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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1395: Assassin Bahasa Indonesia

“Gah!” The Poison King screamed in pain as Felix once again hurt him.

“Impossible.” Ruth was also stunned because she never expected that Felix could do this much even with his power being incomplete. Back then, Theo couldn’t even do anything against the Poison King, so this was surprising.

But the answer came right after.


Felix dropped his weapon as he breathed heavily. He coughed up blood as if those three moves drained everything from him.

He tried to run, but his legs went limp. Ultimately, he crawled away, trying to leave the area as soon as possible.

“What? Did he use all his power in those three strikes?” Ruth widened her eyes. That was a reckless move because if Felix couldn’t escape after those three strikes, he would die.

Even the Poison King gritted his teeth as these two wounds thoroughly angered him.

“Die!” The Poison King sent his poison forward, wanting to kill Felix.

However, Ruth hurriedly shot down the poison and regrouped with Felix to the point she grabbed his collar and threw him as far as possible so that he could recover somewhere.

“You insane bastard!” Ruth cursed at Felix. However, Felix’s action reminded her of the days when she first started becoming a veteran assassin.

At that time, there were three rules she had as an assassin. Firstly, she had to kill the opponent in a single strike. Secondly, if the target didn’t die, she had to shoot them until they died. She didn’t want to let them suffer. Last but not least, if they couldn’t be taken out by a few shots, the mission was considered a failure.

Due to these rules, she could become the Phantom Archer, the archer that sniped others with her invisible bow and arrows.

It might be due to the Order that she had forgotten her identity as an assassin. And Felix reminded her of this moment.

Felix was an assassin, and that would never change even if he decided to follow Theo. He would kill the target as quickly as possible with his overwhelming offensive power. And the sun was right above their head, meaning Felix was in his peak form.

That was why he tried to eliminate the Poison Kings within those three strikes, but because of their huge gap, he could only injure him. Although the second wound was quite deep, it wasn’t life-threatening.

If this was a pure fight between two warriors, Felix would be a completely foolish person to die just to wound the other party. But this was a battle of a group. As long as he could injure them, their performance would be reduced.

And it was the time for Ruth to take advantage of it.

She pointed her bow at the Poison King while finding his weak points.

The Poison King gritted his teeth and prepared to take on these arrows.

“Do you think you can defeat me with these small wounds? If I can kill someone from the top one hundred with just this small wound, then it’s good!” The Poison King smirked. “You forget that my ability lies on the poison, not my physical ability!”

As he said, the reason why Felix could injure him despite him being among the top was his ability. The Poison King wasn’t good in hand-to-hand combat, so Felix used it to his advantage. If Felix was fighting Leonardo, the latter wouldn’t be hurt at all.

“But it doesn’t matter. You all are going to die today!” The Poison King released all his energy as if he didn’t plan to hold back anymore. Felix had to die today.

Whether it was fortunate or unfortunate, the Sky Earphone in his ears rang.


“What? I’m going to kill all of them!” The Poison King couldn’t hold back his anger, but the next few words stopped him.

“Do it and you’ll die. He is coming.”

The ‘he’ in his mouth was surely Theodore Griffith. So, if he continued to pursue them until Felix died, he wouldn’t be able to escape due to Theo’s appearance.

Even if he could, it would take time since Ruth would be buying some time. And the fact Felix was here meant the other Mythical Rank Experts could also help them.

“…” He still wanted to kill Felix, but dying wasn’t an option. He clicked his tongue and leaped back. “You’re lucky to keep your lives today.”

Ruth and Felix frowned upon those words, but they knew Theo was going back to this place. That was the only reason why the Poison King would retreat.

So, Ruth didn’t do anything until the Poison King wasn’t visible anymore.

“I don’t know if this is lucky or calculated,” Ruth muttered while walking to Felix. “What should we do now?”

“I don’t know. I can’t do anything in my current state. Even a Supreme Rank Expert can kill me right now.” Felix sighed. “I overstrained myself a bit.”

“Well, to have that kind of offensive power for this price, I guess it’s understandable. I’ll stay here and guard you. Our group is not weak, so there’s no need to worry about them. I can also help them from here…” Ruth nodded.

“Still, this doesn’t sit right. I couldn’t even last more than two minutes against that guy. It seems I should step down and let you become his right-hand man.”

“What are you talking about? I could only buy time, not injure him.” Ruth snorted. “You are and will always be his most trusted person. No one can replace your positions. Now, I can understand what it means to be his sharpest sword… Even if you have to die, you will cut down his enemies, huh. Such dedication.”

“Ahaha…” Felix chuckled awkwardly. “I’m still too weak. This might be the first time I regret not training myself properly in the past few years.”

“Situation demanded it.” Ruth shrugged. “Instead of living in the past, we should look toward the future.”


“And thanks…” Ruth looked away. “I remember my identity and know how to move forward.”

Felix was surprised and stared at her for a while before smiling. “That’s good then.”


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