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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1546: A Letter Bahasa Indonesia

Rea and Leonardo finally met face to face that night because this was the first time he had ever heard anything about Theo in the last nine months.

Both of them stared at each other as if they were equal. Rea usually humbled herself in front of Leonardo because she wasn’t able to do anything against him. However, after learning from Theo and gaining some experience, Rea had more confidence to challenge Leonardo.

Leonardo, on the other hand, was impressed by her improvement. Her strength might not be able to rise anymore, but it seemed that her temperament had become dignified. The Sword Saint had a great heir, he thought.

Since the other party was the one visiting him, Leonardo extended his hand and asked, “So, why do you want to meet me?”

Rea closed her eyes for a moment, remembering what Hel said back then. This incident would kill a few hundred million, so it would certainly destroy the entire union.

So, she took a deep breath to show her seriousness. She said, “The union will be destroyed.”

“Mhm?” Leonardo narrowed his eyes. This statement was heavy, considering the union had grown stabilized and stronger compared to nine months ago. So, he wondered what kind of monster could destroy the base.

In fact, Leonardo thought that only Theo was able to destroy the union. But he would never doubt Theo even after he controlled the apocalypse.

Rea stated, “Do you know the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl?”

“Yes. I know that.” Leonardo nodded.

Rea then took out her Skylink and opened a picture of the mutated dragon that stayed on top of the power plant. “Please take a look at this. This picture was captured around ten months ago.”

Leonardo looked at the dragon before furrowing his eyebrows. “A dragon with rotten flesh… No, is it undergoing transformation? This dragon looks like a zombie with that rotten flesh. Zombie Dragon?”

“A single mutated monster can actually kill a few monsters of the same rank. When this picture was captured, that dragon was equal to a King Class Monster, and it kept absorbing the radiation from the power plant…”

“!!!” Leonardo widened his eyes, finally understanding her intention. “Are you telling me that the dragon might evolve to a World Class Monster? If this mutated monster is as you said… it will be equal to a few World Class Monsters? There won’t be anyone that can stop it.”

“Exactly.” Rea nodded before presenting another topic. “Have you been taking a close look at the Griffith Family?”

“The Griffith Family has been closing their door this whole time due to the suppression from the union. They should be holding some grudge… Grudge? Don’t tell me, the Griffith Family…”

“We aren’t aware of what’s really happening right now, but that’s the best assumption that can be made with the current data. I don’t know if I should say this is fortunate or unfortunate.” Rea sighed.

“Fortunate or unfortunate.” Leonardo fell silent as his expression gradually darkened.

“Yes. It seems that you have understood it as well. This can be said fortunate because the Griffith Family might be planning to use this monster to destroy the union. This means the monster will stop absorbing the radiation. As a result, it won’t be able to evolve into a World Class Monster. Actually, this might be the best chance for us to kill the monsters.

“On the other hand, it’s unfortunate because a horde of mutated monsters will surely bring a lot of deaths.” Rea explained the problems before asking, “So, what will you do, Sir War Saint?”

“Of course, it’s to come up with a defensive plan. The current King Class Mutated Monster is equal to a few King Class Monsters, so… Flora should be able to handle it. But I’m afraid that the Griffith Family will stop her.

“In other words, Mason will buy some time from Flora. At the same time, the Griffith Family still has the Poison King and the Devouring King. Alongside them is the mutated monster… I’m afraid that we have to bring at least ten people equal to King Class Monsters to stop them.

“However, the problem is… there are only five people with this kind of power: The pope, Alexej from the Lexon Group, the Great Guardian of France, Sweden’s Princess, and me. It’s not enough… And we have to take care of the other mutated monsters as well.

“This is going to be a headache. There are too many variables like Alexej. I can trick him one way or another to direct his anger to the Griffith Family, but it’s simply too much.” Leonardo looked down for a moment before opening the map, staring at it as if trying to come up with some plans.

Rea maintained her silence. This time, Theo was the one giving the plan, so she didn’t add anything and just waited for the War Saint to finish.

“It’s truly going to be troublesome. We can still bring some explosives to support us since this is our battlefield, but it won’t be enough.” Leonardo scratched the back of his head.

“How many heavy machines does the union have?” Rea asked.

“Mhm. After the apocalypse, only 3,000 tanks, 500 military helicopters, and 200 fighter jets left. We can bombard them, but the mutated monsters are stronger than normal monsters, so I don’t think it will be that easy to kill them.

“With that stuff, I think we can kill around a few thousand at most. We don’t know how many monsters are going to come at us… It’ll become even harder if there are many General Class Monsters. And there’s a possibility of another King Class Monster among them.” Leonardo let out a long sigh, having trouble finding a way to stop the enemies this time.

Rea suggested. “I believe you should start investigating that area first to make sure of our target. We believe this is the only one that can destroy us, but there’s no proof whatsoever.”

“That’s true.” Leonardo paused for a moment before sighing. “I don’t really want to ask it, but it seems that he has left you something, right?”

Rea nodded with a calm expression and took out the letter from Theo.


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