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God of Tricksters – Chapter 1382: Equivalent Exchange Bahasa Indonesia


A huge shock wave erupted as the chain-covered fist destroyed the golem’s fist. But in the end, the golem was only made of normal rocks, so it was already a powerful golem to even cause that huge of a shock wave.

“…” Walker also knew it because even though he was stronger, he didn’t feel like winning at all.

Still, this was an advantageous position.

As soon as he shattered the golem’s hand, Walker continued marching forward to strike the golem’s body.

However, the golem suddenly restored its lost hand in an instant as a part of the rock was reattached to it. And with him charging toward the golem’s body, the golem took advantage of its size and tried to hug him, crushing him inside.

Walker squinted his eyes, but he was still confident that the golem couldn’t do anything to him. The part of the rocks earlier had been touched by his hand, specifically the chains on his hand. So, the reattached arm suddenly summoned ten chains surrounding the golem.

“!!!” Farhan was surprised by the chains’ sudden appearance and immediately left the golem. While jumping back, he saw the chains binding the golem before tightening until they crushed the golem. If he was still there, his body would suffer the same fate.

Still, Walker had yet to finish his attack. The ten chains that destroyed the golem suddenly grabbed the rocks and threw them at Farhan.

Recalling what happened to the reattached arm, Farhan’s expression became serious, knowing he would lose if he held back.

As he predicted, the rocks summoned numerous chains to capture him.

“Tsk.” Farhan clicked his tongue and made a circle with his hand. “Living Wall.”

The dirt rose and formed a dome, isolating Farhan inside.

The moment the chains struck the dome, they got sucked as the dome turned into living sand again.

‘As expected, it seems that I can’t summon anything in those living spots. They’re sucking everything, but…’ Walker smirked and sent five more chains and struck the dome from five different spots, making it crumble to the ground. With this, he could still use all his chains again.

But to his surprise, the moment the dome crumbled, numerous golems made their appearance.

“It seems that I need to fight you with numbers, so be it!” Farhan commanded a hundred golems at the size of the previous one, challenging Walker.

“Your soldiers against my chains, huh? Interesting.” Walker smirked and summoned all fifty chains, counting on them to destroy two golems each.

The moment they reached the golems, the chains easily shattered them in a single thrust. Walker had expected this because it was impossible to maintain the quality with so many golems.

But what he didn’t expect was the fact that Farhan turned the golems into living sand, forcing him to be unable to take advantage of the rocks to summon the chains around him.

“Tsk.” Walker clicked his tongue since he couldn’t take advantage of the situation.

But when he was about to strike the remaining golems, he suddenly felt an overwhelming presence coming from his back.

“Huh?” Walker turned his head around and saw a huge fist hit him.

“Gah!” Walker spat some acid from his stomach.

It turned out all the golems in front of him were just a distraction for Farhan to summon his greatest golem and sneak attack on him.

The punch was so hard that Walker ended up getting blown away by the remaining golems and lost control over his chains.

‘So, that’s how it is. He used those golems to distract me. It was for the golem behind me. And after sending me this way, those remaining golems will swarm me and beat me up. I’m not that easy!’ Walker gritted his teeth and snapped his finger.

When hitting Walker, the golem touched Walker’s back, so of course, he could summon his chain now.

That chain flew to Walker and caught him, stopping all his momentum.

With this, he still hadn’t reached the golems’ location.

After stopping in his tracks, Walker’s eyes turned bloodshot as he pulled the chain that stopped him earlier.

“!!!” Farhan was stunned because the giant golem that he planned to use to kill Walker was flying straight at him after Walker threw it with his raw strength.

“Die, you mongrel.” Walker laughed crazily. However, that laugh was simply hiding his astonishment. In his heart, he was actually feeling relieved that he didn’t die from that attack. ‘Luckily, I maintained our distance. As a fellow magician, I know that it’s impossible to get good control over something from that far away. That’s why his golem can only punch me instead of using a sword or drill.’

Farhan gritted his teeth and used the remaining golems as a shield, stopping this giant golem.

However, Walker summoned more chains from the giant golem’s fist and shattered all the golems that stood in his way.

‘Annoying. That motherfucker can summon his unbreakable chains from everything he touches. He’s dangerous.’ Farhan bit his lips as he summoned the same monster from the ground that would crush the giant golem with its jaws.


The golem could easily be crushed by this monster, but even Farhan would be surprised when it suddenly shattered when he hadn’t applied enough force to destroy this golem.

A chain pierced through the golem’s body and went straight to Farhan.

“!!!” Farhan widened his eyes in shock. “He’s using the golem as bait?”

It turned out the real attack was the chain instead of the golem. Walker just took advantage of its giant body to hide himself behind it.

After all, behind that chain was Walker, who was waiting for the opportunity to slip past through and kill him.

Farhan covered his body with the rocks and took this chain head-on. It was already too late to dodge.

“Gah!” Farhan also spat some acid from his stomach as if feeling the payback that Walker just did from the fist earlier.

The chain, unfortunately, couldn’t pierce through his body due to the sturdiness of the rocks but the momentum and power still blew him away.

Walker then leaped into the air with a huge smile on his face. “An eye for an eye and a hit for a hit! And I have confidence that I won’t lose in terms of endurance. Let’s go again, Baby. Hooo-!”


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