely on Grandfather as you are the War Saint. Your battle plan is more suited to this scenario.”

“…” Rea didn’t expect the battle plan to be this simple. It wasn’t extraordinary either. Considering Theo’s strength came from his tricks, she thought she would be able to find something surprising in the plan, but she didn’t see anything weird.

On the other hand, Leonardo caught the hidden intention Theo had in this plan. He said while recalling the past memory. “I have confirmed this since a few years ago… Theo was never meant to be a strategist. After all, a strategist is someone who formulates a plan to victory.”

“But isn’t this the plan for victory?”

“No. Not at all. His real intention is in the third paragraph. He’s planning to pit Flora and Mason against each other. Mason might be helped by the mutated dragon, putting Flora at a disadvantage. Either Mason or Flora will die in this battle while the other will be severely weakened.”

“Ah!” Rea widened her eyes in shock. She almost forgot that Theo held some grudge against the union, especially the Griffith Family and Flora. The Griffith Family had hunted them before and Flora had threatened him and abandoned him while taking advantage of all his plans.

And this plan was his payback. Rea looked down while muttering, “Revenge huh…”

Leonardo sighed in reminiscence, “Just like the case with the Czar, the Safulli Group, or the commotion a few months ago, he doesn’t care about winning or victory. He just wants you to play in his hand the whole time for his own sake. Whether it’s amusement, revenge or whatever. But I know that everything will go in a bad way…

“In other words, the end result is not about victory or anything. It’s chaos. As for whether the chaos will give him an advantage or not, he doesn’t care. The Safulli Group and the Pata Corporation, the chaos causes the Safulli Group to collapse while his relationship with the Pata Corporation grows.

“In Czar’s case, the chaotic situation invited the Wind Emperor, and it ended up benefiting him as the Wind Emperor became his friend. As for the last commotion, the union took a hit, the War God Family and the Lexon Group were scrutinized, and the British Royal Family got some advantage.

“Can you see this? He never aimed for victory, he simply wanted to create some chaos since each event would cause the world to be disturbed by whatever they found at that time.

“And right now, the chance that Flora dies is quite high with this plan. If Flora and Mason die together, it might be the best scenario since no one has enough strength to rule the union anymore. That’s probably the time he will appear.

“Without anyone to lead the union, the people have to beg him, the person they have once abandoned to lead them. Such irony.”

Rea listened to Leonardo’s rant and understood Theo’s way of thinking.

She looked down because she might have been witnessing all that, but because she was a part of Theo, she never looked at it from others’ perspectives.

Her father’s relationship with him also caused a lot of controversies when it was revealed to the public. However, he somehow managed to convince her father to support him.

After that, the Heavenly Sovereign was the same. Zhao Jia once helped them when she was besieged in Thersland because Theo had gotten the Heavenly Sovereign’s cooperation.

Rea gulped down. She might have never understood Theo this whole time. In fact, the fact that his grandfather knew this might be within his plan. In other words, Theo was letting his grandfather understand him as such. And he allowed the others to know him as another thing, causing a huge confusion when all of them met.

Which one was actually the real Theo… Theo might be the only one having that answer.

Rea took a deep breath and asked, “However, it doesn’t seem that Sir War Saint is not planning to go with this kind of plan…”

“Of course. I am a strategist who fights for victory while minimizing our loss. So, I’m going to change the plan that suits my way of victory.”

“Well, it seems that I have finished my task here. I’m only here to inform you about this letter and the situation, so the rest will be up to you, Sir War Saint. I hope that you can keep everything a secret.”

“Of course. No matter how angry I am at my kids or grandkids, I won’t snitch on them. That’s the least I can do.” Leonardo nodded. “Still, how is he?”

“He is alright. And our environment isn’t that bad either, except for the lack of connection to Skynet. So, you don’t have to worry, Sir War Saint.”

“I see.” Leonardo let out a breath of relief and looked up, staring at the moon. “I really shouldn’t have told him how to get revenge without even doing anything.”

“…” Rea looked away as Leonardo might be the one responsible for the whole mess since he was Theo’s teacher who developed his strategic thinking. Of course, Rea wouldn’t say anything about it. She simply nodded her head before leaving.


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