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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1396: Join Hands Bahasa Indonesia

“…” The Mind Elder was staring at Theo with a serious expression. This was the first time Theo had such confidence, so he didn’t want to lower his guard. Although he didn’t want to admit it, Theo was indeed stronger than he expected. He wouldn’t be able to kill him without making some sacrifices.

Clone Theo’s expression turned cold as he raised his hand. His Reality Eyes kept staring at him trying to figure out how the Mind Elder moved.

The Mind Elder knew that he couldn’t hide in this bright room, but it didn’t mean he couldn’t disappear again.

By creating an illusion of what Theo would see from his perspective, the Mind Elder would be able to disappear into this bright room.

“!!!” Theo narrowed his eyes while glancing back and forth, trying to find him.

Meanwhile, the Mind Elder maintained his calm and looped around, trying to sneak-attack him from behind. He even increased the Magic Power in the air to camouflage his own usage of Magic Power.

In Theo’s eyes, the Mind Elder seemed to specialize in Awareness with his illusion. That was why he could fool every sense when using his illusion. He knew what it meant to have the five senses to pick up the Magic Power and remove that feeling.

In other words, Theo wouldn’t be able to sense him at all. The proof was the fact that Theo was turning around to check the movement of the Spiritual Energy to locate him.

“…” Theo used his Irregular Guardian to create a sword that he could use. Knowing that the Mind Elder would sneak attack him, the latter would try close combat, so a sword or a dagger would be a good weapon in this scenario.

Theo maintained his calm, waiting for the Mind Elder to show himself. However, the Mind Elder seemed to be patient enough to wait. In fact, he looked like he was going to be reminded like this until he was rescued by the others.

Not wanting to wait, Theo summoned numerous Magic Bullets for omnidirectional attacks.

The Mind Elder took that opportunity to show himself and attack him from behind. In his hand formed a dagger that would stab Clone Theo’s heart.

However, Theo suddenly jumped back as if he could sense him this whole time. In fact, he had been waiting for him.

Theo hit the Mind Elder with his back while spinning the sword and stabbing a spot next to his waist.

“Kh!” The Mind Elder gritted his teeth and immediately pushed Theo’s head in order to snap it. Theo formed a shield this time, preventing him.

When he was about to use the sword to kill the Mind Elder, the latter pushed the shield and launched his body back.

‘How did he do it? He shouldn’t have been able to pick up my presence and Magic Power earlier.’ The Mind Elder was confused, examining Theo’s ability.

Little did he know, Theo used his World Re-Creation to imitate the Mind Elder’s ability, allowing him to make the Mind Elder think he was using his own ability even though it was Theo’s ability to replicate it.

Theo glanced at the Mind Elder with a cold expression. He complained inwardly, ‘Tsk. As expected, my ability is not that strong. I still can’t replicate what the God of Mischief did previously. Right now, imitating one skill at a time is my limit. I can’t even use my own skill to counterattack.

‘I have to train this one well since I can replicate the fight in their mind with the help of this skill. For now, I’m satisfied that I can injure him.’ Theo smiled and asked out loud, “Oi, what’s wrong? It seems that you’re confused.”

The smile on Theo’s face was filled with mockeries. Even the Mind Elder was gritting his teeth. ‘Is his illusion better than mine? But he’s a brat who isn’t even in his thirties. There’s no way that his ability has reached that level. Still…’

The Mind Elder had a hard time admitting that Theo’s illusion ability had surpassed him. It might be due to the Reality Order, but fighting against Theo would be disadvantageous from now on.

Without hesitation, he pointed at the ceiling and tried to turn the illusion that had been enhanced by Reality Order off.

Theo raised his vision and saw a hole in his box. As expected, the Mind Elder should only be at the third stage, Illusion vs Reality, when he first came to Italy. But after Leonardo defeated him, he managed to step onto the fourth stage, Illusion Alter.

Even with his Reality Order, the Mind Elder could turn it back into illusion and remove it, allowing him to run away.

Obviously, Theo didn’t want to let this guy go. He would be extremely dangerous if the Mind Elder left. In desperation, he could brainwash many people and turn them into his army to cause a huge mess. Hence, eliminating him was a must.

When the Mind Elder jumped into the air and escaped through that hole, the box suddenly disappeared, showing that they hadn’t moved from their location.

Theo used his Telekinesis and applied some pressure from above, causing the Mind Elder to fall.


“Kh!” The Mind Elder managed to land on his feet, but the wound on his waist was truly painful. Theo truly outsmarted him earlier.

‘I have to escape.’ The Mind Elder thought. Even though his position could allow him to escape, Theo’s speed was faster than him. He would easily catch up to him, so escaping needed someone to stop Theo for a few seconds.

It seemed both of their minds clicked as they thought about the same person.

Without hesitation, Theo and the Mind Elder leaped to the west to meet Airvans, who was fighting against Ava this whole time.

They saw Ava and Airvans were in a stalemate as the Mind Elder shouted, “Airvans, we have to work together if we want to survive.”

Airvans was shocked because the only reason why the hard-headed Mind Elder would come to ask him to work together was Theo’s overwhelming strength. If he wasn’t overwhelmed by Theo, he wouldn’t even come and simply leave everyone behind.

But Airvans didn’t have any reason to reject it since the situation was worse than he originally thought. “Alright.”

Unlike them, Theo and Ava were smiling at each other. “Ava, give me a hand.”

“With pleasure.” Ava released her lightning as if she was excited to fight together with Theo again after so long.


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