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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1548: Control Bahasa Indonesia

After leaving the War God Family, Rea regrouped with Felix.

“How is the meeting?” Felix asked.

“It is as planned.” Rea nodded and took out another letter. This was a personal letter to her as Theo had listed all tasks in this one letter.

“I see. It seems that the War God Family will be taking over, especially in the planning.”

“Yeah. With the War Saint at the helm, I don’t think the union will lose. However, the enemies this time are quite troublesome. So, let’s move to the next place.” Rea smiled.

“Next place? Where is it?”

“The Lexon Group!” Rea smirked.

Felix widened his eyes in shock. The Lexon Group was one of Theo’s targets, but going there at this time would just cause a lot of trouble. So, he didn’t know what Theo wanted to do this time.

“I just want to let you know first that I can’t defeat Alexej.”

“Don’t worry, Theo doesn’t plan to fight inside the union this time.”


“Everything is just a build up, Felix.” Rea shook her head. “So, let’s take our time to build the tension and excitement, shall we?”

Felix gulped down, wondering what she wanted to do.

However, the answer came not long after because numerous headlines started to spread on Skynet.

“The Griffith Family is planning a coup d’etat?”

“The Griffith Family has been hiding this whole time. Is it true that they’re trying to cause another problem for the union?”

“The Griffith Family wants to destroy the union just like how they killed Theodore Griffith?”

“Help! The union has to act immediately!”

“The Griffith Family has to be stopped.”

When Felix read all the news, he realized that Rea was taking advantage of the grudge between the Lexon Group and the Griffith Family. Even if Alexej believed that Theo was the culprit of his son’s death, Theo wouldn’t take revenge if not for the Griffith Family.

Hence, this opportunity was a blessing to him. By using the power of the Lexon Group as an company, he started spreading all the rumors without hesitation.

Leonardo, Flora, and the rest of the members of the union were startled when they heard the report during their meeting.

“What?!” Flora widened her eyes in shock, never expecting there was chaos outside.

Leonardo, on the other hand, gulped down because he could see the scheme perfectly. Theo must be the culprit of the news because he was trying to pit Flora against Mason.

The public was demanding the union investigate the Griffith Family. And with the Lexon Group becoming the loudest influence in this area, it caused a lot of pressure.

“…” Leonardo realized that Theo was adamant about making those two against each other.

All of them took a look at the commotion in the Skynet. Everyone was demanding the Griffith Family be investigated completely this time.

They had lost Theo, who had once saved the union, so they didn’t want to lose anything more from the Griffith Family.

Hence, they demanded the union act immediately before everything was too late.

The Lexon Group continued producing one fact after another about the Griffith Family, increasing the pressure.

If this continued, it wouldn’t take long for the Griffith Family to be the public enemy.

In fact, if Theo had used this kind of strategy since the start, the union and the Griffith Family would have fought against each other at that time. However, Theo didn’t do it just yet because he knew that if the Griffith Family wanted to direct their hatred, it would be related to the mutated monsters he found in Chernobyl.

With this, the Griffith Family would be playing in Theo’s hand. It was easier to come up with a plan to counter something that he had expected, so Theo chose this timing to finally cause the huge battle between the union and the Griffith Family.

On the other hand, the Griffith Family was silent this whole time. Ever since they had been deprived of their power from the union, the Griffith Family had been hiding inside their home this whole time.

Only the original Theo and the Poison King were staying inside the Griffith Family’s residence. Mason had disappeared from there, so he didn’t know what was happening.

“Master.” The Poison King furrowed his eyebrows, presenting the news to the original Theo.

The original Theo’s face was distorted upon reading the news. “Huh? Did someone find out about our plan? Is there a mole in our rank?”

“No, there shouldn’t be any mole in our ranks.” The Poison King shook his head.

The original Theo gritted his teeth and said, “Alright. It seems that the union is the one planning this. After all, the union now has the justification to investigate us.”

“What should we do?”

“We’re going to speed up our plan. I told you about your task a long time ago, right?”

“Yes.” The Poison King nodded with a serious expression. “I’ll make sure to complete the task. The union is truly bullying us too much.”

“Go!” The original Theo sent the Poison King on a mission as he also began to make his move.

Seeing this commotion on the Skynet, Rea was smiling. Everything turned out to be according to Theo’s plan. “How in the world could he predict all this?”

Suddenly, Akbar’s voice resounded in the room. “It must be because he understands humans’ minds. Humanity is idiotic, greedy, prideful, resentful, depraved, and so on… I can continue cursing them for a while. They have a ‘Following’ mindset. Like when one person claps, the other person will clap, and it will continue until all people clap.

“The fear will also become true when it’s told too much, and as expected of the media, they’ll surely come up with one bad news after another since it’s the one gaining traction. Let’s take the apocalypse as an example. Instead of a few billion people surviving, the media emphasize the ten billion deaths.

“Then, the people will continue to talk about it, causing the rumor to become the truth. And when that truth is present, those people will be desperate and cause another chain of reaction. That’s how he manipulates them.”

“Akbar?” Rea turned around, surprised by his appearance.

“I’ve come back.” Akbar nodded. “And I come with important news… The union has been talking about it. The monsters seem to have started moving.”


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