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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1397: Ava vs Airvans Bahasa Indonesia

A moment ago.

Ava leaped into the air and punched Airvans with her claws covered in lightning.

Airvans created a water bubble above him to stop Ava.

When the claw hit the water, the lightning remained in her claws as the water was non-conductive. At the same time, the water acted like rubber and tried to swallow Ava.

If Ava was swallowed by this bubble, she would be trapped inside the water and drown. That was why she immediately pulled back, using the rubber characteristic to launch her back to her original position.

“It’s useless. Your lightning won’t be able to defeat my Pure Water. If it’s something conductive, I don’t have a doubt that you’ll be able to defeat them. But Pure Water is different.” Airvans smirked, not planning to die here. They were foolish to send this rabbit against him.

Ava had been attacking him with her lightning, but as he said, none of them actually reached him. They were simply contained by the water and remained in their place. It felt like she was wrapped by a rubber that could completely stop the electricity.

Ava narrowed her eyes and gathered her Magic Power into her claws. Suddenly, she sent forth three crescent-shaped energies and cut the water bubble as if to protest.


The water bubble popped out and the water splashed.

“…” Airvans was dumbstruck as he heard Ava saying, “You talk too much. Don’t forget that I’m a monster! Don’t think your dumb logic can be applied to me.”

“Then, so be it!” Airvans gritted his teeth, feeling challenged by Ava. He released two water tornadoes that bounced on the ground a few times. They looped around and tried to attack Ava from the sides.

Ava only took a glance at them before jumping forward, trying to reach Airvans.

But this was his trap. Airvans hurriedly spat another tornado from his mouth that would stop Ava here.

“…” Ava squinted her eyes. The water couldn’t be popped and conducted lightning, so she had to dodge it.

Since she was in such a situation, she jumped into the air.

However, this was what Airvans wanted since Ava couldn’t avoid things in the air.

The two tornadoes from the side earlier suddenly curved and bounced upward, trying to strike her to the ground.

However, Ava suddenly turned into her small form, causing the two tornadoes to miss her.

“What?” Airvans was stunned because her transformation was so smooth and quick.

Ava then covered her feet with lightning. Since the water wouldn’t disperse her lightning, it meant that if she used the lightning on her feet, they would be able to stop her from entering the current.

As she predicted, she stood on top of the current and used them as her footholds for a moment as she leaped toward Airvans, attacking him from the air.

Her body was covered with lightning, so this move contained so much penetration force. If the electricity couldn’t be used, she was planning to use her body as a bullet that popped the water bubble and pierced through Airvans’ life.

She kicked the air, launching herself to Airvans.

Airvans frowned and hurriedly summoned another water bubble. “Let’s see whether you can burst the bubble or get captured by me.”

Airvans had the utmost confidence in the water bubble since it had been helping him for decades. He believed Ava wouldn’t be able to do anything to it.

Unfortunately for him, he was tricked by Ava because right before her body reached the water bubble, Ava turned back into her battle form.

This humanoid form allowed Ava to have a bigger size compared to the bubble that was forced to be concentrated to contain her overwhelming penetrative lightning.

“What?!” Airvans widened his eyes in shock and hurriedly leaped back, trying to escape.

Ava took this chance to wave both her hands and send forth more crescent-shaped attacks.

“Tsk.” Airvans clicked his tongue and prepared water to stop the attack, but Ava’s attack was stronger and more unpredictable than he thought.

The water he summoned couldn’t stop these sharp blades and eventually reached his body.

However, the blades were somehow stopped by the clothes and some of them made a scratch on his clothes.

“Hmm?” Ava narrowed her eyes while using the water bubble to bounce her back like a trampoline. She soon noticed that Airvans’ clothes weren’t ordinary.

“…” Airvans gritted his teeth. It had been a while since he was suppressed like this. He never thought that the monster would make him remind him that he wasn’t that strong despite his overwhelming power.

The clothes came directly from the Griffith Family, so they could easily withstand an attack at this level, especially since the attack contained no Order earlier.

‘That fucking rabbit is using the normal attack to hit my body while making me think that she can’t do anything against me because of my Pure Water. It seems that she’s going to rely on normal attacks from now on.’ Airvans thought.

Meanwhile, Ava was thinking about how Airvans had been stopping her this whole time. ‘The Lightning Order can’t reach him? He truly has the element advantage. Then, what should I do?’

She recalled the memory of training with the Lightning Saint. At that time, the Lightning Saint was standing on top of a cliff while staring at the mountain in the distance.

“This is your next training. Shoot that mountain down.”

“Huh? Why should I destroy nature for no apparent reasons?”

“I’m teaching you how to overwhelm your power. Our Lightning is different from anyone’s because our lightning is the most destructive lightning. If you can’t destroy the mountain with a single attack, then you’re wasting your power.”

“Then, what should I do? I don’t have an attack at that level yet.”

“Just create one.”

“That’s easy for you to say…”

“Well, that’s easy for me to do as well.” The Lightning Saint opened his mouth and let out a breath. This lightning breath contained a highly destructive power, and the explosion was so big that it swallowed half of the mountain. “Just like that. It’s your training now. Create a technique with overwhelming destructive power to take advantage of your lightning property.”

Ava remembered that scene as the seven lightning balls behind her shone. She pointed her palm forward as the seven lightning balls gathered in front of her hand, creating a circle.

The seven lightning balls released so much lightning and gathered it in the middle.

The lightning was so powerful and violent that the ground started to crack by the sheer pressure alone.

“This is…” Airvans gasped at the power contained in it. “Not good!”


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